The Last Blast of Indie Summer Songs: BrotherTiger, Holiday Shores, Candy Claws, Happy Birthday, Sonic Youth, Shark?, Harlem

For most people, Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer; however, there are still two-plus weeks of official summer left. Yes, we know it doesn’t feel like it for everyone back in school, or back in the office, but it is a fact that summer doesn’t officially end until September 22.

With that spirit in mind, and to swim against the conventional theory that summer ends on Monday, we decided to put together a “last blast” of summer songs mix.

“Vacation” – Girls In The Eighties

“Summer House” – Brothertiger

“Glowing Wires” – Dada Trash Collage

“Phones Don’t Feud” – Holiday Shores

“Sunbeam Show” – Candy Claws

“To The Sun and Die” – Aunt Ange

“Hello Sunshine” – Super Fury Animals

“Shady Lane” – Pavement

“Girls FM” – Happy Birthday

“Sticky Bees” – Wax Fingers

“Be Your Baby” – Harlem

“Fuzzy Sun” – Jim O’Rourke

“Ocean of Wine” – Helium

“Old World United” – Here We Go Magic

“Float On” (Modest Mouse) – BlackbirdBlackbird

“Gold Coast” – GROUPLOVE

“Queen Bee” – Taj Mahal

“Summer” – Mogwai

“Sunflower” – Low

“The Sun Always Shines On TV” – Tribeca

“Hippy Hippy Shake” – The Liquor Giants

“Into The Sun” – Sean Lennon

“Don’t Steal Our Sun” – The Thrills

“Holidays In The Sun” – Sex Pistols

“Ice Water” –  Shark?

“Plastic Sun” – Sonic Youth

“Island In The Sun” – Weezer

“Sunspots In The House Of The Late” – Modest Mouse

“Who Loves The Sun” – Teenage Fanclub

“When Sun Falls On My Feet” – Starlet

“Desert Stretched Before The Sun” – Seafood

“Sun Beats Down” – High Llamas

“Sunshine” – Keane

“Sunset Soon Forgotten” – Iron & Wine

“Trade Winds, White Heat” – Tim Hecker

“An Olive Grove Facing The Sea” – Snow Patrol

“Change” – Young Veins

“Cala Cola” – The Smiles

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  1. [“Change” – Young Veins] I just love them the music is awesome and the lyrics crazy
    I love you guys

  2. First time to your site and I really dig it! Really enjoying some of the songs you posted on here already and just wanted to throw a couple of songs that just give me an awesome summer vibe, hanging out outside with good friends and good music, and see how you felt about them.

    Monsters of Folk — “Ahead of the Curve” — Conor Oberst doing his thing with help from Jim James, M. Ward and Mogis? Count me in. Perfect carefree summer lyrics.

    RX Bandits — “Apparition” — Best live band out there. The horns in this song make me a little melancholy that I’ll probably never get to see the Bandits with their horn section again but man this song shows just how well they can take things down a notch when they want to.

    Minus the Bear — “Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse” “Pachuca Sunrise” These two are just two great songs with summer party vibes and if you are really looking to stick to the summer theme check out the song “Summer Angel” off their latest OMNI.


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