Top 10 Songs 2010

Did you miss any of the Top Ten Songs lists of 2010? They’re all here – all 50 weeks equaling 500 songs that IRC listeners picked weekly (except two) in 2010. Update: In 2015, we started to remove all of the broken links so that you can use the player below to stream this whole page uninterrupted.

Hear all of the No. 1 Indie Rock Songs of the Week, according to IRC readers, and take the poll to cast your vote for the Best Indie Rock Song of 2010.

“Shell Games” Bright Eyes from The People’s Key – due out in March 2011

“Cemetery Rain”Minks from debut LP, By The Hedge, out Jan. 12th

“P.I.”Tape Deck Mountain will release a new EP, Secret Serf, on Jan. 11th (or 1/11/11)

Listen to, and vote for, the Best Indie Rock Songs of 2010. Voting ends Jan. 13 at which time we will announce the Readers’ Choice: The Best Indie Rock Song of 2010. Also, keep an eye out for IRC’s Best Albums of 2010 and Best New Bands of 2010, according to IRC readers and visitors.

Note: Some tracks over time will no longer be available, but many remain active so you can stream and/or download them. Enjoy.

Nov. 28 – Dec. 4

Can you believe 2010 is almost over? Already? Damn. Well, you guys have been picking the best indie songs of 2010 all year. When it comes down to it, we think our roughly 20,000 people a day (all of you) have a better grasp on what the best indie and alt rock than a lot of so-called official sources. But it it important to remember that the top songs on IRC depend on which songs we post for a given week. That said, we think we’ve struck a pretty good balance between the more popular indie music and bands, and DIY and lesser-known bands as well, but one thing that we hope is mostly consistent in our choices of which music to feature is the quality of the music itself, song by song.

Unlike the trend on many music blogs in recent years – to appeal to more non-indie (like mainstream, popular Billboard pop, rock, country and hiphop, mostly) music lovers – we strive to stay focused on what is arguably a more indie music slant, even though that is such a hard genre to precisely define, falling instead into the more absolute, yet conditional, reference of “you know it when you hear it.”  That said, the popularity of indie music continues to rise, and that will always be both a strength and a weakness, it just depends who you ask and in what context. Anyways, we’re looking forward to see what songs you guys will pick for Best Indie Rock Songs of 2010 in the ‘best of’ posts in preparation now, and then we’ll have a solid vote. Also coming up soon is our Guide to 2011 Releases.

And now for the Top Ten Songs of the first week of December.

“Kudos” Surf City from Kudos

“You Don’t Have To Drive” Sleeping In The Aviary from Great Vacation!

“Gallinas Y Lagartos” El Santo Nada from Tuco

“Beachball” Jenocide from Knee Deep EP

“Learn The Language” Mr. Dream from Never Elaborate

“Crazy Rulers of the World” Surf City from Kudos

“Raise Your Gaze” Tristeza from Paisajes

“I Could Go” Oberhofer from 7

“Satellite” Lelia Broussard from Masquerade

“Away From You” Brad Oberhofer

Nov. 21 – Nov. 27

cutcopyWhen we first heard the newest Cut Copy track right before Thanksgiving, we were certain that all of you would make it the most popular song of the week. And that’s just what happened; the infectious track “Take Me Over” was the #1 song of Thanksgiving week. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of love out there for Cut Copy, and not just in the U.S.; according to our web stats, the band has fans around the globe – from the UK to South America, Indonesia to Japan, people love them some Cut Copy.

Taking the No. 2 spot was the breakout band (they’re actually a duo) Bikini with their indie hit, “American Mourning”;  Bikini managed to take the No. 5 spot as well, with the track, “ACheerleader”. The hugely popular San Francisco band, Girls, captured the No. 3 position, while another San Francisco band, Eux Autres, settled in at No. 4. Although we don’t usually (making an exception) count older songs in the Top Ten, “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” by The Clash was the No. 1 song in our first S-25 Mix, which you guys seemed to enjoy very much.

“Take Me Over” Cut Copy

“American Mourning” Bikini

“Heartbreaker” Girls

“Go Dancing” Eux Autres

“ACheerleader” Bikini

“Smoke” Home Video

“Tiny Spiders” The Soft Moon

“Every Love That Ever Was (Montauk’s Vacation Mix)” Home Video

“Felicity” Orange Juice

“Should I Stay or Should I Go”The Clash

Nov. 14 – 20

Apologies folks for being late on updating the Top Ten lists; still catching up from the holidays. The newly emerging band, Jonquil, took the No. 1 and No. 4 spots for the third week of November with the web hit single “Fighting Smiles,” and their follow-up single “Get Up”, both from their debut EP, One Hundred Suns.

