Band to Watch in 2009: Lima Research Society

Lima Research Society is a three-piece prog pop band from New Jersey consisting of the mysterious ‘researchers’ Ellen, Michael and Lima (last or real names? No idea).

LRS creates tightly-woven, energetic pop rock nugs that adventure into experimental and indie rock territories with raw talent and fascinating results. According to the band members, their music is “experimental indie pop with some prog moments, like The Flaming Lips listening to too much Queen“.

Their debut album Don’t Give Up, Don’t Get Down was released on the Preemie Unicorns Attack! label in February. Since then it has grown on me. In fact, it is one of the best ‘new comer’ indie albums of 2009.

Although I like just about every song on this album, some of the stand out tracks include the catchy, driving pop song “Our Nature is Relentess”, the Black Sabbath-sounding rocker “Giant Moth – The Beauty of Things” and the jangly track “A Boy and His Genius” – that for some reason I think would be awesome for Conor Oberst to cover.

The song “Rejoice” sounds almostly exactly like an original Flaming Lips’ tune. Anyways, the bottom-line: If you like these two songs, you’re probably going to enjoy the entire album. This band could spark a buzz in the ‘indie scene’ if the right people are listening and spread the word. And that’s why I think they are a band to watch in 2009.

“Our Nature Is Relentless”Lima Research Society from Don’t Give Up, Don’t Get Down (2009)

“A Boy and His Genius”Lima Research Society from Don’t Give Up, Don’t Get Down (2009)

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