Top 10 Songs 2014

The DIY San Diego band Barbarians not only made our regular Top 10, but they scored the No. 1 spot in our DIY releases Top 10 for their fantastic single, “Song of Love and Hate.” Another DIY band that stood out in August was the indie synth pop outfit Step Rockets from Minneapolis. Formed in 2012, Step Rockets have been making strides in the past year thanks to songs like the incredibly catchy, sing-along track, “Kisser.”

Next, the London dream pop duo, Hunter As A Horse, featuring Paul Gala and Mia Bartell, formed only a year ago (although they sound like seasoned pros who’ve been together for a decade or more), was a favorite, at No. 2, with listeners for their gorgeous single, “We Will Meet Again.”

Singer and songwriter, Stuart Newman, also made the regular Top 10 and took the No. 3 spot on the Top 10 DIY Songs with his single release, “The Whiskey.” Madison electronic DIY  band Null Device, who draw heavily from their idols Depeche Mode and OMD, ranked No. 4 for the track, “The One Who Came After Me,” followed at No. 5 by
Huntington Beach, California’s 60′s surf pop band Paper City, for the single, “Love and Fashion,” from the band’s self-titled debut album.

Paper City has opened for artists like The Blank Tapes, Jessica Dobson (of the Shins), The Secret 6 (of The Killingtons), Chase Frank, and Alyssandra Nighswonger.

Sacramento DIY duo, Appalachians, who we featured earlier in the year, came back with a 7″ single in August, spawning the No. 6 ranked song, “Dolly.”  Next, at No. 7, “Harmony Day,” is a strange mix of electronic rock and psychedelic pop from the Brooklyn band nytyly. The Nashville alternative rock band MODOC, originally formed back in 2009 by friends from Ball State University in Indiana, scored the No. 8 spot for their single, “Devil On My Shoulders.” The song was picked up by ABC for a promo of the television series 666 Park Avenue.

Appalachians made the Top 10 for a second time at No. 9 for their second featured single, “Lo-Hi,” with banjos picking, mandolins strumming, and bass chords humming, altogether with the gentle, reassuring vocals that add another appealing quality to an already appealing song. And to round out the Top 10, singer/songwriter Dan Jacobs of Washington, D.C., just made the cut with the lead single, “The Winter Classic,” from his self-released album, Creatures, originally dropped on August 27th, and which .

View the original posts, Best Singles & Albums Vol. I and Vol. II, for more great songs and artists that did not make the Top 10.

“Song of Love and Hate” – Barbarian from City of Women EP

“Kisser” – Step Rockets from single release

“The Whiskey” – Stuart Newman from TBD

“The One Who Came After Me” – Null Device from Perhelion

“Love and Fashion” – Paper City from Paper City

“Dolly”Appalachians from Bereaved

“Harmony Day”nytyly from Brooklyn Broadcast

“Devil On My Shoulder” – MODOC from Devil On My Shoulder

“Lo-hi” – Appalachians from Bereaved

“The Winter Classic” – Dan Jacobs from Creatures


August 13th – August 26th

According to our web stats, listeners streamed and downloaded the new single, “Ratchet,” by Bloc Party more than any other track for the last two weeks of August releases, followed by popular Seattle indie band, The Moondoggies’ new single “Red Eye.” The track is flanked by excellent electric guitar work, including a riveting riff throughout, and soulful vocals from Kevin Murphy.T he sophomore album from the talented, popular musician Ernest Greene‘s indie project, Washed Out, was one of the most anticipated releases of the summer. The top single from Paracosm, called “Don’t Give Up,” followed by The Chastity Belt single, “Black Sail,” from the new album, No Regrets. Punk pop blazes from the band Dog Party‘s short (44 seconds!) new anthemic single, “How Are You Doing,” from the album, Lost Control.

