Top 10 Songs 2015

The Top 10 Indie Rock Songs playlists for 2015. Enjoy.

*There were no Top 10 for Oct through Dec.


September 2015 Top 10 Songs

The No. 1 Song for September, by a wide margin, was Boston band Auva’s amazing single, “Into Place,” with its layers of harmonies and glam pop elements. Auva is a band to watch in 2016, and all of you seem to agree based on making it the top song of the month.

“Into Place“Aüva from Light Years

No. 2: It’s hard not to think of The Strokes with the wonderfully jangling, jamming electric guitars, the radical chord shifts; the coarse, yet melancholic vocals, and driving percussions of the standout single, “Milk and Honey,” from the talented Athens, Georgia folk rock band The Bread Brothers.

“Milk and Honey“The Bread Brothers from The Bread Brothers

No. 3: Heavy bass lines, steady, grooving rhythms and beats, soft vocals and layered choruses, along with dreamy psych synth pop melodies are hallmarks of singles like the swaggering “You Are The Right One” from the Tulsa band Sports.

No. 4: A new synth dance pop trio from Tel-Aviv, called Bill & Murray, make amazing use of grooving synths and dope beats on “Rabbit Hole.”

“Rabbit Hole“Bill & Murray from A New Kind of High

No. 5: “Dreamcatcher,” from the Kiev, Ukranian band Skyhound, is an emotionally-charged, subdued song with a big, booming bass drum beat throughout, dark pop synth embellishments and haunting, layered vocals.

“Dreamcatcher“Skyhound from Dreamcatcher 7″

No. 6: In Falun, Sweden, a new DIY band called Third Brother released their debut EP, No Mind Police. The title track from the EP has a bit of a foreboding tinge to it even though it’s an otherwise uplifting track with rich melodies and choruses. The story behind the song seems to be a love song about the emotional struggles love inevitably encounters.

“No Mind Police“Third Brother from No Mind Police

No. 7: The Spokane band Boat Race Weekend’s “Beautiful Days” from their debut DIY album released last May , is characterized by pop punk verses, airy post-rock breakdowns, and heartfelt lyrics.

“Beautiful Days“Boat Race Weekend from The Talisman

No. 8: “My World” is a powerful, heart-wrenching song from the London ‘bro duo’ Colourshop. Vocalist and guitarist Alfredo Salvati sings his heart out, backed up nicely by glimmering keys and backup vocals from his brother Diego Salvati.

“My World“Colourshop from 3PM

No. 9: Based out of Petrozavodsk in the Karelia region of Russia, the garage/punk rock band Break The Bans, formed in 2007, rip out raw, raunchy rock on their debut album, Okay, Okay, featuring the single, “How Can I Love Her?” which was also featured on a commercial for Hudson Jeans.

How Can I Love Her?Break The Bans from Okay! Okay!

No. 10: The eerie title track, “Into The Woods,” from Tel-Aviv band Dismal Beeches’ debut EP, is something you’d expect to hear on the soundtrack of an indie horror track – and that’s not minimizing the song at all. It’s genuinely creepy.

“Into The Woods“

August 2015 Top 10 Songs

Pittsburg synth pop, ‘fantasy rock’ sextet Balloon Ride Fantasy recently released their debut, self-titled album inspired by “80s pop nostalgia, science fiction and such artists as David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Prince.” In ‘indie’ terms, they’re somewhere between Flaming Lips and Of Montreal sound-wise.

Soaring synth flourishes, vocal dubbing harmonies and melodic choruses comprise the No. 1 most streamed and downloaded song during August, “Balloon Ride Fantasy.” We can’t remember the last time a band achieved a No. 1 song with a track titled after itself. The song encompasses elements of the band’s experimental sounds within the synth pop/art rock sub genres, which makes them all that more fascinating.

On our rock radar for 2015, and now 2016, Tivoli, New York DIY duo PUNT kick out powerful, lo-fi garage punk rock on the debut album, OIL – an impressive accomplishment from a promising new band. And they do it without using one guitar; that’s a first. But you probably won’t even notice because the rawness of the duo’s rocking songs, like the No. 2 ranking single, “Black and White,” are so authentic and unrefined.

Three friends from New York City who grew up going to summer camp together decided last summer to form a band called That’s Right!, and plunged into the world of DIY rock.

Their single, “Tiger Lily,” is amazing – a drifting, jam-heavy track that cuts through everything else with such authority, or as the band puts it: “a muscular but nimble journey that builds to a climactic four-part harmony.” It ranked as the No. 3 track for August.

The Dallas alt rock/pop duo Repel The Robot formed in 2013 “after a long period of musical exploration,” between friends Jarrett Shaffer and Sean Trauth. They’ve opened for bands like The Vaccines, Slow Magic, Mew and Carnage before they even had a debut record.

At No. 4, the duo’s first single, “Feels Damn Good,” is dream pop spliced with rock elements, including uptempo riffs, synth embellishments and big vocal harmonies.

A DIY debut album that should not be overlooked, As We Fall In, from Los Angeles band The Masonry, is one that has been a favorite in the cafe during 2015.

The No. 5 song for August, “Tired Wars,” is a little gem that keeps beckoning us back to listen again and again. We love how the band weaves elements from Indie rock, shoegaze, post rock, psych, and alternative rock into their overall sound. Their follow-up song, “Arrows,” ranking at No. 9, sports seamless chord progressions, soaring guitar solos, and thunderous drums and bass.