Portland indie ‘buzz’ band Crushed Stars ranked at the No. 2 spot thanks to the single from their second LP, Convalescing In Braille, which was produced by John Congleton (Antony and The Johnsons, Clinic, The Walkmen, St. Vincent).

Coming in at No. 3 was upstate New York one man band, Setting Sun, who has garnered praise from major media outlets like NPR and USA Today, and numerous music blogs. San Diego’s newly formed indie outfit TV Girl took the No. 5 spot with the chillwave loop mix featuring Todd Rungred’s “Hello It’s Me” as the sample, and like Jonquil, has two songs in the top 10 with No. 7 . There are other great singles in this list by bands that are either on the radar (we like, but need to hear more material), as well as bands to watch in 2011 (bands we dig mucho based on more than one song, but are new enough that they don’t have name recognition – yet). These bands make up the rest of this top ten: Fredrik, Mariage Blanc, Le Switch, and The Russian Futurists.

“Fighting Smiles” Jonquil

“Black Umbrellas” Crushed Stars

“Make You Feel” Setting Sun

“Get Up” Jonquil

“If You Want It You Got It” TV Girl

“White on White” Fredrik

“Whatever You Say I Am” Mariage Blanc

“It’s Not Something” – TV Girl

“Call Out” Le Switch

“Hoeing Weeds Sowing Seeds” The Russian Futurists

Nov. 7 – 13

San Francisco’s rising indie band, Weekend, released their debut album, Sports, this month to wide acclaim. The LP’s lead single, “Coma Summer,” was by far, the top song of the week for the second week in November.

Coming in at No. 2 was the popular Swedish indie band, The Radio Dept., with one of our favorite tracks of the year, even though it is an ‘unreleased’ single, meaning it did not appear on either of  the band’s two releases this year.  IRC Artist of the Week, Fiveng, made the Top Ten with two songs.

“Coma Summer” Weekend

“The New, Improved Hypocrisy” The Radio Dept.

“Good Evening” The Concretes

“Keep Walkin” The Parting Gifts


“Suzerain (A Letter to the Judge)” Nightlands

“Violent Sensation Descends” Violens

“Give Me A Taste”Fiveng

“Feeling Today” Botany

“Ordinary Dream” Valleys

Oct. 31 – Nov. 6

We’re a lil’ late with putting up the first week of November’s Top Ten Songs – all apologies. Anywho, the Crystal Castles with Robert Smith (The Cure) track landed at No. 1 song (premiered via IRC’s last Fresh Tracks Mix). Coming in at No. 2 was the latest track from indie veterans, Bear Hands that was featured in the Nov. 2nd Best New Releases mix.

That week also saw the eighth installment of Recent Releases We Almost Missed – if you have not heard the songs in that series, you’re missing out on a lot of freaking good 2010 indie music.

1. “Not In Love” (with Robert Smith) – Crystal Castles

2. “What A Drag” Bear Hands

3. “Follow Suit” The Radio Dept.

4. “Block After Block” Matt and Kim

5. “A Place We Like”- Twin Shadow vs. Hooray for the Earth

6. “Babies” 1900s

7. “Me And The Moon” (Twin Shadow Remix) –  The Drums

8. “Whatsit” Anya Marina

9. “Satellite” Lelia Broussard

10. “Bone Bomb” Brian Eno

Oct. 26 – Oct. 31

1. “Lucky 1″Avey Tare

2. “Hot Math” Andrew Bird

3. “Walls” The Phantom Band

4. “A Leaving Song” Broken Records

5. “Fugefat” The Octopus Project

6. “Put the Days Away” Sun Airway

7. “Older Brother” Pepper Rabbit

8. “Something Else” Diamond Rings

9. “You & Me” Elizabeth & The Catapult

10. “Local Park” Seeland

Oct. 18 – 25

The Top Ten Songs for the week of October 18th were based on which songs were listened to/downloaded the most from the following posts that week: Fresh Tracks Mix: The Freelance Whales, Motorifik, The Postelles, Oh No Oh My, Yuck (Oct. 18th); Best New Releases: Liars with Thom Yorke Remix, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, One In A Googolplex, Houses (Oct. 20th); In Dee Mail 2010, Vol. VI: Paperfangs, The Smiles, Voxhaul Broadcast, Loon Choir, Olina (Oct. 23rd)Great Indie Cover Songs Uncovered, Vol. II: The Kills, The Harvey Girls, Telekinesis, Little Girls, The Morning Benders, Nada Surf (Oct. 25th)