From Denver, the DIY indie “haze-pop” band Flashbulb Fires played official showcases at SXSW and CMJ. In 2012, the band released their sophomore album, Gasconader, which was also widely praised, and in August, they released a new single, “Unseen Things” that made it into the Top 10 Songs. Next, the single, “Man I Need,” from Australian duo Jagwar Ma‘s debut album, Howlin is a modern take on the Manchester dance-rock sound that bands like The Stone Roses and Inspiral Carpets made popular in the late 80′s and early 90′s, and it also sounds a lot like  Jane’s Addiction.  Ranking at No. 8, is the  70′s-style boogies with funky blues rock and soul grooves from French artist Don Cavalli on the title track of his sophomore album, Temperamental. Cavalli’s profile was significantly raised when Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys referenced Cavalli’s 2008 psychedelic blues debut, Cryland, as an inspiration.

The new single, “Wild Heart,” from the August 13th album release, Any Port In A Storm, by  Scott & Charlene’s Wedding is evidence of why the duo’s atmospheric post-punk rock sound, that is obviously influenced by Sonic Youth and Velvet Underground, is causing a buzz with some alternative rock lovers. Bent Shapes is a new-to-us Boston band that stood out for their nerdy pop rock with some reggae guitar playing (think Vampire Weekend), forceful yet raspy vocals and a hook-friendly rhythm and beat that is hard to turn away from on their No. 10 single, “Behead Yourself, Part Two.”

“Ratchet” – Bloc Party from The Nextwave Sessions on Frenchkiss

“Red Eye” – The Moondoggies from Adios I’m a Ghost on Hardly Art

“Don’t Give Up” – Washed Out from Paracosm on Sub Pop

“Black Sail” – Chastity Belt from No Regerts on Help Yourself Records

“How Are You Doing” – Dog Party from Lost Control on Asian Man Records

“Unseen Things” – Flashbulb Fires from single

“Man I Need” – Jagwar Ma from Howlin on Mom + Pop

“Temperamental” – Don Cavalli from Temperamental on Everloving Records

“Wild Heart” – Scott & Charlene’s Wedding from Any Port In A Storm on Fire Records

“Behead Yrself, Pt. 2″ – Bent Shapes from Feels Weird on Father/Daughter Records


July 30th – August 12th

By far the No. 1 song for the first half of August was the title track to Brooklyn dream pop/new wave indie band Heaven’s 2013 album, Telepathic Love; Following about a dozen streams/downloads behind Heaven was the No. 2 song of the first half of August, “Divided By,” from the new San Francisco ambient folk-etronic duo Mosaic.  San Francisco orchestra pop outfit The Family Crest‘s new single, “Love Don’t Go” from the EP, The Headwinds. Musician Michael Franti & Spearhead‘s new album of mixed hip-hop, funk, reggae, rock, and folk music; St. Petersburg, Florida band Lights at Night, who dropped their self-titled debut album on July 30th. The San Diego band Barbarian, released their new EP on July 30th, City of Women, to great interest of IRC listeners. Dead Confederate frontman T. Hardy Morris‘ solo debut that KEXP in Seattle aptly described as a “more heartfelt album that’s heavier on twang but still maintains a touch of DC’s psych rock flair.” At No. 8, our Artist of the Week, Francis White, caught music lovers’ ears with the excellent song “Calypso.” Next, the band Barbarian ranked both of the songs we featured in their profile for the Top 10 Songs with “Wanna Be Ur TV” coming in at No. 9, followed by  Bristol, England DIY artist, Stuart Newman, who dropped a superb new single, “The Whiskey,” a melodic folk pop song with an acoustic flair, reverb, soft vocals, and a few nicely done hooks.

“Telepathic Love” – Heaven from Telepathic Love on Goodnight Records

“Divided By” – Mosaic from Mosaic

“Love Don’t Go” – The Family Crest from The Headwinds EP on Tender Loving Empire

“I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like)” – Michael Franti & Spearhead from All People on Capitol Records

“Wastin’ Time” – Lights at Night from Lights as Night

“Song of Love and Hate” – Barbarian from City of Women EP

“OK Corral” – T. Hardy Morris from Audition Tapes on Dangerbird Records

“Calipso” – Francis White from Francis White

“I Wann Be Your T.V.” – Barbarian from City of Women EP

“The Whiskey” – Stuart Newman from single


July 17th – July 29th

One of IRC’s breakout bands of 2013, Smallpools, also won over IRC listeners who listened to, and downloaded, the band’s new single, ” It was not a big surprise to us that one of the featured DIY bands profiled in Volume II of the Best Songs and Albums of July 2013, was the latest single, “Burning Feet,”  from Australian DIY indie pop rock band, Fairchild. The other bands in this Top 10 list are right where they belong, alongside other excellent known, less known, and break out bands of 2013, including A Grave With No Name, Kid Karate, Soft Metals, The Love Language, Feral Children, Edward Sharpe, David Lynch with Lykke Li and Gauntlet Hair.