“Balloon Ride Fantasy“ Balloon Ride Fantasy from Balloon Ride Fantasy

“Black and White“PUNT from OIL

“Tiger Lily“That’s Right! from Tiger 7″

“Feels Damn Good“Repel The Robot from Why We Are Who We Are

“Tired Wars“The Masonry from As We Fall In

“All the Way“PUNT from OIL

“100101“ Balloon Ride Fantasy from Balloon Ride Fantasy

“Pillar of Salt“That’s Right! from Tiger 7″

ArrowsThe Masonry from As We Fall In

“This Time Tomorrow“Repel The Robot from Why We Are Who We Are


July 16 – 31

The Austin ambient post rock band The Khost scored the No. 1 spot with the most streamed and downloaded song for the second half of July, the hypnotic, minimalistic track, “Parallelogram.” We were happy to see that listeners liked Khost’s single the most from all of the singles in the sixth installment of the wildly popular profile and playlist series, Best New DIY Music of 2015.

Following at No. 2 was the riveting single, “Velvet,” from the London alt. rock band, 800 Pound Rhino, who might just be the most Arctic Monkeys-like (in a good way) band we’ve heard in some time.

Another under the radar band, Flight of Ryan, chimed in at No. 3 for the catchy song, “Technicolor Souls.” At No. 4 is the fantastic synth pop single, “Promises,” from Lovelast, the musical project of San Francisco artist to watch Chase Jenkins. His debut LP, Home, is high on our list of top DIY releases of 2015. The ambient psych rock of Australia’s Romeo Moon is intoxicating, as evident on the No. 5 most streamed and downloaded song of the week.

The second half of the Top 10 starts off with the second single from The Khost, “Golden Bodies,” grabbing the No. 6 slot followed at No. 7 by the second single from 800 Pound Rhino, the blazing “Love Revolution.”

Another Austin DIY psychedelic rock band, The Sun Machine, scored the No. 8 spot of the week with their single, “Sound of Descent,” followed at No. 9 by the extraordinary talent of Michigan artist Dustin Gardner, who records under the alias SHOE. Gardner’s touching vocals on “Heavy,” are unforgettable. Los Angeles band Horsha On The Moon closes out the Top 10 with their track, “Chalfonte.”

“Parallelogram“The Khost from The Khost EP

“Velvet“800 Pound Rhino from 800 Pound Rhino EP

“Technicolor Souls“Flight of Ryan from From Cocoon

“Promises“Lovelast from Home

“Afterglow“Romeo Moon from Wander

“Golden Bodies“The Khost from The Khost EP

“Love Revolution“800 Pound Rhino from 800 Pound Rhino EP

“Sound of Descent“The Sun Machine from Drag City

“Heavy“SHOE. from #1 Aaaallow Me To Reintroduce Myself

“Chalfonte“Horsha On The Moon from Silver Colored Babies


July 1 – 15

The rock band Wolf Alice grabbed the No. 1 spot for the first half of July for their hit, “Giant Peach,” followed at No. 2 by Of Monsters and Men’s awesome track, “Crystals” from the new album Beneath The Skin. Because there were so many songs for the two weeks, we decided to create a Top 20 instead. Stream through a fantastic collection of top indie songs fom the summer of 2015.

“Giant Peach”Wolf Alice from My Love Is Cool on Dirty Hit / RCA

“Crystals” Of Monsters and Men from Beneath The Skin on Island

“1999” Active Child from Mercy on Vagrant

“California Cold”Fuc*ed Up from Year of the Hare on Deathwish Inc.

“Wolf Moon”Neil Young + Promise of the Real from The Monsanto Years on Reprise / WB

“Change is Everything”Son Lux from Bones on Glassnote Entertainment Group

“Gold and Stone”Eternal Summers from Gold and Stone on Kanine Records

“Someday Now”De Lux from Generation on Innovative Leisure

“Paradise”Wild Yaks from Rejoice! God Loves Wild Yaks on Ernest Jenning

“Saturday Night”Yukon Blonde from On Blonde on Dine Alone

“The Mirror”Damaged Bug from Cold Hot Plumbs on New West

“Last Year”Joanna Gruesome from Peanut Butter on Slumberland/Fortuna Pop!/Turnstile

“Line On You”Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin from The High Country on Polyvinyl

“Day To Day”Vows from Soon Enough Love on Section Sign Records

“Last Year”Joanna Gruesome from Peanut Butter on Slumberland/Fortuna Pop!/Turnstile

“Lucky Ones”The Dunwells from Lucky Ones on Concord

“Staring Contest”Mates of State from You’re Going to Make It on Barsuk

“Garden of Lavender” Sun Kil Moon from Universal Themes on Caldo Verde

“It Wants Everything”Daughn Gibson from Carnation on Sub Pop

“Senseless”The New Division from Gemini on Division 87


June 15 – June 30

“Teenager“Common Man from Introducing Common Man

“Rabbit Holes“The Irenes from James Baxter EP

“Wanderer“The Begowatts from Frequency

“Do the Indoctrination“Max Kala from Amplification & Super Regeneration

“Burning Bridges“Empire of Gold from Raw EP

More Than EverLightouts

“Fortress of Solitude“The Irenes from James Baxter EP

“Everything Gyrates“Common Man from Introducing Common Man

“Interzone” (Joy Division) – Lightouts


June 1 – 15

Not surprisingly, Best Coast‘s new single, “California Nights” was the most streamed and downloaded song on IRC for the second half of June. Excellent singles, like “Web” from Thee Oh Sees and “Earth Sagres” from The Tallest Man on Earth, were also very popular with listeners, racking up the No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, spots on the Top 10.

Mumford and Sons scored the No. 4 track with “Believe,” and the amazing song, “Burn Card,” from The Barr Brothers rounded out the top half of the second Top 10 charts based on IRC listeners streams and downloads.

The second half of the Top 10 charts kicks off with the No. 6 single, “Alligator Years,” from Twinsmith, followed at No. 7 with “Teenager” from the DIY band Common Man, who we featured among the top DIY debuts of the year.

