The S-25 Mix, Vol. X – Love Songs from Blake Mills, Beach House, Belle and Sebastian, Tallest Man on Earth, Broken Social Scene

Blake Mills, one of LA's most in-demand session guitarists, released his brilliant debut LP, Break Mirrors, in 2010. He has collaborated with Band of Horses, Julian Casablancas, and Andrew Bird.

By Maxwell Silver

Without love, who would we be? The greatest human aspiration, and our most important asset, is arguably not money or power, but in fact, love. People of great power and wealth do not necessarily find love, and we know that love cannot be bought and sold.  Our troubled world needs as much love as it can get.

In a week in which the world witnessed the liberation of 80 million Egyptians, achieved by the mainly non-violent protests of millions of people, a love of country, and a yearning for the sweetness of democracy, it’s safe to say that the forces of love, and of good, conquered the forces of evil and hate. In Tahrir Square, Christian Egyptians protected their Muslim neighbors during prayers, and vice versa. Now, a country in the cradle of civilization, a culture of 7,000 years old, begins the difficult, but necessary work of creating a democratic government, and a life free of tyranny and full of promise.

With Tunisia leading the way, the people of Egypt have triumphantly unseated a corrupt and brutal regime that lasted decades. The first social media revolution, or as Google’s Wael Ghonim called it, “Revolution 2.0,” of the new century is now spreading to Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Algeria and other countries. Across the Middle East, an entire generation, 65% who are under the age of 30, are standing up to take control of their futures and breaking the chains of oppression that have kept them from fulfilling their natural born rights to life, liberty and happiness.

“Hey Lover”Blake Mills
“Lover Of Mine”Beach House
“Popular Mechanics For Lovers”Beulah
“Write About Love (Feat. Carey Mulligan)”Belle and Sebastian
“Love is All”The Tallest Man On Earth
“Love You Madly”Cake
“Spread Your Love”Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
“Don’t Fall In Love If You Want To Die In Peace”Comet Gain
“Lover’s Spit”Broken Social Scene
“All is Full of Love”Bjork
“(David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six”Brian Jonestown Massacre
“30-Megaton Love”The Skinnys
“I Love Rock n’ Roll”Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
“Love Songs On The Radio”Mojave 3
“Save Your Love For Me”Suckers
“The Things We Do For Love”10cc
“Young Love”Moto Boy
“Blame Love”Boy Genius
“Crazy For You”Best Coast
“Hot Love (T. Rex)”Elf Power
“I Love My Car”Belle and Sebastian
“Robots In Love”Beautiful Small Machines
“No One’s Gonna Love You”Band of Horses
“Patriots Of Love”The Catholic Comb
“Skinny Love”Bon Iver
“Lonesome Co.”Admiral Bradley
“Love Song”Army of Me
“Let’s Not Shit Ourselves (To Love And Be Loved)”Bright Eyes
“She Loves You”The Beatles
“Every Love That Ever Was (Montauk’s Vacation Mix).mp3”Home Video

Note: There were so many other songs that we wanted to include in this mix. So, check back tomorrow because we’re going to publish them in our special Valentines mix.

Note No. 2: Last week there was no Sunday 25 Mix for a variety of reasons. One reason was the fact that much time was put into sifting through a pile of songs for the latest Fresh Tracks mix, one that people seemed to like quite a bit. Another Fresh Tracks mix will be out later this week.

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