“Mason Jar”Smallpools from Smallpools EP – July 16th

“Burning Feet” – Fairchild from Fairchild – July 24th

“Aurora” – A Grave With No Name from Whirlpool on Lefse Records

“Two Times”Kid Karate from Lights Out EP (self-released)

“Tell Me”Soft Metals from Lenses

“Calm Down”The Love Language from Ruby Red on Merge Records

“Rewind The Rerun”Feral Children from Too Much, Too Late (self-released)

“This Life”Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros on Vagrant

“I’m Waiting Here”David Lynch feat. Lykke Li from The Big Dream on Sacred Bones

“Bad Apple”Gauntlet Hair from Stills on Dead Oceans


July 3rd – July 16th

Our coverage for July was a bit chopped up compared to other months, and therefore, so are the Top 10. Essentially,  July was broken out into two Top 10 lists – one for the first half of the month – July 3 to July 16 – and the second half – July 17 to July 30. The first two days of July were absorbed by the last week of June releases (release dates in the U.S. are usually on Tuesday of each week).  However, we posted a separate post for the week of July 2 to July 8th top releases. Regardless, we are representing them as two Top 10 Songs playlists.

The No. 1 song for the first half of July easily went to the new Subpop band Rose Windows, followed at No. 2 by The Toxic Avenger for the single “Romance & Cigarettes” and at No. 3, Maps, with the single, “A.M.A.” The No. 4 track of the first half of July went to our DIY Artist of the Week, Sonia Khaleel, and to round out the first half of the Top 10, the latest single from band to watch, Twin Peaks. The second half of the Top 10 features singles from, in order, The Fall, The March Divide, Robert Pollard, Gregory Alan Isakov and Smith Westerns, including in Volume VII of Recent Releases We Almost Missed.

“Native Dreams” – Rose Windows from The Sun Dogs on Sub Pop

“Romance & Cigarettes”The Toxic Avenger from Romance & Cigarettes EP on Roy Music

“A.M.A.”Maps from Vicissitude on Mute

“Wick” – Sonia Khaleel from SHARK

“Irene”Twin Peaks from Sunken on Autumn Tone Records

“Hittite Man” – The Fall from Re-Mit on Cherry Red

“So It Goes”The March Divide from Music for Television on Dead Letter Records

“Circus Green Machine” Robert Pollard from Honey Locust Honky Tonk on Rockathon Records

“Saint Valentine”Gregory Alan Isakov from The Weatherman on Suitcase Town Music

“Varsity” – Smith Westerns from Soft Will via Mom+Pop Records

June 25th – July 2nd

One of the breakout bands of 2013, Rose Windows, just barely beat out Smith Westerns for the No. 1 track of the week, according to the number of streams and downloads for singles featured in the newest Recent Releases We Almost Missed playlist. It’s the first time an entire week of releases review post and playlist had to be delayed (everyone needs a break sometimes 🙂 long enough that it made sense to make it a RRWAM follow-up. With Smith Westerns’ track “Varsity” occupying the No. 2 spot, the No. 3 spot for the top singles off new releases went to the single, “Shattered Me,” from Bass Drum of Death.  The Orwells took the No. 4 spot with the single, “Other Voices,” followed by Palms‘ excellent track, “Patagonia.” IRC listeners also gobbled up singles from Hausu, Light Heat, Big Star, Pity Sex, and Sebadoh. The Big Star single, “Thirteen” is a remastered release of the legendary 70’s hit song. Also, see the week’s Top 10 DIY Songs below and click on Sonia Khaleel to see why she got so much love from IRC readers.

