Songs of Spring Playlist, Vol II: Club 8, Akron/Family, The Flaming Lips, Afternoon Naps and More

Spring is the time of year when you want to listen to more music – walk in the park with your favorite songs humming your ears, discover new music with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) and hang out at a BBQ party with friends to catch up on the latest and greatest new releases. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of songs about spring time, or that ‘sound like’ spring.

This playlist features songs from Club 8, The Flaming Lips, The Boy Least Likely To and Afternoon Naps.

“Spring Came, Rain Fell” Club 8 from Spring Came, Rain Fell (2002)

“Sun Will Shine”Akron/Family from Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free (2009)

“Can’t Stop the Spring”The Flaming Lips from Oh My Gawd…The Flaming Lips (1987)

“Argyle Spring” Afternoon Naps from Sunbeamed (2009)

“A Balloon On A Broken String”The Boy Least Likely To from The Laws of the Playground (2009)

The first playlist for Songs of Spring includes songs from Annuals, Spinning Wheels, Fancy Dress Party, The Postmarks and more. The upcoming Volume III will feature Airborne Toxic Event, Peter Von Poehl, Matt Pond PA and Stan Getz.

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