2010 Summer Mixtape, Vol. VI: Jane’s Addiction, Modest Mouse, Beck, Animal Collective, The Decemberists, The Kinks, Jason Mraz

The long days of what has been a brutally hot and humid summer for many areas of the United States, Europe and Russia are beginning to wane as August tips towards September. Millions of kids are going back to school, people are returning from vacations, and millions more are hoping that the autumn brings more than just cooler temperatures.

For much of the west coast, especially here in northern California, it has been an unusually cool summer  compared to past years – and we’re not complaining. The only exception of course, are the typically foggy areas like San Francisco, and other points along the northern coast, where summer is commonly foggy, chilly and windy, and yet, less than 20 miles in any eastery direction, it’s blazing hot and tinderbox dry. It does not rain in most of California from May to November.

Because the summer mix series this year is such a huge hit, with more than 140,000 visitors from around the world since early June, we’ve put together another few mixes – including today’s – featuring approximately 130 more summer themed songs.

Thanks to Pete Rodriguez, Maxwell Silverhammer (of course his alias), Lisa Robinson, Jim Chen, and Meg for their contributions to all six (so far) summer playlists. More will be published this week. Plus, we have lots of great new releases and songs coming up in the next week.

This playlist is intended to be heard all the way through, from the first song to the last song, unimpeded. Besides the variety and quality of music, this mix represents something very much like an audio tour du force of indie and alternative rock, as well as some classic rock and other genres, spanning decades of music history. You can click the first track and the built-in Yahoo player will stream through all the songs in order and uninterrupted. Kick back, bust open a fresh one, fire it up, and enjoy. Summer ain’t over yet baby.

“Ocean Size” Janes Addiction (1997)

“Buggin” The Flaming Lips (1999)

“Hotwax”Beck (1997)

“Hot Love” (T. Rex) – Elf Power (1999)

“The Ocean Breaths Salty” Modest Mouse (2003)

“Permanent Waves” The Kinks (1978)

“Summertime Clothes” Animal Collective (2009)

“In The Flowers” (Animal Collective) – Blind Man’s Colour (2008)

“Down By The Water” The Drums (2010)

“Gold In The Air of Summer” Kings of Convenience (2004)

“You’re So Damn Hot”OK Go (2002)

“American Woman” The Guess Who (1971)

“The Sun On His Back” Camera Obscura (2004)

“Gossamer Hair” Pearly Gates Music (2010)

“Star and Sun” Bells Of (1995)

“Crashers (Highs and Lows)” Spirit Spine (2009)

“Waves” The Elected (2004)

“Amber, Ember, Glow”Saxon Shore (2003)

“Here Comes The Night” Them (1965)

“Hot Legs” Rod Stewart (1973)

“The Secret Ocean”Of Montreal (2005)

“The Sun Shines Down on Me”Guster (2004)

“Hello Sunshine”Super Fury Animals (2003)

“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (RIP)

“Flamenco Sketches”Miles Davis (1959)

“Summertime”Great Northern (2008)

“Oceanside” The Decemberists (2003)

“Pickerel Lake” (Outtake) – Sufjan Stevens (2003)

“Falling From The Sun” The Album Leaf (2006)

“At The Beach” –  The Avett Brothers (2004)

“They’re Red Hot” (Robert Johnson) – Eric Clapton (2003)

“Keep On Burning” Edwyn Collins (1997)

“Seasick on Land”Rogue Wave (2004)

“On Vacations” (Unreleased) – Attitcus (2001)

“River, Sea, Ocean” Badly Drawn Boy (2002)

“Definitely Beachy/Reprise”Air Miami (1995)

“Ocean of Wine”Helium (1997)

“Stay in the Shade” Jose Gonzalez (2003)

“Shadow in the Light” Opus Orange (2009)

“Wasted Days”The Slackers (2001)

“Oceans of Despair”Retreat From The Sun (1999)

“Ocean” Sebadoh (1999)

“Shade And The Black Hat” Jeremy Enigk (1996)

“On A White Lake Near A Green Mountain” M83 (2003)

“A Walk On The Beach”The Strange Boys (2010)

“Sunshower”Chris Cornell (1998)

“Burn One Down” Ben Harper (1995)

“Hott in Here” (Nelly) – Beck (2003)

“Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans” The Smashing Pumpkins (1995)

“Summer Breeze” (Seals & Croft) – Jason Mraz (2004)

“In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” Neutral Milk Hotel (1998)

“Baseball Jam” (Live) – Tea Leaf Green (2002)

“While Oceana Sleeps”Sparta (2004)

“Ten Thousand Lakes”Kid Dakota (2004)

“Holly’s Dream Vacation” Super Deluxe (1995)

“Wires and Waves”Rilo Kiley (2001)

“Summer Gold” Eaves (2003)

“Too Many Sandwhiches” Stereophonics (1997)

“The Sad Sun” Deer Tick (2010)

“There Was Sun” Devendar Banhart (2004)

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  1. the ocean breeze is sally is some wacky live version of that song, i’m assuming mislabeled! HAHA. but that’s funny never the less!

  2. Great list but very important to note that the song “On Vacations” is by RIVAL SCHOOLS and is on the compilation entitled “ATTICUS :dragging the lake”

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