1.  “Enzymes” The Freelance Whales

2.  “Proud Evolution (Remix by Thom Yorke)” Liars

3.  “Secret Things” Motorifik

4.  “Drink Drank Drunk” A Sunny Day in Glasgow

5.  “Walking Into Me” Oh No Oh My

6. “Violet (Kiss Kiss Fantastic)” Paperfangs

7. “White Night” The Postelles

8. “Monolith” One In A Googolplex

9. “Swimming” The Smiles

10. “Madness and Methods”Olina

Oct. 12 – 18

“Write About Love” Belle & Sebastian

“Too Much” Sufjan Stevens

“Face It” Beach Fossils

“Out of Tune” Real Estate

“Leave You Forever” Cloud Nothings

“Reds” Houses

“Fears” Fox in the Henhouse

“Doesn’t Shake Me” The Goodnight Loving

“Julius” Starf*cker

“Lindy Hop” So So Glos

Oct. 4 – 10

“Daydreaming” Dark Dark Dark

“I’m Aware” Clinic

“Zeus” British Sea Power

“Little Bird” Pancake Breakfast

“Helsinki Art Scene” Satellite Stories

“Butterflies and Boners” PS I Love You

“Buttercups” Fran Healy

“Another Day” Apache Beat

“Love More” Sharon Van Etten

“How Do You Sleep” SIGHTS

Sept. 27 – Oct. 3

“Helicopter” Deerhunter

“Glitter” No Age

“Running” Computer Magic

“Velcro Shoes” Pete Yorn

“To Tears” Abe Vigoda

“No Ankles” Owen Pallett

“Distance and Temptation” In Grenada

“Slow” Twin Shadow

“What’s In The Air” Three Mile Pilot

“The Other Ones” The Hush Now

Sept. 20 – Sept. 26

“Cross-Walk Stereo” The Pass

“The Organ Grinder” The Migrant

“Colors” The Pass

“Wood Block” Joe Gil

“Don’t Do It” Sharon Van Etten

“Humid Air” The Moaners

“Gone to Sea” A Classic Education

“Late Night Show” Vincent Minor

“Sung (Not Said)” Magnetic Island

“21 Days” Pete Internal Airport

Sept. 13 – Sept. 19

“Shine One” Air Waves

“Angela Surf City The Walkmen

“Down By The Water” The Drums

“Billy Speed” – The Crocodiles

“Beach Frogs”Kinisi

“Let’s Get Out of Here” Les Savy Fav

“Silver Sorrow” Azure Ray

“Scribble” Underworld

“Unexplainable Stories” Cloud Cult

“Here Sometimes” Blonde Redhead

Sept. 6 – Sept. 12

“Empire”Jukebox The Ghost

“Barricade” Interpol

“I Don’t Believe You”The Thermals

“Summer House”Brother Tiger

“Soda”Electric Sunset

“Like Like Like”The Intelligence

“Restoration” The Acorn

“Noisemaker”Two Hours Traffic

“Mirror Mirror” Unicycle Loves You

“White Light”ARP

August 30 – Sept. 5

“Heart Full of Pentagons” Film School

“Sad Smile” Bobby Bare Jr.

“Edge of Extremes” Clubfeet

“About My Girls” Dominant Legs

“Too Young To Burn” Sonny and the Sunsets

“Good Deeds” Brothers Young

“Jerry” The Clientele

“ Whispers” Tiger! Sh*t! Tiger!


