One Man Bands – LA’s Fox Fagan and Detroit’s JellyEyes

Los Angeles indie alt rock artist Fox Fagan, a native of Australia, catches many people’s attention with his upbeat pop rock and intriguing lyrics. The EP, which has been added to playlists of more than 50 college and non commercial radio stations across the U.S and Canada, features Fagan’s tasty brand of indie pop and a British swagger reminiscent of the old English punk rockers.

At times, Fox Fagan sounds a tiny bit like the old Arctic Monkeys, most especially on the song “Wouldn’t Change A Thing,” clearly one of the best tracks from his Never Fall in Love with a Stranger EP, available for free at Other songs like “Shelia” are reminiscent of 70’s AM pop radio. Again, another original talent that most people will never know about, and that’s that we do this.

“Wouldn’t Change A Thing”Fox Fagan from Never Fall in Love with a Stranger EP (2009)

“Shelia”Fox Fagan from Never Fall in Love with a Stranger EP (2009)

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In November 2008, Detroit area musician Jason Zito lost his job as the auto industry began crumbling around him. With a huge mortgage, a family to care for, and no new work coming in, he locked himself in his studio, crafting songs that echoed his situation. Those songs became the album (Scary Noises) Gods Stand Up!.

Zito calls his project Jellyeyes, a moniker (and the album title) taken from Shakespeare‘s King Lear, which he had buried his head in for several weeks prior to the album’s creation. Jellyeyes art rock/folk pop can be roughly compared in style and sound to Bon Iver, Wilco and Sigur Ros. He has previously opened for bands like Elliott and The Great Fiction.

“The Dead Girl and The Sandbox” Jellyeyes from (Scary Noises) Gods Stand Up! (2009)

“Coming For Me”Jellyeyes from (Scary Noises) Gods Stand Up! (2009)

JellyEyes on MySpace

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