Chill Summer Songs Mix – Belle and Sebastian, We Are Trees, Built to Spill, Matt Pond PA, Kings of Convenience, Slowdive, Houses

As summer begins to melt away like a brilliant setting sun, the weather will soon turn more brisk, the leaves on the trees will die a flashy, colorful death and the air will become more crisp.  The first week of September is a seminal time of the year – millions of kids are back in school, adults are back at work, college students are getting to know new roomies, football season is just getting started and baseball playoffs are not far off.

It’s always sad, at least for us, when summer starts to fade. Luckily, in northern California we have great weather that can last into November, but by the time December comes, the days are short, chilly and wet, but it’s better than freezing cold and snow and ice everywhere.

Want more? Check out these summer mixes from 2011 and 2010 – hundreds of more great ‘summer’ songs just like this mix waiting for you to enjoy. You can just click play on the first track in each mix, and just like a radio station – but with no commercials or interruptions – all the songs in the mix will stream one after the other so you can enjoy them as they were meant to be heard.

“Sunrise Sunset”We Are Trees (2008)

“Summer Chill”Chapterhouse (1991)

“Rainbow Sign” Fruit Bats (2003)

“Summer Girl”Family of the Year (2009)

“Kicked It In The Sun”Built to Spill (1997)

“Down By The Water” The Drums

“Gold In The Air of Summer”Kings of Convenience (2004)

“Until The Sun Dies” (Part 1) – Crystal Antlers (2009)

“Summer (Butcher Two)”Matt Pond PA (2004)

“Blue Skied An’ Clear”Slowdive (1994)

“Beyond The Sunrise” Belle & Sebastian (2000)

“Summer Sun”Batte (2008)

“Summer Loop”Folksongs For The Afterlife (2002)

“The Sun”Melpo Mene (2008)

“The Waves At Night”Phosphorescent (2007)

“The Sad Sun”Deer Tick (2010)

“Sun Fills”Houses (2009)

“Fuzzy Sun”Jim O’Rourke (1999)

“Sunset Soon Forgotten” Iron & Wine (2002)

“Sunflower”Low (2001)

“Sun Dance” Ezequiel Ezequiel (2010)

“Winter Olympics (Summer Version)”Afternoon Naps (2009)

“All Summer”Low Sea (2007)

“Shed Your Summer Shell” Silohs (2009)

“Trade Winds, White Heat” Tim Hecker (2003)

“Summertime”Great Northern (2007)

“The Summer”Josh Pyke (2008)

“Who Loves The Sun”The Velvet Underground (1970)

“Summer Seen”The High Llamas (2006)

“Mogwai and Summer at Shatter Creek”Mogwai (1999)

That Beautiful Clear-Blue September Day in 2001 Changed The World

Today’s mix also has a duel purpose on this 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack on America. For all of us who were witnesses to that horrible day, we seek to find peace and solace in these relaxing, calming, dreamlike tracks, and maybe somewhere in between the words and the notes, between the soothing synthesizer keys and angelic choruses, there are glimpses of love, not hate, of courage, not fear, of happiness, not despair.

Although it should not take a catastrophic event to bring us closer together, Americans of every background, religion and race pulled together in the weeks and months following 9/11; now, with new challenges that test our will, Americans need to re-ignite that sense of team spirit, of looking out for our family, friends, co-workers and neighbors, and fighting for the values that we hold dear while also doing everything possible to thwart such acts in the future, and most importantly, not to let a handful of clandestine plotters and willing mass murderers stop us from pursuing our dreams to make the world a better and safer place for all. Sure, it sounds unrealistically optimistic – and there is no utopia on earth – but what’s wrong with trying to get as close to it as possible.

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  1. Can anyone help me with finding a song. I made a little sample of it here.

    It sounded old and like it was recorded in a indie garage-ish. A guitar band with an organ and a guy talks a little and then singing and seems to repeat over and over I’ll take some time…It’ll take some time…
    It’s a very beautiful song. Thanks.

  2. What happend to all the songs…why wont they play? im partcularly regarding “Sunset Soon Forgotten” by Iron & Wine.

  3. You guys should check out Air Review. They’re releasing a bunch of singles this year for an EP. They’re one of my favs and I think they’d be right up your alley. They’re opening for Portugal. the Man here in Dallas next month.

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