The No. 8 song for the second half of June was “Queen Lullabye” from the collaboration of Ty Segall and King Tuff . The No. 9 most popular song for two weeks was the irresistible”Rabbit Holes” from The Irenes, followed at No. 10 by Patrick Watson’s

“California Nights”Best Coast from California Nights on Harvest / Virgin EMI

“Web”Thee Oh Sees from Mutilator Defeated at Last on Castle Face

“Sagres”The Tallest Man on Earth from Dark Bird Is Home on Dead Oceans Records

“Believe”Mumford & Sons from Wilder Mind on Glassnote

“Burn Card”The Barr Brothers from Alta Falls EP on Secret City Records

“Alligator Years”Twinsmith from Alligator Years on Saddle Creek Records

“Queen Lullabye”King Tuff/Ty Segall from Live at Pickathon on Easy Sound Recording Company

“Wanderer“The Begowatts from Frequency

“Rabbit Holes“The Irenes from James Baxter EP

“Love Songs For Robots”Patrick Watson from Love Songs for Robots on Domino / Secret City Records


June 1st – June 15th

This Top Ten Songs playlist features songs from two popular posts – New Indie Singles and Best New DIY Music of 2015 (Vol. V). It was a very close battle for the No. 1 spot between Stockholm electro pop husband-wife duo, My Empire of Sound’s new single, “Scandinavian Summer” and San Diego’s 60’s pop rock-centric band The Verigolds awesome single, “Grunge.” My Empire of Sound squeaked out the No. 1 spot by only one stream/download over The Verigolds who came in at No. 2.

The Top Ten, for those of you who are first timers, is determined by how many plays and downloads a song receives over a week or two since being posted on the site – therefore, the listeners decide. The No. 3 song for the first half of June went to Boston indie band Geometrist for their upbeat pop track, “Hellos,” followed by New York City trio Clox‘s single, “Lullaby,” at No. 4. Rounding out the top five was the single, “Night” from the Peruvian artist Astronaut Project (aka, Alberto Zegarra).

There’s so much great DIY music in this playlist. The No. 6 most played and downloaded track was “Optimists” from Washington DC rock band Mittenfields, followed at No. 7 by “Stupid Surf Song,” from the LA punk rock duo, Sea Ghost. Chiming in at No. 8 is “Pulling Teeth” from the London rock pop band Fire Fences, followed at No. 9 by “Wayne Mills,” by the French band Lorna. Closing out the top ten was the track, “White Chrome,” from Melbourne, Australia punk rock trio Staffords. Congrats to all the Top Ten bands!

“Scandinavian Summer“My Empire of Sound from Scandinavian Summer 7″

“Grunge“The Verigolds

“Hellos“ Geometrist from Ain’t Comin’ Down

“Lullaby“Clox from Lullaby 7″

“Night“Astronaut Project from Astronaut Project

“Optimists“Mittenfields from Optimists

“Stupid Surf Song“Sea Ghost from Nothing Is Cool

“Pulling Teeth“Fire Fences from Pocket Full of Stones

“Wayne Mills“Lorna from London’s Calling Me

“White Chrome“Staffords from Doubting Thomas Anonymously

May 16th – May 30th

Premiering in the 5 DIY Debuts You’ve Gotta Hear post, a new, totally under-the-radar indie pop band from Akron , Ohio – Three Witches – scored the No. 1 top song for the second half of May with the catchy song, “WD Hamilton,” followed by the upbeat acoustic track, “Mexico,” from the LA-via-Oahu duo Tigers In The Sky . The Baltimore duo featuring twin brothers, Stereo Twins , nailed the No. 3 spot with the single, “Stars Shine,” from their recent release, Good News , followed at No. 4 by an Artist of the Week band Sol Cat for “Body Like That.” Rounding out the first half of the Top 10 was the No. 5 single, “Radar” from GRRL PAL.

Kicking off the second half of the Top 10 was the Los Angeles DIY band, The Citie, with their timely song, “Baltimore,” followed at No. 7 by another Artist of the Week, the northern California band, The Hot Dark, with their single, “Blossom.” Taking the No. 8 spot was Three Witches with their second Top 10 entry for “Poltergeist,” followed at No. 9 by another single from Tigers In The Sky for “Paris.” Bottoming out at No. 10 was GRRL PAL’s second single, “Paradise.”

“WD Hamilton“Three Witches from Three Witches EP

“Mexico“Tigers In The Sky from Golden Lights

“Stars Shine“Stereo Twins from Good News

“Body Like That“Sol Cat from Body Like That EP

“Radar“GRRL PAL from Paradise EP

“Baltimore”The Citie (featuring Addict)

“Blossom“The Hot Dark from Live Young

“Poltergeist“Three Witches from Three Witches EP

“Paris“Tigers In The Sky from Golden Lights

“Paradise“GRRL PAL from Paradise EP


May 1st – May 15th

This week’s Top 10 Songs all come from the fourth installment of the massive and wildly popular latest installment of the Best New DIY Music of 2015 series. The No. 1 song for the first week of May goes to Long Island indie duo Ness for their song, “Behind The Couch,” from their debut EP. The No. 2 song of the week, according to number of streams and downloads, is “Armadillo” from Fort Wayne band Ordinary Van. Registering at No. 3 was “Who You Are” from the French band Pelicat followed by “U R” from The Wild Young Hearts at No. 4. Closing out the top half of the Top 10 at No. 5 was the Swedish indie band The Mondanes.

Leading off the second half of the Top Ten was the single, “Time Under We,” at No. 6 by the London duo Starar. The band Ordinary Van scored a second Top 10 with the single, “Tidal,” coming in at No. 7, followed at No. 8 by the track “White Pine Way” from New York band More Than Skies. The No. 9 track of the week was “The Hymn of Her Innocence” from Maven, followed at No. 10 by “Lock Your Guns Up” from Reno electronic indie band Aether Street.

