Indie Cover Songs, VII: Nirvana, Green Day, Pavement, Radiohead, Atlas Sound, Gnarls Barkley, The Rest & More

Nirvana cover of Meat Puppets “Lake of Fire” from 1993 MTV Unplugged Broadcast

We love cover songs. The following playlist represents the seventh mix of fantastic cover songs from splendid artists and bands who we feel do justice to songs we already love from some of the best bands ever. Hopefully, you’ll agree, especially if you browse the previous cover mixes.

This new mix includes an eclectic batch of songs from Green Day (covering The Kinks), Radiohead (Oasis), Venice is Sinking (Okay), Blind Man’s Colour (Animal Collective), Pavement (Echo and the Bunnymen); Trappers Cabin (Simon and Garfunkel); Atlas Sound (Fleetwood Mac); The Harvey Girls (The Flaming Lips), plus electrifying live covers from Gnarls Barkley, Prince and Keane. There are also covers of Passion Pit‘s “Sleepyhead” (done magnificently by Run Toto Run), and covers of King Harvest and Fiery Furnances.

But first up, Green Day delivers one of the best covers ever of The Kinks‘ classic “Tired of Waiting.” Listen to the original in the YouTube video above from 1965.

Does anyone know why all the girls back then screamed so much? That’s one of the reasons The Beatles gave up on touring after only three years, according to Paul McCartney. Anyways, Green Day’s cover version of “Tired of Waiting” demonstrates their immense musical talents and the respect they have for one of their favorite bands.

“Tired of Waiting” (The Kinks) – Green Day

“Compass” (Okay) – Venice is Sinking

Brothersport (Animal Collective) – Blind Man’s Colour

“Wonderwall” (Oasis) – Radiohead

“The Killing Moon” (Echo and the Bunnymen) – Pavement

“April Come She Will” (Simon & Garfunkel) – Trappers Cabin

Walk A Thin Line (Fleetwood Mac) – Atlas Sound

“Take Meta Mars” (The Flaming Lips) – The Harvey Girls

“Sleepyhead” (Passion Pit) – Run Toto Run

“Reckoner (Live)” (Radiohead) – Gnarls Barkley

“Dancing In The Moonlight” – (King Harvest) – Toploader

“Charmaine Champagne” (Fiery Furnances) – The Delfields

“Creep” (Radiohead) – Prince

“Cast No Shadow” (Oasis) – Keane

Listen to all of the cover song mixes in one place.

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