Best New Releases, Week of July 17, Vol. II – Conveyor, Cosmo Jarvis, Matisyahu, The History of Panic, Icky Blossoms, John Maus

This is volume two of the lead singles from this past week’s Best New Music Releases. The first volume of fresh MP3 singles features a double-shot from Jeff The Brotherhood’s new album, produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, plus The Very Best, Shout Out Out Out Out (yes, annoying), Frank Ocean (not really indie, but good stuff), The Drowning Men, among others.

Conveyor's first, self-titled album is one of the summer's best debut albums

Band To Watch Conveyor Release Debut; Offer Up Two Singles

Brooklyn indie rock/psychedelic pop quartet Conveyor deliver a mixture of avant-pop and Afro-pop to electronica and acoustic folk, creating textured melodies and rhythm shifts with synthesizers and guitar strings on their self-titled debut release. The first single, “Mukraker,” is a dreamy, lazy summer afternoon ‘chillwave’ song that features moments of levity with soaring harmonies, smooth melodies, calming synths, hand claps and even a horn section to boot. One thing is clear about Conveyor – they have a flare, and a talent, for incorporating all kinds of musical styles that that make their songs enjoyable, playful and memorable. The self-titled debut is full of such songs, and there is a good potential that Conveyor will be among IRC’s Best Debuts of the year, which will be dtermnd

As Deli Magazine put it: “Animal Collective comparisons aren’t a stretch, but their Fleet Foxes-like harmonies arch into what a mad scientist’s symphony would sound like his in his own head.” Not only is the new record one of the best debuts of 2012, but the band are easily on our Bands to Watch list. If you don’t already follow IRC on Twitter and Facebook, where we regularly post music, news, playlists – some of which are not posted on the site – you should. Right now there is a very easy-to-enter contest running to win a free high quality, studio master MP3 zip of Conveyor’s debut album.

“Mukraker”Conveyor from Conveyor

Double-shot: “Woolgatherer” Conveyor from Conveyor

Cosmo Jarvis

Cosmo Jarvis and Matisyahu Release Different Singles with Same Title

Perhaps the anti-thesis of a typical summer song, Cosmo Jarvis’ new single, “Sunshine.” In his song “Sunshine,” Jarvis proclaims something that is rarely heard: “I’m so sick of the sunshine, maybe because it burns my skin.” As a resident of Tampa, perhaps that make some sense, but the area has had its share of clouds and storms this summer.

There is also another song this week titled “Sunshine” from the long-running, international collective, Matisyahu. The song is the lead single from the band’s new LP, Spark Seeker. Of the two same-named singles out this week, this one is a perfectly appropriate song to play hanging out on the beach having a party, or barbecuing in the backyard. “Sunshine” marvelously integrates hip-hop, reggae and world music into one groove. It’s a good thing there are bands like Matisyahu – they keep music fresh and interesting.

“Sunshine”Cosmo Jarvis from Think Bigger on 25th Frame/ The End Records

“Sunshine” Matisyahu from Spark Seeker on Fallen Sparks Records

Finally, review lead singles from new albums by Detroit band The History of Panic; Omaha trio Icky Blossoms; singer/songwriter John Maus; Virginia fiddlers Old Crow Medicine Show, plus Jen Schande and The Stowaways.

“The Chase”The History of Panic from Fight! Fight! Fight! on Le Grand Magistery

“Perfect Vision”Icky Blossoms from Perfect Vision on Saddle Creek

“Bennington”John Maus from A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material on Ribbon Music

Old Crow Medicine Show
“Mississippi Saturday Night”Old Crow Medicine Show from Carry Me Back on ATO Records

“I Really Like Sonic Youth and I Really Want to Have Sex with You”Jen Schande from 19: Songs for and Inspired by Valencia Chapter 19 (self-released)

“Changing Times”The Stowaways from Changing Times (self-released)

In Volume One of the Best New Music Releases, Week of July 17, Jeff The Brotherhood’s new album was our pick for Album of the Week, and two singles were posted. For good measure, here is a third via SoundCloud. The track is called “Leave Me Out.”
JEFF the Brotherhood – Leave Me Out by JEFF The Brotherhood

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