Two New Arcade Fire Songs Hit The Internet

This is a postcard scan that was posted by Arcade Fire on their website earlier this week

After weeks of rumors that a new Arcade Fire album (title still unknown) was in the final stages of mixing, two new singles from the popular Montreal indie pop band have made their way to the web late this afternoon.

Earlier in the week, we published two very short and low quality samples of these songs via a widget from Arcade Fire’s official website.

How the songs actually made their way on to the Internet is not clear, but if the band planned it just in time for the kick-off to summer (Memorial Day Weekend), it’s a brilliant move. Notice both songs make references to life in the suburbs.

What do you guys think of one or both of these new songs? The best comment (like a review of the songs) will win a copy of the CD when it’s released – we hear “sometime this summer”.

“The Suburbs” Arcade Fire

“Month of May” Arcade Fire

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  1. I thought the suburbs was allright even though it pales in comparison to their previous albums. Honestly it seemed like they went from being a really good cult band to a really ok mainstream band

  2. The Suburbs sounds on one hand quite familiar, yet on the other hand I hear a new, refreshing Arcade Fire. I would even dare to go as far as say that this could have the same impact during their liveshows as Rebellion, if handled correctly. But knowing Arcade Fire, that won’t be a problem.

    And now, for something completely different, Month of May. First: I miss the strings. Second: If this would come from any other band, I’d probably think it’s quite good. But it just isn’t what I expect to hear from Arcade Fire, at least not on a record of theirs. It still rocks though, and I’ll get accustomed to this new sound.

    I’m just curious if they’ll be exploring more new sounds like these on The Suburbs.

  3. WOOT! LOVED The Suburbs (the song), liked month of may too but it wasn’t my style, i think this one band that you can never forget, you just can’t get them out of your heart!

  4. ‘Month of May’ sounds very 80’s. A different sound (and a positive move in my opinion).
    ‘The suburbs’ is pure Arcade fire sweet 🙂

    I would say the two songs show also a more ‘conventional’ sound and structure. It is not what AF was all about when they started, but it comes to show they can write very good songs, regardless of their complexity.


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