“Native Dreams” – Rose Windows from The Sun Dogs on Sub Pop

“Varsity” – Smith Westerns from Soft Will via Mom+Pop Records

“Shattered Me” – Bass Drum of Death from Bass Drum of Death on Innovative Leisure

“Other Voices” – The Orwells from Other Voices EP on Canvasback

“Chrysanthemum” – Hausu from Total on Hardly Art

“And The Birds…” – Light Heat from Light Heat on Ribbon Music

“Thirteen” – Big Star from #1 Record & Radio City (two albums in one – remastered)

“Wind-Up” – Pity Sex from Feast of Love on Run for Cover

“All Kinds” – Sebadoh from The Secret EP on Joyful Noise Recordings


Top 10 DIY Songs – June 25th

Chicago songwriter, singer and Artist of the Week, Sonia Khaleel, easily scored the No. 1 song of the week for DIY and small label artist profiled this week with her amazing single, “Wick.” Since her album, SHARK, dropped months ago, it did not qualify for the regular Top 10 Songs playlist. The post about Khaleel attracted over 300 Likes that she also took the No. 3 song of the week for the single, “Come Over.” U.K. Band to Watch, China Rats, scored the No. 2 song of the week thanks to their hot single, “To Be Like I.”  The No. 4 song of the week was “Winter City” by Metaform, a band we featured in the most recent installment of 7 Overseas Bands You’ve Gotta Hear, followed at No. 5 with “Cause/Affect” by Matt Churchill. The bottom half of the Top 10 playlist for this week includes singles from James KerrHeifervescent, Lillian Todd Jones, Flat Ed and Reebosound.

“Wick” – Sonia Khaleel from SHARK

“To Be Like I” – China Rats from To Be Like I EP

“Come Over” – Sonia Khaleel from SHARK

“Winter City” – Metaform from The Midnight Machine

“Cause/Affect” – Matt Churchill from Cause/Affect EP

“When We Were Young” – James Kerr from James Kerr

“Liberty Girl” – Heifervescent from Wake Up Sheepyhead

“Butter Soul” – Lillian Todd Jones

“Late Autumn Walk” – Flat Ed from Clapped Out

“Lick My Blood” – Reebosound from Juicy Black

sigurrosJune 18th – June 24th

Sigur Ros topped all other singles for the week in the number of streams and downloads with the track, “Brennisteinn,” from the new album, Kveikur. The band Austra took the No. 2 spot with the single, “Painful Like,” followed at No. 3 by Beach Day, at No. 4 by Empire Of The Sun and No. 5 by Mark Mulcahy. The lower half of the Top 10 kicks off with the No. 6 track from DIY featured artist Fiction 20 Down and their single, “Down Like Hip-Hop,” followed by the song, “Psalms,” at No. 7 from Helitropes‘ album review by followed by Primal Scream, Lemuria, and Said The Whale respectively.

“Brennisteinn” – Sigur Rós from Kveikur on XL Recordings

“Painful Like” – Austra from Olympia on Domino Record Co.

“Stay” – Beach Day from Trip Trap Attack on Kanine Records

“Alive” – Empire Of The Sun from Ice On The Dune on Astralwerks

“Down Like Hip-Hop” – Fiction 20 Down from Where’s The Levity

“Psalms” – Heliotropes from A Constant Sea

“Let the Fireflies Fly Away” – Mark Mulcahy from Dear Mark J Mulcahy, I Love You on Mezzotint

“Invisible City” – Primal Scream from More Light on First International

“Brilliant Dancer” – Lemuria from The Distance Is So Big on Bridge Nine

“I Love You” – Said The Whale from I Love You EP (self-released)

June 11th – June 17th

As summer begins to take hold, the number of new releases generally starts to go downward because labels know that people’s attention is elsewhere. It’s the same reason networks show re-runs in the summer. But there were still enough releases to create a Top 10 Songs list. Not surprisingly, Surfer Blood‘s new album, Pythons, garnered the most interest, and the LPs lead single, “Beach Demon,” scored the No. 1 spot. Following right behind at No. 2 was the new single from San Francisco’s Sonny and the Sunsets. The No. 3 song of the week went to the band Boards of Canada‘s latest single, followed at No. 4 by The 88’s “I Saw The Light That Day.” Rounding out the first half of the Top 10 was Gold Panda’s single, “We Work Nights.” The second half of the Top 10 featured, in order, singles from Estrangers, The Human Natures, John Vanderslice, Steelesque (Artist of the Week) and Graham Repulski.

