Halloween Indie Rock Songs, Vol. V: Bright Eyes, Mojave 3, Wilco, MLWTTK, Nick Cave, Hexes and Ohs and More

Even though the beloved Bright Eyes may be a thing of the past, Conor Oberst continues to broaden his horizons with the Mystic River Valley Band, and more recently, Monsters of Folk. Oberst’s cover of Daniel Johnston‘s “Devil Town” is just as impressive as everything else he touches, and it’s a fitting start for the fifth volume of the Halloween Indie Rock Songs playlist series.

Mojave 3 weigh in with their own fantastic Halloween-ish type song – or at least how that’s we’re spinning it. Listening to “Ghost Ship Waiting” makes one yearn even more for a new album by the band that has given us so such special musical treats in the past.

The incredible 10+ minute guitar jam “Spiders” off Wilco‘s 2004 LP A Ghost Is Born is one of the finest crackly long jams this decade. Next, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult deliver one of the most unforgettable Adam Ant-like beats of the modern rock era on “Devil Bunnies,” while Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds follow up with a similar-sounding beat, but this one is laden with a darker march, like a punk song on sleeping pills and a melodramatic story line; very much in the spirit of something Jim Morrison and The Doors would have recorded.

This playlist continues with stand out songs from Hexes and Ohs, Franz Ferdinand, Sufjan Stevens, Fire on Fire, Neon Blonde, Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper, Elliott Smith, Passion Pit and Say Hi To Your Mom.

“Devil Town” (Daniel Johnston) – Bright Eyes

“Ghost Ship Waiting”Mojave 3


“Devil Bunnies”My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

“Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!”Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

“Alive Until Saturday Night”Hexes and Ohs

“Twilight Omens”Franz Ferdinand

“The Mistress Witch from McClure”Sufjan Stevens

“Hangman”Fire on Fire

“Princess Skullface”Neon Blonde

“Hands of Death”Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper

“Son of Sam”Elliot Smith

“Eyes As Candles”Passion Pit

Extra Treat: “These Fangs”Say Hi To Your Mom

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