Recent Releases We Almost Missed, IX: Tiger! Sh*t! Tiger!, Venice Is Sinking, Goodnight Loving, Kingsley Flood, Luna is Honey

“ Whispers” Tiger! Sh*t! Tiger! from Whispers – July 15th

“Tugboat”Venice is Sinking from Sand & Lines – June 15th

“Bullets” Wilson Reservoir from self titled LP – June 29th

“The Pan”Goodnight Loving from The Goodnight Loving Supper Party – July 20th

“Cul de Sac”Kingsley Flood from Dust Windows – April 12th

“Mastodon March Smilodon Smile”Beast Please Beast from single – Aug. 10th

“Be Africa”Bibi Tanga & The Selenites from Dunya – June 15th

“Burn It Down” AWOLNATION from Back From Earth EP – Aug. 3rd

“Claws” Luna Is Honey from CopyCats EP – June 15th

“Undreamt”Painted Face from Painted Face – June 22nd

“Prime Numbers” – Mystery Song

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  1. Prime numbers was pretty hilarious…i couldnt help but find out who the band was. Turns out its a band called the two man gentlemen band.

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