5 Bands That Rock! Vol. V: Bang Bang Eche, Awesome Color, Children Collide, and Bottle Up and Go

After reviewing so many submissions, we occasionally find, and share with you, great and promising bands that otherwise don’t get the attention they deserve because the world is fucking unfair! Now rock that shit!

Bang Bang Eche were never going to let being from New Zealand’s South Island town of Christchurch impede their success. For a band that formed less than three years ago, the distance covered by BBE’s tour bus is as impressive as their blistering, unabashed, and impassioned live shows.

Their unique brand of thrilling dance-punk causes a stir where ever they go, whether it’s with loyal fans who were with the band from the get-go or unknowing and awestruck audiences from New York’s CMJ and Austin’s SXSW festival, to the UK’s Great Escape and Sound City fests.

The band’s debut UK release SONIC DEATH C**TTTT is, as the title may suggest, a purposeful attempt to shake things up. From the first few bars of opener “Fist Full of Dollars,” there is a sense of youthful urgency that is unmistakable; extroverted front man, Zach Doney’s fast paced vocals are unleashed with a fierceness that is only matched by Charlie Ryder’s guitars and synth cuts and the explosive power of drummer James Sullivan and bassist T’Nealle Worsley.

Bang Bang Eche’s hardcore post-punk mixed with dance bass lines creates an insubordinate adolescent sound that is hard to ignore. Because we missed them at SXSW due a scheduling conflict, we’re trying to make up for it now by introducing BBE to a larger audience.

“Fist Full of Dollars”Bang Bang Eche from Sonic Death Cu-tttt

“Fingers in the Till”Bang Bang Eche from Sonic Death Cu-tttt

“4 to the Floor”Bang Bang Eche from Sonic Death Cu-tttt

Awesome Color – Detroit, MI

Hailing from the once world capital of auto manufacturing, Detroit’s Awesome Color has an unlikely name in comparison to their hard-hitting punk/psychedelic rock sound. Their band name is more fitting of a feel-good 60’s pop retro band, but who the heck cares? Awesome Color deliver their huge following consistently well-produced, guitar-driven rock that have kept them going for years.

“Eyes of Light” Awesome Color from Electric Aborigines

Children Collide – Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has spawned yet another electrifying rock band with Children Collide, who released their 2009 debut LP, The Long Now, under the guidance of producer Dave Sardy (Dandy Warhols, Oasis, Wolfmother, Jet). The band’s signature sound of punk infused, artistic guitar rock has won them praise from bloggers and the mainstream music press. The band was first featured on IRC last summer; here’s a follow-up track.

“Brave Robot”Children Collide from The Long Now

Bottle Up and Go – Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn blues rock duo Bottle Up and Go combine garage rock with indie sensibilities that result in nicely baked songs that tempt you to play them again and again. The band made a strong impression on attendees, bloggers and press at last year’s CMJ in NYC, and are scheduled to return when the fest kicks off next month.

“Wayward Son”Bottle Up and Go from These Bones

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