“Beach Demon” – Surfer Blood from Pythons on Sire Records

“Dark Corners” – Sonny & The Sunsets from Antenna To The Afterworld on Polyvinyl

“Reach For The Dead” – Boards of Canada from Tomorrow’s Harvest on Warp Records

“I Saw The Light That Day” – The 88 from Fortune Teller

“Cape Fear” – Estrangers from Season of 1000 Colors on Phuzz Sounds

“Two Cents” – The Human Natures from The Art of Standing Up

“Raw Wood” – John Vanderslice from Dagger Beach on Tiny Telephone

“Life Fast Wheel” – Steelesque from Johnny On The Spot

“Why I Don’t Believe In Anything” – Graham Repulski from Cop Art

June 4th – June 10th

The indie rock band The Big Deal scored the No. 1 song of the week with “Dream Machines,” from their new album, June Gloom. highlighted The No. 2 song of the week is the latest single, “If I Had a Tail,” from Queens of the Stone Age. The No. 3 song of the week went to “College” from the veteran indie band Rogue Wave.  Following fairly far behind at No. 4 is the new single from Portugal The Man and to round out the top five is the No. 5 track, “Fifth In Line to the Throne” from Camera Obscura. The second half of the Top 10 features songs from Dead StarsGRMLN, Splashh, Little Children and Houndmouth. Don’t miss the Top 10 DIY Songs below.

“Dream Machines” – Big Deal from June Gloom [CD or MP3 version] on Mute

“If I Had Tail” – Queens of the Stone Age from Like Clockwork [CD or MP3 version] on Matador Records

“College” – Rogue Wave from Nightingale Floors [CD or MP3 version] on Vagrant

“Evil Friends” – Portugal The Man from Evil Friends EP [CD or MP3 version] on Atlantic

“Fifth in Line to the Throne” – Camera Obscura from Desire Lines [CD or MP3 version] on 4AD

“Waste Away” – Dead Stars from High Gain EP [CD or MP3 version] on Uninhabitable Mansions

“Do You Know How It Feels?” – GRMLN from Empire [CD or MP3 version] on Carpark Records

“Falling” – Little Children from Falling EP [CD or MP3 version] on Declared Goods Records

“All I Wanna Do” – Splashh from Comfort [CD or MP3 version] on Kanine Records

“On The Road” – Houndmouth from From the Hills Below the City [CD or MP3 version] on Rough Trade



Top 10 DIY & Small Label Songs

– Week of June 4th

This week’s top songs from unsigned (which most of these are) and small label bands, that most indie lovers have never heard of, were derived mainly from the 7 Overseas Bands You’ve Gotta Hear.  It’s really satisfying to see people enjoying songs from under-the-radar bands that they’ve never heard of before, as this Top 10 demonstrates. Since each band we highlight in series like 7 Bands has two singles featured, there are bands for this alternative Top 10 Songs playlist that have more than one song represented. Not surprisingly, the excellent band Deaf Phonetics captured the No. 1 spot with their terrific single, “Like A Clown.” The band also scored the No. 3 spot, having only been beaten out by a few streams and downloads by the No. 2 single, “Autobahn Lullaby” from the self-titled debut by the band My Empire of Sound. The London band, E-MUTE has worked with artists like Moby and Chaka Khan, and have a pretty big following. Both of the singles we featured from E-MUTE’s latest album, Too Proud To Say Loud, were popular – as were other singles in the latest edition of the 7 Bands series – even beyond the week of June 4th.