“The Pan” Goodnight Loving

August 23 – August 29

“Boy” Ra Ra Riot

“Run from The Gun” – Dead Confederate

“Glitter” No Age

“Superball” Magic Kids

“Bright One” The Polyamorous Affair

“Spectacular Girl” Eels

“Future Thunder” The Dashing Suns

“Road Regrets” Dan Mangan

“Thank You For Your Love” Antony And The Johnsons

“You’re Gorgeous, Believe It!”Abner Trio

August 16 – August 22

“Sink/Let It Sway” Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

“Sex With An X” The Vaselines

“Push” Rich Aucoin

“Night By Night”Chromeo

“Golden Haze” Wild Nothing

“Night and Day” Chief

“My Blue Angels” Jon Lindsay

“Away We Go” With An Orange

“Photojournalist” Small Black

August 9 – August 15

“Yes Yes Yes”Elsinore

“Almost There” (with Lauren Hillman) – Opus Orange

“Boyfriends”Secret Cities

“Wood Block” Joe Gil

“Arrow” Kathryn Calder

“The Organ Grinder” The Migrant

“By Some Miracle” Philip Selway


“Push”Rick Aucion

“Make It Better”The Knocks

August 2 – August 8

“Half Light I” Arcade Fire

“Rococo” Arcade Fire

“Sprawl II” Arcade Fire

“Up On” Air Conditioning School

“Post Acid”– Wavves

“Sunbeam Show” Candy Claws

“Invincible Hero” – Versus

“By Some Miracle”Philip Selway

“Arrow” Kathryn Calder

July 25 – August 1

“Likely Story” (Aeroplane Remix) – Au Revoir Simone

“Where I’m Going”Cut Copy

“Boyfriend” – Best Coast

“Barricade” Interpol

The Stroller ” – Jaill

“Ivy & Gold” Bombay Bicycle Club

“Five Little Rooms” Menomena

“Bullfighter Jacket” – Miniature Tigers

“New Noise”Jaill

“Make It Better”The Knocks

July 18 – 24

“Slow Motion”Panda Bear

“Where I’m Going” Cut Copy

“Revival” – Deerhunter

“Younger Us” Japandroids

“Boyfriend” Best Coast

“Barricade”  Interpol

“Stranded”  – The Walkmen

“18 Hours (Of Love)” K-X-P

“Baltimore” Tennis

“Empathy” – Crystal Castles

July 11 – 17

“Revenge” Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse & Wayne Coyne

“Tomboy” (Live in Belgium) – Panda Bear

“Heart to Tell” The Love Language

“Electronic Fences” Computer Magic

“Don’t Stop Now” Stockholm

“Solid Ground” Maps & Atlases

“Horophones” The Love Language

“Windstorm”  School of Seven Bells

“The Happy Mondays” The Innocence Mission

“I Heart California” Admiral Radley

July 4 – 10

“Little Girl”  – Sparklehorse & Danger Mouse (with Julian Casablancas)

“Shutterbug” – Big Boi

“The Holograms” – Fol Chen

“Likely Story” (Aeroplane Remix) – Au Revoir Simone

“You and I” – Washed Out

“Flash a Hungry Smile” Mystery Jets

“Second Glance”  Mobile Wash Unit

“Night and Day”  Chief

“New Noise” Jaill

“Forget Me Not” Thieves Like Us

June 27 – July 3

“American Slang”The Gaslight Anthem

“What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had To Go This Way)” – Wolf Parade

“Post Acid” Wavves

“Break It Up” We Are Scientists

“Smile Like Gywnplaine” The Harvey Girls

“My Chariot ” – The Depreciation Guild

“Solid Ground” Maps & Atlases

“Sink/Let it Sway” – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

“Part of Me” Electric Tickle Machine

“Rio” Hey Marseilles

June 20 – 26 (click band name to see original post for more songs)

