In Dee Mail: One Man Band Series with Andy Mitchell, Oh Mountain and Wicked Scream

Andy Mitchell is a one-man band from Middlesbrough, UK who serves up a remarkably full rock sound for one guy. An unsigned artist, Mitchell writes and records all of his songs himself, as well as sings and plays all of the instruments, including guitars, bass, keyboards and programmed drums. Last year, Ultimate Guitar magazine took notice, naming Mitchell one of the “Top Unsigned Acts of 2008.”

His recordings, he told IRC, were made in his bedroom and bathroom over a number of months. “I had taught myself guitar in 2006, but officially it all started in early 2008 while I was at University. For my final year dissertation I looked at new ways to market music and created an album of my own to use as an example. It earned me a first class honors, and encouraged me to continue making music and albums.” For someone who only started playing the guitar a few years ago, Mitchell’s work proves he has a natural ability to make impressive alternative rock music. We’ll be watching this guy for sure!

“Why Remember Me”Andy Mitchell from Of Nature & Minimal Means (2009)

“Aspire” Andy Mitchell from Of Nature & Minimal Means (2009)

Andy Mitchell’s official website
Andy Mitchell on MySpace

Eric Dina is a New Port Richey, Florida musician who goes by the moniker of Oh, Mountain. He a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, banjo, percussion, mandolin and violin. Dina’s unpolished, lo-fi instrumental recordings also include various sound effects and samples with interesting results. Oh Mountain cites among his influences The Books (especially the album “Lemon of Pink”), Dosh, The Microphones and Mount Eerie.

“I favor percussion and the sound of thick drums a lot and in cases more often than not I started a recording with nothing but a simple floor tom beat,” Dina told IRC. “In a sense, its easier for me to hear a melody when I know what the drums will sound like. Through the years I have acquired more and more instruments and recording equipment to sort of expand the way things sound.” We like Dina’s refreshingly original and organic sound very much.

“Bear’s Beat”Oh Mountain, single release (2009)

“No. 2”Oh Mountain, single release (2009)

Oh Mountain on MySpace

Wicked Scream is the moniker of the one-man alternative rock project by Charlie Dorrell from White Lake, Michigan, a rather obscure singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer. Signed on by Coy Boy Records, Wicked Scream is currently in the process of becoming a “three to four-piece ensemble,” Dorrell proclaims with the hope to “inspire anybody influenced by under-produced, raw & gritty rock.” So far, so good.

Wicked Scream’s debut EP, Earwax Casket, contains songs like the hard rocker “Kleptosis” and the Nirvana-like acoustic track “Bluesy.” It will be interesting to see what this one man project that may eventually morph into a full band will deliver for their first full length release, and whether they are able to make progress in their quest to “bring back underground rock and take down mainstream rock.” Unfortunately, neither he, nor his label, have any solid information online (other than non-optimized MySpace page); and therefore we have no artwork or photos to present.

“Bluesy”Wicked Scream from Earwax Casket EP (2009)

“Kleptosis”Wicked Scream from Earwax Casket EP (2009)

Wicked Scream on MySpace

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