“Like A Clown” – Deaf Phonetics from Amperkine

“Autobahn Lullaby” – My Empire of Sound from My Empire of Sound

“Halloween” – Deaf Phonetics from Amperkine

“Clock Moves Forward” – E-MUTE from Too Proud To Say Loud

“For The Lovers You Left Behind” – My Empire of Sound from My Empire of Sound

“Bob n’ Charlie” – Ka Tet from Arcadia

“Wake Up Suzzy” – The Wake Up Suzzys from The Wake Up Suzzys

“Flying” – E-Mute from Too Proud To Say Loud

“Flatcat” – Opioids from Temporary Phase

“Stuck” – TFDT from Rock and Roll Punk Cowboy EP


May 28th – June 3rd

This week in music (all music weeks are Tuesday to Monday) started off with Volume 5 of the popular Bands That Rock series. In fact, the post had over 20,000 views, 79 ‘Likes’ and more than two dozens Tweets. The following day, a Band to Watch installment highlighting the UK band Deco Pilot, also, as the week panned out, got many views, over 25,000 and counting, as well as over 100 Likes and dozens of Tweets. In the end, the UK psych pop band held its own with big name artists and claimed the No. 1 spot for the separate Top 10 DIY Songs of the week (below), and the No. 3 spot for all the overall Top 10 Songs of the week with the energizing and catchy track, “You Know What I’m Looking For.”  At No. 4 was the Shabazz Palaces remix of Animal Collective‘s “New Town Burnout” followed at No. 5 by Baths’ single, “Ironworks,” to round out the top half of the Top 10.

A  track from Bands That Rock post, Tsar‘s “Police Station” filled the No. 6 slot for the week, followed by the No. 7 track, “Don’t Look Down,” by Alex Bleeker and The Freaks. The single, “How The Ranks Was Won,” by Brazos came in at No. 8, trailed by another Bands That Rock track, “Way It Feels,” by Dreamers. The Top 10 wraps up with “These Fair Hands,” by the Artist of the Week, Nick Jaina. That’s a pretty impressive top ten list, all determined by which tracks received the most streams and downloads by IRC listeners. See below for the separate – with some over-lapping into the regular Top 10 – playlist of Top 10 DIY Songs for the week of May 28th.

“Helicopters” – Paperhaus from Lo Hi Lo (self-released)

“Dancing On You” – King Tuff from Was Dead (reissue) on BurgerRecords

“You Know What I’m Looking For” – Deco Pilot from This City

“New Town Burnout” (Shabazz Palaces Remix) – Animal Collective from Monkey Been to Burn Town EP on Domino

“Ironworks” – Baths from Obsidian on Anticon

“Police Station” – Tsar from The Dark Stuff EP

“Don’t Look Down” – Alex Bleeker and the Freaks from How Far Away on Woodsist Records

“How The Ranks Was Won” – Brazos from Saltwater on Dead Oceans

“Way it Feels” – Dreamers from Turn It Up

“These Fair Hands” – Nick Jaina from Primary Perception

Top 10 DIY & Small Label Songs – Week of May 28th

A band that we featured as a UK Band to Watch, Deco Pilot, from London, was warmly received by listeners, as evidenced by the number of Likes, Tweets and hits, and as evident by the fact that they had the No. 1 DIY and Small Label song of the week, and which was also No. 3 in the overall Top 10 Songs for the week. The No. 2 DIY song of the week went to LA band Tsar for their single, “Police Station,” which was included in the latest Bands That Rock installment. Tsar’s single was also No. 6 on the overall Top 10 Songs of the week. Another Bands That Rock group, Dreamers, made the overall Top 10 as well and the No. 3 song for this Top 10. The accomplished singer/songwriter Nick Jaina took the No. 4 position followed by a second single from Deco Pilot at No. 5 to round out the top half of the Top 10. The second half of the Top 10 featured  a second single from both Tsar and Dreamers, as well as The New Self Defense, Eight Feet Deep and The Bitter Roots.