“Behind the Couch“Ness from A Second to Think

“Armadillo“Ordinary Van from Ordinary Van

“Who You Are“Pelicat from Pelicans and Rainbows

“U R“The Wild Young Hearts from Feel Good

“Silver Spoon“The Mondanes from Freeze Out

“Time Under We“Starar from Time Under We

“Tidal“Ordinary Van from Ordinary Van

“White Pine Way“More Than Skies from More Than Skies

“The Hymn Of Her Innocence“Maven from Staring At Eastern Lights

“Lock Your Guns Up“Aether Street from Lock Your Guns Up

The latest installment of 5 Bands That Rock wasn’t included in the accounting for this Top 10 chart because not all of the songs featured in the post were from 2015. However, from the 11 songs featured in the post, here are the Top 5. If you love rock, you definitely want to stream or download all of the tracks from that playlist.

“Keep Your Eyes Shut“Birth of Joy from Prisoner

“Redheaded Chain“Mary Goes Wild from Next Time, Analog

“Enough Said“A Victim of Society from Distractions

“Three Day Road“Birth of Joy from Prisoner

“Long Lines“Transvaal Diamond Syndicate from Estranged Blues

April 19th – April 30th

modestmouse140Not surprisingly, one of long-time favorite indie rock bands ever – and one of the first and most influential – Modest Mouse, had the most streamed and downloaded song of the week, “Coyotes,” the single from the band’s newest album, Strangers to Ourselves. Toro Y Moi scored the No. 2 spot for the single, “Run Baby Run,” from his new album, What For?

The latest single, “The Legend of Chavo Guerrero,” from The Mountain Goats‘ newest album took the No. 3 spot for period of April 19th through April 30th, followed at No. 4 by Sufjan Stevens‘ single, “Should Have Known Better,” from his new LP, Carrie & Lowell. To round out the top five, the IRC Artist of the Week, Fairchild, chimed in at No. 5 with “Burning Feet” from their excellent EP of the same name.

Kicking off the second half of this week’s Top 10 Songs is Matt & Kim‘s track, “Hey Now” at No. 6, followed at No. 7 by Drug Cabin‘s “Wiggle Room,” the title track from their new album. Death Cab For Cutie‘s “No Room In Frame” chimed in at No. 8 and Lord Huron‘s “Fool For Love” took the No. 9 spot, and at No. 10 is “An Ivory Hand” from legendary rockers The Cribs.

“Coyotes”Modest Mouse from Strangers to Ourselves on Columbia

“Run Baby Run” Toro Y Moi from What For? on Carpark

“The Legend of Chavo Guerrero”The Mountain Goats from Beat the Champ on Merge

“Should Have Known Better”Sufjan Stevens from Carrie & Lowell on Asthmatic Kitty

“Burning Feet“Fairchild from Burning Feet EP

“Hey Now”Matt & Kim from New Glow on Harvest

“Wiggle Room”Drug Cabin from Wiggle Room on 401K Music

“No Room In Frame”Death Cab for Cutie from Kintsugi on Atlantic

“Fool for Love”Lord Huron from Strange Trails on IAMSOUND

“An Ivory Hand”The Cribs from For All My Sisters on RED




April 8th – April 18th

The first Top 10 Songs playlist for April is made up of the singles featured in the third volume of the Best DIY of 2015 post and playlist highlighting talented unsigned artists and bands most people have never heard of. We spend many hours over many weeks sifting through, listening to, and selecting the best 2015 album drops, and singles, by unsigned artists and bands. Many of our listeners and followers are surprised by how much great music there is that they have been missing out on. That’s why IRC has such a loyal following – we’re not just another cookie cutter music blog covering the latest buzz bands or those on the top of the bill at Coachella. We’re doing something completely original in the world of DIY and indie rock.

If you are new to IRC, you can click through and review dozens – even hundreds – of archived posts featuring reviews and playlists of songs from talented, carefully-selected DIY artists and bands going back years; they include regular series like Best New Album Releases 2015; Artist of the Week; Best DIY Music of 2015; to name a few.

The tantalizing French pop band Lascaux scored the No. 1 song of the week – according to listeners – for their new single, “Daydream,” from the just-released album, Losing Sleep. The No. 2 most streamed and downloaded song for the week was “Like A Rope” from the album Wounded Ladies from Stella Got. Chiming in at No. 3 was the Connecticut DIY band Bud Collins’ Trio and their new single, “As Far as Ziskos” from the album JimTom. The No. 4 song, “The Ghost Mary and Her Friends’ of the week was from Pet Politics’ compilation album, followed at No. 5 by Ohio band Babbling April’s infectious track, “Sunny Day Records” from their self-titled debut album released.

The second half of the Top 10 Songs kicks off with Hard Soul‘s single, “Sweetest Heart,” followed by No. 7, “Bettie Jane” from artist Drew Gibson. Wyoming artist Doug Balmain‘s “Bad Habits” placed at No. 8. Following at No. 9 and No. 10 by the bands Fringes and Atrium of The Fall respectively.

“Daydream“Lascaux from Losing Sleep

“Like A Rope“Stella Got from Wounded Ladies

“As Far as Ziskos“Bud Collins Trio from JimTom

“The Ghost Mary and Her Friends“Pet Politics from 2005-2008

“Sunny Day Records“Babbling April from Babbling April EP

“The Sweetest Heart“Hard Soul from Fairer Shores

“Bettie-Jane“Drew Gibson from 1532

“Bad Habits“Doug Balmain from Burnin’ Both Ends

“My Friends From New York“Fringes from Antoonos

“The Chancellor“Atrium of The Fall from Machines and Matriarchs

March 25th – March 31st

Moon Duo scored the No. 1 spot for the last week of March for the song “Animal” from the new album, Shadow of the Sun. . The songs in this week’s Top 10 were featured in the Best New Album Releases for the week, where you can read about our top new album picks along with more than 25 awesome singles like “Animal” from Moon Duo.

