Ears To The Music, Vol I – Choir Of Young Believers, The Very Most, Firs, The Love Language & More

If you think you’ve missed out on some great songs from 2009, you’re probably right; but don’t worry, we’re doing our best to keep you up on the latest best new indie and alternative rock from known, and relatively unknown, musicians and bands.

Starting off this playlist is a new song from the Danish band Choir of Young Believers (above photo) is full of rich melodies, heart-felt lyrics and a catchy rhythm that is not easy to forget. And neither is the next song, the bright, Beach Boys-like pop tune “You’re In Love with the Sun,” by The Very Most, from their Spring EP released on Indie Cater Records.

Other notable songs in this list include great tunes from Firs, The Love Language, Jar-e, Sea Curtain, Brown Recluse, Plus 49, The Idle Hands, Say Hi, Evan Voytas and Birds of Avalon.

Special thanks to fellow music bloggers and online mags LargeHeartedBoy, FingerTipsMusic and IGuessI’mFloating, Spin, Stereogum, Pitchfork, Muzzle of Bees, and others, who recognize that much of the best new music is not on the radio, television or the Billboard charts. This playlist – and many others featured throughout 2009 on this site – of indie artists and bands proves this point even more so.

“Lalita”The Love Language from s/t debut (2009)

“3 Leaf”Jar-e from Chicas Malas (2009)

“Viola”Sea Curtain from Viola Music Club (2009)

“Naive Brother”Plus 49 from Integrity & Injury (2009)

“Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh”Say Hi from Oohs & Aahs (2009)

“Your Down Time Is Up”Birds of Avalon from Uncanny Valley (2009)

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“Action Reaction”Choir of Young Believers from This Is For The White In Your Eyes (2009)

“You’re in Love with the Sun”The Very Most from Spring EP (2009)

“Welcome Home”Firs from Man In Space (2009)

“Contour and Context”Brown Recluse from The Soft Skin (2009)

“Loaded”The Idle Hands from The Hearts We Broke On The Way to the Show (2009)

“Getting Higher” Evan Voytas from The New Dynamic Sound of Evan Voytas (2009)

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