Ears To The Music, Vol. VIII – Monogold, Old Canes, Slideshow Freak, Japanese Motors, Langhorne Slim and Laura Veirs

The delicious pop harmonies and choruses of Brooklyn’s DIY outfit Monogold are hard to ignore. The band’s sophomore release, We Animals, has generated a buzz with publications like Spin, and we can certainly see (hear) why.

“We Animals“Monogold from We Animals (2009)

“Dead Sea Minerals“Monogold from We Animals (2009)

Next, Old Canes is the solo project of Lawrence, Kansas folk artist and multi-instrumentalist Chris Crisci (Appleseed Cast). Old Canes’ sophomore LP, Feral Harmonies, was released in October by Saddle Creek, and featured on Stereogum‘s Gum Drop playlist.


“Little Bird Courage“Old Canes from Feral Harmonies (2009)

The emotionally-charged, neo-glam rock of UK-born, Florida resident one-man band Slideshow Freak is apparent on the song, “Something More,” just one of the tracks on the free EP, We Should Swing.

“Something More“Slideshow Freak from We Should Swing (2009)

Hailing from the southern California city of Costa Mesa, the rock band Japanese Motors like writing songs about surfing, drinking and partying, and that formula has caught on; in fact, their MySpace page alone has never half of a million page views.

“Whatever”Japanese Motors from Luxury Wafers EP (2009)

Sean Scolnick, more popularly known as Langhorne Slim, is a Pennsylvania born folk singer and songwriter who has built a following opening for bands like the Avett Brothers, Cake and The Low Anthem, and performing at big festival like Newport Folk Festival and Bonnaroo. The following is a cut from his latest LP.

“Say Yes“Langhorne Slim from Be Set Free (2009)

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