Indie Rock Summer Mix, Vol.V: Free Energy, The Wallpapers, These United States, MayDay! & More

Philly’s Free Energy is a relatively new band on the indie rock radar that have been catching some good buzz from blogs and music fans in the past month following their DFA Records‘ limited debut 7″ featuring the energetic and memorable garage rocker “Free Energy.”

Earlier this summer, Free Energy self released the attention-grabbing single titled “Dream City,” which is included in this mix as a double-shot from Free Energy since both songs are good summer playlist material (and we desire to defy the waning of summer). Free Energy kicks off a predominantly northeast U.S. tour next Wednesday night at The Black Cat in Washington, D.C.

Following Free Energy is another relatively new rock pop band from the other side of the world – Paris, to be precise. The Wallpapers are a quartet of Parisian teens (ranging in age from 16 to 18) who self-released their debut “We Are On The Wall” last summer via MySpace that got the attention of Grammy-winning producer David Kahne (The Strokes, Paul McCartney and Sublime). Fast forward: U.S. label Revel Records signed the band in February and they are currently in New York recording with Kahne. The Wallpapers will play the Mercury Lounge in NYC on Wednesday night.

Aside from a few recent releases, most of the songs in this mix are off new albums that will drop sometime in September, including Grand Archives, These United States, Evan Voytas, Mayday!, Vic Chesnutt, A.A Bondy, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Hopewell and Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse/Wayne Coyne.

“Free Energy”Free Energy from debut 7″ (2009)

“Dream City”Free Energy from single self-release (2009)

“Waiting In A Coma”The Wallpapers from single on Revel Records (2009)

“Oslo Novelist” Grand Archives from Keep in Mind Frankenstein (2009)

“I Want You to Keep Everything” These United States from Everything Touches Everything (2009)

“Getting Higher”Evan Voytas from self-released single (2009)

“Technology”Mayday! from single released (2009)

“Chain”Vic Chesnutt from At the Cut (2009)

“When the Devil’s Loose”A.A. Bondy from When the Devil’s Loose (2009)

“Ashes Grammar/Ashes Maths”A Sunny Day in Glasgow from Ashes Grammar (2009)

“Stranger”Hopewell from Good Good Desperation (2009)

“Revenge”Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse and Wayne Coyne (2009)

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