Next, Lady Lamb‘s latest single, “Billions of Eyes” grabbed the No. 2 spot followed at No. 3 by Beech Creeps‘ new single “Times Be Short” from the band’s self-titled debut album. The No. 4 most popular song of the week on IRC was Purity Ring‘s “Begin Again,” and the No. 5 song – to round out the top five singles – was Jon Hopkins‘ “Remember,” the single from his latest album of ambient instrumentals.

The second half of the Top 10 Songs for this week kicks off with the No. 6 track, “Bassem Sabry” from of Montreal, followed at No. 7 by the upbeat pop track, “Sleeping in the Backseat” from Tigercats. Shoegaze veteran band Swervedriver scored the No. 8 track with “Setting Sun.” Chiming in at No. 8 was the foot-tapping, uptempo beat power pop track “Sunburn” from the indie band Fences. The No. 10 song of the week was “We Drink To Remember” by the band Coastal.

“Animal”Moon Duo from Shadow of the Sun on Sacred Bones

“Billions of Eyes”Lady Lamb from After on Mom + Pop

“Times Be Short”Beech Creeps from Beech Creeps on Monofonus Press

“Begin Again”Purity Ring from Another Eternity on 4AD

“I Remember” Jon Hopkins from Late Night Tales on LateNightTales

“Bassem Sabry”Of Montreal from Aureate Gloom on Polyvinyl

“Sleeping In The Backseat”Tigercats from Mysteries on Fortuna Pop

“Setting Sun”Swervedriver from I Wasn’t Born to Lose You on Cobraside

“We Drink To Remember”Coastal from Beneath the Snow and Streetlights on Words On Music

voirvoirMarch 15th – March 24th

Pennsylvania DIY band to watch Voir Voir captured the No. 1 Song honors for this week thanks to their exuberant single, “I Wanna,” from the band’s debut album, There Are No Good Goodbyes. Brooklyn songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Silas Fermoy took the No. 2 spot with his new single, “Passed Time,” followed at No. 3 by Empire Machines‘ single, “The Plan” from their sophomore EP, Animal Skin.

Selina George, a young DIY artist from Washington, DC, and making her web debut on IRC, immediately shot up the charts for the week (and remained high on the song list for weeks to follow) with the stunningly gorgeous single, “South of the Border,” that landed at No. 4 for the week. The hard-hitting Australian DIY garage rock band, Them Bruins, scored the No. 5 position with their kick-ass ripper, “Walk A Line.”

The second half of the Top 10 Songs for the third week of March kicks off with the No. 6 song, “Tokyo Compression,” from another Australian band, Modern Chair. The prolific, emotive and experimental folk pop of musician DROLL (real name: Storie Grubb) hit a chord with listeners, securing the No. 7 track of the week with the charming single, “Land of 2,000 Hands.” At No. 8 was the single, “Colour Coded” from Manchester, England’s indie psych rock band Soup. The Jane’s Addiction-influenced Canadian band, ONFIILM, charted at No. 9 with their amazing single, “Shade.” The week’s Top 10 finishes with the energizing single, “Golden Hats,” from Finnish electro dance rock band Disco Fiasco.

“I Wanna“Voir Voir from There Are No Good Goodbyes

“Passed Time“Silas Fermoy from Clouds That Dropped You

“The Plan“Empire Machines from Animal Skin EP

“South of the Border“Selina George from South of the Border

“Walk a Line“Them Bruins from Them Bruins

“Tokyo Compression (Lets Go Tokyo!)“Modern Chair from Tokyo Compression

“The Land of 2000 Hands“DROLL from A Durty World (The Bedroom Recordings)

“Colour Coded“Soup from Album

“Shade“ONFIILM from Shade 7″

“Golden Hats“Disco Fiasco from Golden Hats

Review the original post playlist, Best New DIY Music of 2015, that informed this week’s Top 10 Songs. There are many other great songs that did not make it into the Top 10.


March 8th – March 14th

San Diego musicians Aaron Poehler and Ryan Tully-Doyle teamed up to record the post punk/bedroom pop track, “Sleeper,” which was the No. 6 song of the week, followed at No. 7 by Jane of Arc‘s “Run Flying.” Next, at No. 8, was the single, “It’s Elementary” from the New Jersey band Rigbi. Indianapolis band Mid-American scored the No. 9 song of the week with the title track from the recent album, Ancillary Colors, followed by Tapes & Tubes with “Blue Star” to wrap up the Top 10 Songs.

“4 Cups of Dust“William Welfare from Shunt

“The Sky is Falling Down“Birds in The Airport from How’s It Going to End?

“Run Forever” – Grawlix from Good Grief

“From The Bottom of a Well“Invisible Elephant with Maryliz Guillemi from Sleepwalking*

“3 Inches From the Floor“The Locals from Stereostatic Funicular

“Sleeper“Aaron Poehler & Ryan Tully-Doyle from Dietrich

“Run Flying“Jane of Arc from Freedom in Falling

“Its Elementary“Rigbi from Visionary

“Ancillary Colors“Mid-American from Ancillary Colors

“Blue Star“Tapes & Tubes from Ebb Tide

*The single for Invisible Elephant was not available on Spotify. You can listen to all the other nine songs of this Top 10 Songs playlist via our Spotify channel as well.

the_amazing_March 1st – 7th

It was the mellow, breezy, hook-appealing title track, “Picture You,” from The Amazing’s latest drop that took the No. 1 spot for the week among more than 20 other singles from new releases. As those of you who are familiar with the track know, it switches over to an instrumental for nearly four minutes of the nine and half minute song. That just goes to show that in the age of radio’s three-minute cookie-cutter corporate format, there are still plenty of people who know how to seek out, and appreciate, the enormity of fine music being produced in the indie/alternative and DIY realms these days – light years ahead of corporate radio.