“Rill Rill” Sleigh Bells

“Forever & Ever Amen” The Drums

“Say No To Love” Pains of Being Pure at Heart

“Ready to Start” Arcade Fire

“We Used to Wait” Arcade Fire

“Sink/Let It Sway” Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

“oOOOoOOOo” Oberhofer

“On The Beach” (Neil Young) Radiohead

“What My Life Could Have Been” A Classic Education

“Windstorm” School of Seven Bells

June 13 – 19

“Younger Us”Japandroids

“Fresh” Devo

“Forever & Ever Amen” The Drums

“Baby Lee”Teenage Fanclub

“Break It Up” We Are Scientists

“Angels Echoes (Caribou Remix)” Four Tet

“American Slang” Gaslight Anthem

“Fixed” Stars

“Lying Around” Magic Bullets

“Breakneck Speed” Tokyo Police Club

“Rill Rill” Sleigh Bells

“Forever & Ever Amen” The Drums

“Doin’ Time” – (Zeds Dead Summer Grime Remix) – Sublime

“Let’s Go Surfing” The Drums

“Youth”Beach Fossils

“Baby Lee”Teenage Fanclub

“Bushwick Blues” Delta Spirit

“Breakneck Speed” Tokyo Police Club

“Round and Round”Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffati

“Heaven and Earth” Blitzen Trapper

May 30 – June 5

“Angels Echoes (Caribou Remix)” Four Tet

“Rill Rill” Sleigh Bells

“Flashover” Klaxons

“Antlers” Apparatjik

“Chinatown” Wild Nothing

“Forever & Ever Amen” The Drums

“Baby Lee” Teenage Fanclub

“Come With Me” Ceo

“Us vs. Them” Common Prayer

“Leave Everywhere” Toro Y Moi

May 24 – May 30

“The Suburbs” Arcade Fire

“Month of May” Arcade Fire

“Youth” – Beach Fossils

“Gold Skull” (produced by Neon Indian) – Miniature Tigers

“Arkansas” Damien Jurado

“Silver” The Morning Code

“Sweatmother” Tobacco

“Invisibility: Nonexistent” Kurt Vile

“The World is Spinning” Opus Orange

“Maybe Finland” Snow & Voices

May 17 – 23, 2010

“Hustle and Cuss” The Dead Weather

“World Sick”Broken Social Scene

“Factory”Band of Horses

“Lemonade”Coco Rosie

“Party With Children”Ratatat

“You Will Leave a Mark”A Silent Film

“Your Hands Together”New Pornographers

“Drunk Girls”LCD Soundsystem

“Tighten Up”The Black Keys

“Another Day”The Marching Band

May 10 – 16

“Hustle and Cuss” The Dead Weather from Sea of Cowards

“Lemonade” Coco Rosie from Grey Oceans

“Stay Close” Delorean from Subiza

“Slow Man” Sage Francis from Li(f)e

“Black Gold”Foals from Total Life Forever

“Tell Em” Sleigh Bells from Treats

“You Will Leave a Mark”A Silent Film from The City That Sleeps

“Love Addicts” Mad Planet

“Credible Threats”One A.M. from Credible Threats

“Latin America”Holy Fu*k from Latin

May 2 – May 9

“World Sick”Broken Social Scene from Forgiveness Rock Record

“Your Hands” The New Pornographers from Together

“Change of Time”Josh Ritter from So Runs The World Away

“The Weekenders” The Hold Steady from Heaven is Whenever

“Leave House” Caribou from Swim

“Ride/Friendship” The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt from I Love You…

“Choices” The Tim and Sam Band from Live Stream

“Remember Last Time” Avi Buffalo from s/t debut

“Never Follow Suit” Radio Dept. from Clinging to a Scheme

“Zebra (UK edit)” – Beach House from Zebra RSD 7-inch single

April 25 – May 1

For the second week in a row, the top track on IRC has been Radio Dept’s “Heaven’s on Fire,” which is no doubt one of the best indie songs for 2010 so far. Maybe people really like the anti-corporate message about the assault on young culture, the song itself, or both. Radio Dept. have become one of our favorite bands in the past couple of years, and yet another solid band on the Swedish indie label, Labrador Records, roster. The album, Clinging to a Scheme, is terrific.

Right behind Radio Dept., is the new rock/pop/post-punk band, The Rassle, from New York City, and comprised of former members of The Virgins and the Young Lords, The Rassle.  The band have an addictive, engaging sound, with songs that are great for your summer playlist.  The band has three songs – No. 2 and No. 4 and No. 9 – on last week’s Top Ten.

Not to be overlooked, the terrific debut album from Long Beach indie band Avi Buffalo (who we tagged as a 2009 Band to Watch last fall) has received a torrent of praise and interest since their release. So it’s no wonder why they were in the Top Three of last week’s most streamed/downloaded fresh tracks from new releases. Avi Buffalo is definitely one of the best ‘new’ bands to come from California in the past year.

Other great tracks in the top ten – as voted by all of you – include Caribou, Hot Chip, Alcoholic Faith Mission, Polock and Common Prayer. Below this list are all of the weekly Top Ten playlists dating back to last summer. Enjoy.

1. “Heavens On Fire”Radio Dept.

2. “Celebrate The Days”The Rassle

3. Remember Last Time – Avi Buffalo

4. Wild Ones” – The Rassle

5 . “Leave House”Caribou

6. “I Feel Better (Adam Smith Bootleg)”Hot Chip

7. “My Eyes to See”Alcoholic Faith Mission

8. “Fireworks” – Polock

9. “Born Free” The Rassle

10. “Us vs. Them” – Common Prayer

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1. “Heavens On Fire”Radio Dept.