“You Know What I’m Looking For” – Deco Pilot from This City

“Police Station” – Tsar from The Dark Stuff EP

“Way it Feels” – Dreamers from Turn It Up

“These Fair Hands” – Nick Jaina from Primary Perception

“This City” – Deco Pilot from This City

“Punctual Alcoholic” – Tsar from The Dark Stuff EP

“Live For Today” – Dreamers from Turn It Up

“Loose Noose” – The New Self Defense from Meet Me Overboard

“Forbidden Fruit” – Eight Feet Deep from Eight Feet Deep

“Family Ties” – The Bitter Roots from Chiaroscuro



May 21st – May 27th

Helmeted duo Daft Punk grabbed the No. 1 song spot for the last week of May releases in part because it was the first album from the duo in eight years. But from everything we feel, people we know feel and so many others online, the grueling wait for new material from Daft Punk was worth it. In fact, some die-hard fans, and critics as well, call Random Access Memories DP’s best work to date. At a close No. 2 was the single from the DIY band Great White Buffalo‘s self-titled, debut album. The single was included in the first special edition, DIY & Small Label Debut Albums of 2013 – click the link to the left to review more from GWB and to learn about talented indie bands and debut albums that you’ve probably never heard before.

The No. 3 single of the week was “Sea of Love” from The National‘s Trouble Will Find Me. Another band from the DIY & Small Label Debut Albums post, Tournament of Hearts, scored the No. 4 spot for the week with their single, “Shake It Off,” followed at No. 5 by “Capo” from the unsigned band Constant Supply to round out the top half of this week’s Top 10 Songs. The second half of the countdown features songs No. 6 through No. 10 from Will and The Indians, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, Dirty Beaches, Man or Astro-Man and Make Haste.  To see the originating posts for the Top 10 Songs this week, please click the links above.

“Get Lucky” – Daft Punk with Pharrell Williams from Random Access Memories (CD) from on Daft Life/Columbia

“Thanks for Nothing” – Great White Buffalo from Great White Buffalo (self-released)

“Sea Of Love” – The National from Trouble Will Find Me (CD) on 4AD

“Shake It Off” – Tournament of Hearts from Local Maximum (self-released)

“Capo” – Constant Supply from The Coast Ain’t Clear (self-released)

“What If I Said” – Will and The Indians from Wrong End of Town (self-released)

“Rouse Yourself” – JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound from Howl on Bloodshot Records

“Love Is The Devil” – Dirty Beaches from Drifters/Love Is the Devil on Zoo

“Defcon 5″ – Man or Astro-Man from Defcon 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 on Communicating Vessels/Chunklet

“Should Have Left” – Make Haste from Make Haste EP

vampireweekendMay 14th – May 20th

Not surprisingly, the No. 1 song of the week was “Diane Young” from Vampire Weekend‘s new album, Modern Vampires of the City. Following right behind at No. 2 was the new single, “Free At Dawn,” from the indie band Small Black. The latest single from Wild Nothing, “A Dancing Shell,” was the No. 3 song of the week.  Curiously, the band Wampire took the No. 4 position of the week with the single, “Trains,” and to round out the top half of the top 10 was the song “A Tout A L’Heure” from the band Bibio‘s new album, Silver Wilkinson.

The second half of the Top 10 for this week include, in order, singles from The Features, The Phoenix Foundation, MS MR, Sam Amidon and Classixx. You can purchase any of the following albums by clicking the title (the MP3 version) or the CD version.

“Diane Young” – Vampire Weekend from Modern Vampires of the City [CD version] on XL Recordings

“Free At Dawn” – Small Black from Limits of Desire [CD version] on Jagjaguwar

“A Dancing Shell” – Wild Nothing from Empty Estate [CD version] on Captured Tracks