Following The Amazing at No. 2 – the second most downloaded and streamed song on IRC for the week – is the lead single, “A Kiss Goodbye” from Emile Haynie (featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Devonté Hynes and Sampha). The seemingly endless talent of Jose Gonzalez is on display once again with his new album, Vestiges & Claws, featuring the standout single, “Every Age,” which was the No. 3 song for the first week of March. ThEESastisfaction‘s title single, “EarthEE,” off their new album scored the No. 4 slot for the week followed at No. 5 by “Rosie” from The Lowest Pair to round out the top half of the Top 10.

We were happy to see the rocking single, “Glory Days” from Carl Barat and The Jackals, chime in at the No. 6 position on the charts from the album, Let It Reign. Six Organs of Admittance scored the No. 7 spot for the week with the cacophonous, Hendrix-like single, “Wax Chance,” from their new release, Hexadic. It’s kind of amazing to us that a shrill, unfocused, very extended guitar solo-of-a-song like “Wax Chance,” made the Top 10, but then again, we are constantly surprised what people dig, and that’s great, because it proves our listeners are an eclectic bunch – which makes all of you AWESOME.

To further prove that point, the fuzzy psych rock guitars and Velvet Underground-like rhythm and heavenly choruses of The Black Ryder‘s track, “Santaria,” took the No. 8 spot for the week, although it would have ranked higher were it not for the fact that so many amazing singles from new drops out this week weren’t competing. The band’s album from The Black Ryder is fantastic. A Place to Bury Strangers lassoed the No. 9 spot on the Top 10 thanks to their sinister, heavy-hitting, buzz saw guitar single, “Straight,” followed appropriately by the No. 10 chart closer, and space-age melodic pop charmer, “Polite Refusal,” from Keith Mead.

“Picture You”The Amazing from Picture You on Partisan

“A Kiss Goodbye” Emile Haynie featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Devonté Hynes and Sampha from We Fall on Interscope

“Every Age”Jose Gonzalez from Vestiges & Claws on Mute

“EarthEE”THEESatisfaction from EarthEE on Sub Pop

“Rosie”The Lowest Pair from Sacred Heart Sessions on Team Love

“Glory Days”Carl Barât and The Jackals from Let It Reign on Grand Jury/Cooking Vinyl

“Wax Chance” Six Organs of Admittance from Hexadic on Drag City

“Santaria”The Black Ryder from The Door Behind the Door on The Anti-Machine Machine

“Straight”A Place to Bury Strangers from Transfixation on Dead Oceans

“Polite Refusal”Keath Mead from Sunday Dinner on Company Records

Check out the Spotify playlist for 2015 Week 8’s Top Ten Songs (based on top drops of the week).

See the original posting and listen to ALL of the awesome selected songs from new drops for February


February 22nd – 28th

The last week of February’s Top Ten Songs playlist chart features the most popular songs from the VI installment of the popular Top DIY Songs & Albums of 2014 series. It was the Brazilian rock band, Desert Killers, that easily captured the No. 1 song, “So Bad,” followed at No. 2 by “Sole Provider” from the Brooklyn psych rock band Monuments – another DIY band to watch out for in 2015. The No. 3 best song of the week came from Minneapolis band The Crash Bandits’ rocker, “Silly Things,” followed at No. 4 by Brooklyn electro rock band Hippy Tantrum‘s single, “Cruel Summer.” Closing out the top five at No. 5 was Mexico City rockers Jack and The Ripper’s “Will You Be Mine.”

The second half of the Top 10 for the week kicks off with the single, “Kimmer Crispin” from Salinas, California progressive rock band Time Spills at No. 6, followed at No. 7 by Chicago band Mechanical Joints‘ single, “Insigdifferent,” from their self-titled debut album. Chiming in at No. 8 was the riffing single, “Creeper,” from Boulder musician Michael Kwolek’s album, Affectations. Closing out the bottom of the Top 10 was the No. 9 most played and downloaded track, “Feel Alive,” from Swedish band No Sleep For Lucy and, at No. 10, the title track fromCanadian musician Joel Strauss‘ 2014 album, Don’t Lose That Feeling.

“So Bad“Desert Killers from Ardío

“Sole Provider“Monuments from Brigadune

“Silly Things“The Crash Bandits from Closer

“Cruel Summer“Hippy Tantrum from Spadoinkle

“Will You Be Mine“Jack and The Ripper from Jack and The Ripper Vol. 2

“Kimmer Crispin“Time Spills from Cool

“Insigdifferent“Mechanical Joints from Mechanical Joints

“Creeper“Kwolek from Affectations

“Feel Alive“No Sleep For Lucy

“Don’t Lose That Feeling” Joel Strauss from Don’t Lose That Feeling


Spotify link for this playlist. Note: The following songs from IRC’s Top 10 Songs of 2015 playlist for Week 7 (Feb. 22-28) are not available on Spotify:

– No. 4. “Cruel Summer” – Hippy Tantrums
– No. 6. “Kimmer Crispin'” – Time Spills
– No. 7. “Insigdifferent” – Mechanical Joints
– No. 10 “Don’t Lose That Feeling” – Joel Strauss


February 15th – 21st

Traffic to this page keeps going up and up, so we will keep pumping out the Top 10 Songs charts playlist based on songs featured in our posts. For the third week of February (Feb. 15-21), the No. 1 most played/downloaded song was The Do‘s “Trustful Hands” from the new album, Shake Shook Shaken followed closely behind at No. 2 from the rising band The Districts with their song, “Peaches,” trailed by the No. 3 song of the week, “Cheateau Lobby #4” from I Love You, Honeybear, Father John Misty‘s new album on Sub Pop Records. At No. 4 was a track, “The Ghost Mary and Her Friends” from the Swedish DIY musician Magnus Larsson, aka Pet Politics, and at No. 5 the single, “Full Bleed” from Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and John Moloney.