2. “Leave House”Caribou

3. “I Feel Better (Adam Smith Bootleg)”Hot Chip

4. “Never Follow Suit”Radio Dept.

5. “Compliments”Band of Horses

6. “Gone for Good”Wesley Wolfe

7. “Bloodbuzz Ohio”The National

8. “Keep”Owen Pallett/Final Fantasy

9. “Honey”Open Hand

10. “Belly of June”Horse Feathers

April 11 – 17

1. “Compliments”Band of Horses

2. “Rainwater Cassette Exchange”Deerhunter

3. “Stay Close”Delorean

4. “Cold Bones”Golden Triangle

5. “Vanessa’s Theater of Peace”The Library Is On Fire

6. “Ghost and The Witness”Earl Greyhound

7. “Jackie Wants A Black Eye”Dr. Drog

8. “Fireworks”Polock

9. “Black Sheep”Suckers

10. “Burden of Tomorrow”The Tallest Man on the Earth

April 4 – 10

1. “Stay Close”Delorean

1. “Sleep Paralysist”Neon Indian

3. “Stranger”Dr. Dog

4. “Drunk Girls”LCD Soundsystem

5. “Compliments”Band of Horses

6. “Leave House”Caribou

7. “Latin America”Holy Fu*k

8. “I Keep Waiting”Hacienda

9. “Loxtep”Annuals

10. “Black Sheep”Suckers

March 28 – April 3

1. “Tighten Up”The Black Keys

2. “Stay Close”Delorean

3. “Dissembler”Woodhands

4. “Flash Delirium”MGMT

5. “In The Sun”She and Him

6. “Loxtep”Annuals

7. “I’m In Love with a Girl”Big Star

8. “Bloodbuzz Ohio”The National

9. “Arm Over Arm”Screaming Females

10. “Boy Lilikoi”Jonsi

March 21 – March 27

1. “Stay Close”Delorean

2. “I’m in Love with A Girl”Big Star

3. “Excuses”The Morning Benders

4. “Dissembler”Woodhands

5. “Tighten Up”The Black Keys

6. “Oh My Soul”Big Star

7. “Flash Delirium”MGMT

8. “In The Sun”She & Him

9. “King Basement”Thunderhawk

10. “Bloodbuzz Ohio”The National

March 14 – 20*

1. “Excuses”The Morning Benders

2. “Dream City”Free Energy

3. “A More Perfect Union”Titus Andronicus

4. “Hannah”Freelance Whales

5. “Don’t Haunted This Place”Rural Alberta Advantage

6. “Fifteen”Standard Fare

7. “This F*cking Job”Drive-By Truckers

8. “With Every Heartbeat”The Rest

9. “Vanity Kills”Codeine Velvet Club

10. “Skylark”Casper Bangs

*This week’s top songs are based mostly on playlists that were published of songs from bands at South By Southwest festival and conference in Austin.

March 7 – March 13

1. “Excuses”The Morning Benders

2. “Hope Child”Free Energy

3. “The High Road”Broken Bells

4. “Song for Dreaming”Justin Claiborne

5. “Conscience Killer”Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

6. “Swim Until You Can’t See Land”Frightened Rabbit

7. “Avenue of Criminals”The Canon Logic

8. “A More Perfect Union”Titus Andronicus

9. “I Will Live on Islands”Josh Rouse

10. “The Mighty Sparrow”Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

February 28 – March 6

1. “Good Morning”Rogue Wave

2. “Huffy Ten Speed”Body Language

3. “Passive Idol”Twin Tigers

4. “Some Day Maybe”City Light

5. “It’s Come To This”Barzin

6. “By and By”Lay Low

7. “Hot Sprawl”Man/Miracle

8. “You Were Young”Yes Giantess

9. “Cross Walk Stereo”The Pass

10. “Pink Graffiti”Secret Cities

February 21 – 27

1. “Hellhole Ratrace”Girls

2. “Walls”Shout Out Louds


“Apollo & the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!”

