SXSW One-Man Band Feature Series: WAVVES

Nathan Williams, aka WAVVES, photo courtesy of SPIN magazine

One thing that WAVVES, Deastro and Alaska in Winter have in common is that they are essentially one-man bands that all have emerged to prominence in the past year and each use monikers rather than their real names, adding an extra element of intrigue to their art.

Attendees of the ultimate indie music event, South by Southwest, will have multiple chances to see all three artists perform at different venues at different times during SXSW in Austin next week – March 18-22.

So we decided to do a little feature on each artist because they share so much in common – not to mention that they are each amazing musicians. First up is WAVVES. From mixing and recording his own songs influenced by The Beach Boys, Nirvana and Sonic Youth on the Mac software GarageBand to near instant stardom in the alt music world, 22-year-old San Diego resident Nathan Williams is on his own wave of success.

WAVVES debut album quickly became one of 2008’s ‘surprise’ hits with raves on influential music blogs and even in the mainstream music press. And for good reason – this kid can rock – and do it all by himself. When performing live he has friend and drummer Ryan Ulsh lay down the beats. WAVVES new album, Wavvves, is set to drop March 17.

“So Bored”WAVVES from new album Wavvves
“Beach Demon”WAVVES from new album Wavvves

WAVVES is slated to perform no less than nine shows at SXSW.

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