Ears to the Music, Vol. X: The Raveonettes, Hurricane Bells, Here We Go Magic, Royal Bangs, Scanners, Furcast and Static Jacks

The good music that we want to share with you all piles up like snow during a blizzard; so, it becomes necessary to put together these random mixes to clear off the decks. But these songs are no less worthy than anything else we publish; otherwise we wouldn’t feature them. 🙂

Kicking off this playlist is the hauntingly beautiful melancholy, and as a contrast, the fuzzy guitar hooks, of Brooklyn’s Hurricane Bells, evidenced on the tracks, “This Year” and “Monsters” (the latter is featured on the New Moon: The Twilight Saga soundtrack – more songs from that film soon, plus a review of the thrilling, rip-roaring flick, Private Radio).

Following their brilliant pop harmonies-60s style debut LP, Fighting Trees, Philly’s The Swimmers are back with their sophomore release, People Are Soft. The opening track, “Shelter,” sounds more like Joy Division mixed with Echo and the Bunnymen than anything else the band has recorded.

Next up, we present one of the most popular tracks from one of 2009’s best indie debuts from Brooklyn‘s Here We Go Magic; plus, the edgy, hip-shaking electro-punk rocker, “My Car is Haunted” by Knoxville‘s Royal Bangs; a new pop track from Sweden‘s extremely popular El Perro Del Mar; the foreboding harmonies of London alternative pop band, Scanners; New Jersey punk-influenced teenage quintet The Static Jacks (“like The Strokes with a whole lot more twang and soul” – Relix) offer up “My Parents Lied” from their new Laces EP; California‘s Furcast present the spooky and theatrical “Grey is Old,” a Concrete Blonde-like track that would have been fitting for the New Moon soundtrack.

To close out this random mix is a lesser-known single from the Raveonettes‘ impressive In and Out of Control LP.

“The Chosen One”The Raveonettes from In and Out of Control (2009)

“Monsters”Hurricane Bells from New Moon: The Twilight Saga (2009)

“Shelter”The Swimmers from People Are Soft (2009)

“Tunnelvision”Here We Go Magic from s/t debut (2009)

“My Car is Haunted”Royal Bangs from Let It Beep (2009)

“Change of Heart”El Perro Del Mar from Love is Not Pop (2009)

“Salvation”Scanners from Submarine (2009)

“My Parents Lied”Static Jacks from Laces EP (2009)

“Grey Is Old”Furcast from Together EP (2009)

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