4. “Life Coach”Fang Island

5. “This is Real”Best Coast

6. “My Alarm”New Faces

7. “Bright New Worlds”The Exhibition

8. “Hoop+Wire”Boy Eats Drum Machine

9. “Black Eyes”Shearwater

10. “Plastic People”Four Tet

February 14 – 20

1. “Damrell’s Fire”The Dimes

2. “What A Drag”Bear Hands

3. “Real Love”Beach House

4. “Apollo & The Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!”Sunset Rubdown

5. “Grey Is Old”Furcast

6. “Static Waves”Andrew Belle

7. “Sunhands”Local Natives

8. “Measure”Field Music

9. “Hellhole Ratrace”Girls

10. “Constellations”The Hush Now

February 7 – 13

1. “Real Love”Beach House

2. “Gold Mine”Showstar

3. “Dynomania”The Vermicious K’nids

4. “Life Stand”Hot Chip

5. “Waves”Vinca Minor

6. “Resident of the Lost Club”Showstar

7. “Ambling Alp”Yeasayer

8. “Away Oh Way Oh”The Vermicious K’nids

9. “The Streets and Their Names”Koria Kitten Riot

10. “Many Are Cold”Drew Danburry

*Most of the songs from the Valentine mixes, except those that were from recent releases, were excluded because they were not technically ‘new’ nor necessarily ‘indie’

Jan. 31 – February 6

1. “Let’s Go Down”Family of the Year

2. “Acts of Man”Midlake

3. “Rather Be Dead”Bottle Up & Go

4. “Falling from the Sun”The Album Leaf

5. “The Sea is a Good Place to Think About the Future”Los Campesinos

6. “Fishsticks”The Heligoats

7. “The Darkest Side”The Middle East

8. “Dynomania”The Vermicious K’nids

9. “Organic Mechanics”Everthus The Deadbeats

10. “Caroline & I”Kentucky Nightmare

Jan. 24 – 30

1. “Norway”Beach House

2. “Misfits Mistakes”Superchunk

3. “Walk On a Lonely Road”The Magnetic Fields

4. “I Am Your Head”Elephantom

5. “Aurora Surrealis”Elephantom

6. “Something Unreal”Ex-Norweigan

7. “Intergalactic Spell”Beastie Boys vs. Alphabeat

8. “Made Up of Tiny Lights”We All Have Hooks for Hands

9. “Blood”The Middle East

10. “Love is Like Water”Pistol for Ringo

Jan. 17 – 23

1. “Written in Reverse”Spoon

2. “My Girls”Animal Collective

3. “Wouldn’t Change A Thing”Fox Fagan

4. “Rich Doors”New Villager

5. “End Times”The Eels

6. “Swim”Surfer Blood

7. “Actors”In Flight Safety

8. “Dominos”The Big Pink

9. “Frozen Beach”Feral Children

10. “Nuke Duke Em”Dinowalrus

Jan. 10 – 16

1. “Wouldn’t Change A Thing”Fox Fagan

2. “Don’t Be Long”Army of Me

3. “Boy Lilikoi”Jonsi

4. “Giraffe Kiss”Sore Eros

5. “Carnival”Threes and Nines

6. “Wounded”Jay Reatard

7. “Six Feet Under”Louis Aguilar

8. “Small Catastrophe”Tiny Tin Hearts

9. “He She We Me”Trees and Trash

10. “Monuments”My Summer as a Salvation Soldier

Jan. 3 – 9

1. “Boy Lilikoi”Jonsi Birgisson

2. “Small Catastrophe”Tiny Tin Hearts

3. “Stars Still Pretty”Aeroplane Pageant

4. “Do The Sucker”The Sun

5. “Six Feet Under”Louis Aguilar

6. “Happiness”Jonsi & Alex

7. “The Ride”Oryan

8. “Helicopter”Twilight Revival

9. “Flirted With You All My Life”Vic Chesnutt

10. “Bleed It Out”Lunaria

Dec. 26 – Jan. 2

1. “Bleed It Out”Lunaria

2. “I Am Blind”Elephant Stone

3. “Paralysed”Lunaria

4. “Feel Animal”Monogold

5. “Distaccati”Clock Hands Strangle

6. “Dirty Fighters”The Doups

7. “Josephine”Dylan in the Movies

8. “You Want To Do It With Me”Six Simple Songs

9. “Alien”The Sun

10. “The Large Bouquet”The French Semester

Note: Due to the holidays, and the huge number of downloads from our Christmas and holiday mixes, no Top Ten lists from Dec. 15 to Dec. 25 are available.