Kicking off the second half of the week’s Top 10 Songs charts was the single, “Pride Before A Fall,” from the 80’s resurrected band, The Church, followed by the No. 7 single, “World Pleasure” from the band Peace. DIY Band to Watch, Max and The Moon, scored the No. 8 spot on the charts with the fantastic track, “Modern Love,” followed by No. 9, “Overgrown” from Crushed Beaks, and No. 10, “OUIJA” by indie band Rone.

Trustful Hands”The Dø from Shake Shook Shaken on Get Down!

“Peaches”The Districts from A Flourish and a Spoil on Fat Possum

“Chateau Lobby #4”Father John Misty from I Love You, Honeybear on Sub Pop

“The Ghost Mary and Her Friends”Pet Politics from 2005-2008 on Novoton Records

“Full Bleed”Thurston Moore and John Moloney from Full Bleed on Northern Spy Records

“Pride Before A Fall”The Church from Further/Deeper on Unorthodox

“World Pleasure”Peace from Happy People (Deluxe Edition) on Columbia

“Modern Love”Max and The Moon from MATM EP (self-released)

“Overgrown”Crushed Beaks from Scatter on Matilda Records/Moshi Moshi Records

“OUIJA”Rone from Creatures on InFiné

You can listen to this Top 10 Songs playlist via Spotify, however, the following songs were not on Spotify when this playlist was put together.


Listen to this Top 10 Songs playlist on Spotify


February 8th-14th

The second week of the Top 10 Indie Rock Songs’ charts for February was topped by the DIY musician Charles Braud, aka Her Magic Wand, for his single, “Everything All At Once,” followed by the No. 2 song, “One of These Days,” from the Australian unsigned band Columbia. The California band Helen Mystic scored the No. 3 spot for the folk rock single, “This Whale.” The No. 4 track of the week was “Be Around” from the southern rock band Steels, followed by the pop single, “Bop Bah” from the Los Angeles duo Valley Shine.

The second half of the Top 10 Songs chart for the second week of February kicks off with the No. 6 track, “Love in Spiritual” from Boston band Sun Cut Flat. The No. 7 song, “Keep Smiling,” was delivered by UK artist David Blackbourn, followed at No. 8 by the tune, “Sail to the Stars” from Virginia band Radiolab. The last two charting songs were captured by Benskuba for “Just A Dream” at No. 9 and “Day Off” at No. 10 from French pop band Hilldale.

“Everything At Once“Her Magic Wand from Everything At Once

“One Of These Days“Columbia from Columbia

“This Whale“Helen Mystic from Sistine Candles

“Be Around“Steels from On The Other Side

“Bop Bah“Valley Shine from LOCA

“Love In Spiritual“Sun Cut Flat from Copy Machine Dream

“Keep Smiling“DAVID from Impulses

“Sail to the Stars“Radiolab from Dreamless

“Just a Dream“Benskuba from Celebration

“Day Off“Hilldale from Hilldale EP

Read more about these bands, listen to another track from each, and discover other bands that didn’t make the Top 10 charts from the special feature, Best New DIY Music of 2015, Vol. I .


Check out the Spotify playlist of this week’s Top 10. Songs and artists who made the Top 10 for Week 5 (Feb. 8th-14th), but are not on Spotify, include the following:

No. 2 – “One of These Days” by Columbia from Columbia
No. 6 – “Love In Spiritual” by Sun Cut Flat from Copy Machine Dream
No. 7 – “Keep Smiling” by DAVID from Impulses
No. 10 – “Day Off” by Hilldale from Hilldale EP


February 1st – 7th

The No. 1 song for the first week of February was captured by Guster thanks to the new single, “Simple Machine,” from the band’s new album, Evermotion, followed at No. 2 by Massachusetts rock band California X‘s title track from their newly released LP, Nights in the Dark. Ty Segall took the No. 3 spot for the title track from the band’s new EP, Mr. Face. Pop masters Belle & Sebastian took the No. 4 spot for “Nobody’s Empire” from Girls In Peacetime Want to Dance, followed closely at No. 5 by Noveller – Brooklyn-based guitarist and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate‘s musical solo project – for the single, “Into The Dunes,” from the album Fantastic Planet.

Stream and save all the songs that didn’t make the Top 10 in the Best New Releases, January 2015 post.

The second half of the Top 10 Songs for the first week of February kicks off with the veteran Ohio rock band, The Sidekicks‘ single, “Deer” from the band’s fresh album release, Runners in the Nerved World. Next, the popular band, POND – made up of current and former members of the psych rock band Tame Impala – scored the No. 7 spot with the single “Waiting For Grace” from the album Man It Feels Like Space Again.

Coming in at No. 8 is the latest single, “Make You Better”, from Portland’s The Decemberists latest drop, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World. The Twerps‘ latest single, “Back to You,” chimed in at No. 9, and the single, “Continental Shelf,” from the rising band Viet Cong‘s self-titled debut, closes up the week’s top ten. Surprisingly, songs from new releases by Panda Bear and The Dodos did not chart, but were in the Top 20 (should we do a Top 20? – let us know if you think so via Twitter to @IndieRockCafe).