Dec. 7 – Dec. 14*

1. “Feel Animal”Monogold

2. “The Large Bouquet”The French Semester

3. “Dead Sea Minerals”Monogold

4. “This Year”Hurricane Bells

5. “Song For A Son”The Smashing Pumpkins

6. “Little Bird Courage”Old Canes

7. “Something More”Slideshow Freak

8. “Cali”Hosta

9. “What’s It In For?”Avi Buffalo

10. “Phoneme”STS9

Does not include Christmas songs which have been very popular during the past few weeks.

Nov. 30 – Dec 6

1. “Madeline”The Delfields

2. “Back in Town”Wiretree

3. “Falling”Wiretree

4. “Marching to War”Morningbell

5. “You Know”Sean Walsh & The National Reserve

6. “Echoes of Time”The Smiles and Frowns

7. “Flaming Arrow”Jupiter One

8. “This Year”Hurricane Bells

9. “The Gang’s All Gone”The Parkas

10. “Shelter”The Swimmers

Nov. 23-29

1.“Suicide Blues”Brimstone Howl

2.“Pocketful of Debt”Sunset

3.“This Year”Hurricane Bells

4.“Why Remember Me”Andy Mitchell

5.“So Long Sundays”The Sun

6.“Unpredictable”Tahiti 80

7.“Green Truck”Sunset

8.“Passagrille”Chromatic Flights

9.“I Am A Rock (Simon & Garfunkel)”Chromatic Flights

10.“Little Bird Courage”Old Canes

Nov. 16-22

1. “Beach Comber”Real Estate

2. “Fright Lined Dining Room” Arctic Monkeys

3. “Genesis 3:23”The Mountain Goats

4. “Fake Blues”Real Estate

5. “Hannah”Freelance Whales

6. “Swim (To The End)”Surfer Blood

7. “New Fang”Them Crooked Vultures

8. “Serve Them Well”Swimming in Speakers

9. “Tunnelvision”Here We Go Magic

10. “Terminally Chill”Neon Indian

Note: This feature was temporarily put on the back burner in September 2009, but due to popular demand, has been restarted.

Aug. 25 – Sept. 1

“I Am The Universe” – Mellow Down Easy

“Chain” – Vic Chestnut

“Technology” – Mayday!

“Stranger” – Hopewell

“Tiny Little Robots” – Cage The Elephant

“Devils Loose” – A.A. Bondy

“Charge” – Low Water

“Vancouver” – The Hush Now

“Getting Higher” – Evan Voytas

August 18-24

“Oslo Novelist” – Grand Archives

“Free Energy” – Free Energy

“Wind Phoenix” – Cymbals Eat Guitars

“My Twisted Words” – Radiohead

“My Unusual Friend” – Fruit Bats

“Sacred Trickster” – Sonic Youth

“Naive Brother” – Plus 49

“Voodoo Taxi” – Low Water

“Never Seen” – Lightning Dust

August 11-18

“These Are My Twisted Words” – Radiohead

“Apples” – The Soft Hills

“Crying Lightning” – Arctic Monkeys

“Suicide” – The Raveonettes

“Nothing But Time” – Opus Orange

“Psychic City” – Yacht

“Got Nuffin” – Spoon

“Here To Fall” – Yo La Tengo

“Fables” – The Dodos

August 4-11

“Moon And Moon” – Bat For Lashes

“Don’t Look Back”– Black Them Boots

“Drowning Men”– Fanfarlo

“Falleg Depurd”– Blindfold

“Tiny Little Robots” – Cage The Elephant

“Gold And Warm” – Bad Veins

“No You Girls” – Franz Ferdinand

“It’s Alright” – Opus Orange

  1. OMG I love this website !! plenty of bands to explore ! I always was a fan of the INDIE ROCK style and here’s my paradise !

    Thank’s to all the staff who managed this website from A to Z.

    Is it possible to subscribe and receive news on our mailbox ? that would be great !


  2. I have always grown up with this type of music, i really have. It’s crazy how i always tried to hide my taste in music. I used to fake that i liked that other music. I thank my uncle for opening my ears to this music<3

  3. Same with me, none of my friends supports my musical taste! Its a matter of perception and taste, each bird loves to hear himself sing!!

  4. I lovelovelove this website and the music.
    You see people at my school think im a total weirdo for listening to this type of music, morons -.-

    1. That’s because you have good taste in music, and everyone else seems to like the commercial, formulated, all-sounds-the-same crap that’s on the radio. 🙂


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