“Simple Machine”Guster from Evermotion on Nettwerk Music Group/Ocho Mule

“Nights In The Dark”California X from Nights in the Dark on Don Giovanni

“Mr. Face”Ty Segall from Mr. Face EP on Famous Class

“Nobody’s Empire”Belle and Sebastian from Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance (vinyl box set) on Matador

“Into The Dunes”Noveller from Fantastic Planet on Fire

“Deer”The Sidekicks from Runners in the Nerved World on Epitaph

“Waiting Around For Grace”POND from Man It Feels Like Space Again on Modular

“Make You Better”The Decemberists from What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World on Capitol

“Back to You”Twerps from Range Anxiety on Merge

“Continental Shelf”Viet Cong from Viet Cong on Jagjaguwar



January 23rd – 30th

The No. 1 and No. 2 songs for the week ending January 29th, according to the number of plays and downloads, go to the El Paso indie rock Artist of the Week, Avindale, for their dreamy psych rock track, “Azure” and the more uptempo B-side, “Not Even Gold.”

The remainder of the Top 10 for this particular week is not related to new tracks but instead a collection of fantastic songs for the historic Blizzard of 2015 playlist. Matt Pond‘s celebratory track, “Snow Day,” chimed in at No. 3, followed at No. 4 by Arcade Fire‘s “Cold Wind,” and to wrap up the top five, “White Winter Hymnal” from Fleet Foxes.

The bottom half of the top eight tracks from the Blizzard special mix include Bill Ricchini‘s “Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door ” at No. 6; “Cold Hands” from Black Lips at No. 7; Kings of Convenience‘s “Mrs. Cold” at No. 8, and No. 9 and No. 10 – “Winter Wooskie” and “Fallen Snow,” from Belle and Sebastian and Au Revoir Simone, respectively. You can listen to all of the songs from the Blizzard of 2015 playlist, which highlights some of the best alternative and indie rock artists and bands of the past few decades.

“Azure“Avindale from Azure/Not Even Gold 7″

“Not Even Gold“ Avindale from Azure/Not Even Gold 7″

“Snow Day“Matt Pond PA

“Cold Wind“The Arcade Fire

“White Winter Hymnal“Fleet Foxes

“A Cold Wind Is Gonna Blow Through Your Door“ Bill Ricchini

“Cold Hands“Black Lips

“Mrs. Cold“Kings of Convenience

“Winter Wooskie“Belle and Sebastian

“Fallen Snow“Au Revoir Simone

holyghostelectricshow-thegreatamericanJanuary 16th – 22nd

The third installment of the popular playlist series, Top DIY Songs & Albums of 2014 generated all kinds of buzz. But it was the band The Holy Ghost Electric Show that captured the No. 1 spot for the third week of January with the terrific single, “Let The Waters Rise,” followed at No. 2 by the band Young Creature for the track, “Lionhart.” The third most streamed and downloaded track, “I Like You The Way You Are,” from She Monster narrowly out ranked “Down” from Pennsylvania band Fallen Among Thieves.

Pittsburg’s Bat Zuppel topped off the first half of the list with the rocker, “Under My Bed,” followed at No. 6 by “Halo,” from Canadian band Tupelo Honey. The bottom three tracks for the week, in ascending order, were “Coffee” from Justin DiFebbo; “Illinois” at No. 9 from Cousin Dud and Bat Zuppel’s second featured track, “Apparation Girl” at No. 10.

Don’t forget to click the post links above to hear even more fantastic songs that didn’t make it into this mix.

“Let The Waters Rise“The Holy Ghost Electric Show from The Great American

“Lionhart“Young Creatures from Fear All The Things EP

“I Like You The Way You Are“She The Monster from Pacific EP

“Down“Fallen Among Thieves from Honey Mouth

“Under My Bed“Bat Zuppel from Brain Eater

“Halo“Tupelo Honey from Brave New World

“Coffee“Justin DiFebbo from Turn Out The Light, Turn On The Stereo

“Illinois“ Cousin Dud from The Faded

“Apparition Girl“Bat Zuppel from Brain Eater

Note: BANDS: Make sure not to delete your Dropbox songs and lose potentially thousands of new fans. We’ll keep them right where they are indefinitely.


January 1st – 15th

It’s back! The Top 10 Songs for the first half of January 2015 covers the most listened to and download tracks from IRC’s first big feature of 2015 – Top DIY Songs & Albums of 2014, Vol. III (which was a very popular profile and playlist with music lovers). Rising above the 20 other tracks in that playlist to capture the first No. 1 single of 2015 was Chicago band North By North‘s “Burn It Down,” followed at No. 2 by “Grownupz” from the Los Angeles duo, Fein.

North by North also scored the No. 3 slot for the single, “Her Name Was Venegance,” followed at No. 4 by “Little Things,” from the Rhino House Band, and No. 5, “Big,” from Boston DIY band, Wrong Body. A similarly named track, “Who’s Big Enough,” from The Electric West‘s album, Dusty Trails, chimed in a No. 6, followed by Sam Burchfield‘s single, “Monopoly” at No. 7. The duo Fein score another top ten with the No. 8 track, “Monay Grabba,” Hemmit with No. 9’s “Everything Is Fine,” and the The Hickory Town Ruckus at No. 10 with “Holland In The Springtime.”

“Burn it Down”North By North from Something Wicked

“#Grownupz”FEiN from FEiN Times

“Her Name Was Vengeance”North By North from Something Wicked

“Little Things” Rhino House Band from Golden Summer EP

“Big”Wrong Body from Big

“Who’s Big Enough”The Electric West from Dusty Trails

“Monopoly”Sam Burchfield from Where To Run

“Monay Grabba”FEiN from FEiN Times

“Everything Is Fine”Hemmit from Antimatter

“Holland in the Springtime”The Hickory Town Ruckus from Old City Night