“Trains” – Wampire from Curiosity on Polyvinyl Records

“A Tout A L’Heure” – Bibio from Silver Wilkinson on Warp Records

“With Every Beat” – The Features from The Features on Serpents and Snakes/BMG

“The Captain” – The Phoenix Foundation from Fandango on Memphis Industries

“Hurricane” – MS MR from Secondhand Rapture on Columbia Records

My Old Friend” – Sam Amidon from Bright Sunny South on Nonesuch Records

“Holding On” – Classixx from Hanging Gardens on Innovative Leisure

fitztantrumsbandMay 7th – May 13th

The second week of May was dominated by the new single by Fitz and The Tantrums, which took the No. 1 spot, but only by one stream/download compared to the No. 2 song of the week, “Two Times,” by AM & Shawn Lee.  The popular indie pop duo of She & Him came in at the No. 3 slot with the single, “I Could’ve Been Your Girl,” followed closely behind by Savages latest single, “Shut Up.”  Deerhunter‘s “Monomania” came in at No. 5 to round out the top half of the Top 10 Songs, which was dominated by singles from new albums as highlighted in the Best New Music Releases for the week of May 7th.  The track, “Concrete Sea,” from Howling Owl Records recording artist, The Naturals, took the No. 6 spot, and the B-side, “Finishing Moves,” took the No. 10 slot. Both songs were from Volume III of the 7 Overseas Bands You’ve Gotta Hear series. At No. 7 through No. 9 were songs from Noah and the Whale, Mikal Cronin and Mother Falcon.

“Out Of My League” – Fitz And The Tantrums from More Than Just a Dream on Elektra

“Two Times” – AM & Shawn Lee from La Musique Numerique on Park the Van

“I Could’ve Been Your Girl” – She & Him from Volume 3 on Merge Records

“Shut Up” – Savages from Silence Yourself on Matador Records

“Monomania” – Deerhunter from Monomania on 4AD

“Concrete Sea” – The Naturals from Concrete Sea 7″

“Heart of Nowhere” – Noah and the Whale, featuring Anna Calvi from Heart of Nowhere on Mercury

“Shout It Out” – Mikal Cronin from MCII on Merge Records

“Dirty Summer” – Mother Falcon from You Knew

“Finishing Moves” – The Naturals from Concrete Sea 7″

bearskin-150x150DIY & Small Label Top 10 Songs – Week of May 7th

Normally, the No. 1 position for this DIY & Small Label Top 10 Songs playlist would have been The Naturals “Concrete Sea,” but that song, as well as it’s B-side, had enough streams and downloads that they both entered the regular Top 10 Songs for this week (see above).

Therefore, the No. 1 song from DIY and Small Label artists for the same week was instead “Volcanoes” from the underrated London band, Bearskin, followed at No. 2 by the single, “East Coast Girl,” from another band to watch, Cayucas. All of the tracks for the alternative  Top 10 playlist originated from the popular 7 Overseas Bands You’ve Gotta Hear, which had over 25,000 views and 180 Likes from Facebook – we Like when you guys ‘Like’ a post because it tells us what we should do more of.

The No. 3 song from this special feature was The Shy Lips‘ “In Your House,” followed at No. 4 spot by “The Roof” from the promising, yet hardly known, band, Echoic‘s latest album, Springbook.  Bearskin scored another Top 10 with the second track we featured from the band – “Dreams of Waking Up.”  The second half of the Top 10 include a second track from Echoic (at No. 6), followed by No. 7 through 10 songs from Captain and Dangerous, another track from The Shy Lips (No. 8), and tracks from Lausch and AppleTree.

“Volcanoes” – Bearskin from A Light That Finally Shines

“East Coast Girl” – Cayucas from Bigfoot on Secretly Canadian

“In Your House” – The Shy Lips from Nowadays

“This Roof” – Echoic from Springbook

“Dreams of Waking Up” – Bearskin from  A Light That Finally Shines

Unicorn” – Echoic from  Springbook

“Heather and Tommy” – Captain Dangerous from The Empire Never Ended

Nowadays” – The Shy Lips from Nowadays

“Endgame” – Lausch from Canada Is Falling

“Waiting for Nothing” – AppleTree from Draft

May 1st – May 6th, 2013

It’s now time to return to the regular Top 10 Songs format of covering the Top 10 weekly. In April, for a number of reasons, we covered the Top 10 for the whole month, which we’ll still do. However, that means that singles that, for example, were posted during the last week of the month have less a chance to be accurately counted because the previous week’s songs were up for longer, thereby naturally affording them the chance to score higher in the number of streams and downloads. The first week of May’s top releases came in from veteran and influential rock bands – Iggy Pop and The Stooges and Guided by Voices. Plus, there were tracks from Hands, Akron/Family, Daughter, Wolf People and the re-issue of King Tuff‘s excellent album, Was Dead. Check out the first week of May’s best new releases post and playlist to hear all the songs that didn’t make the Top 10.

Not surprisingly, the new single, “Until The Morning,” from Akron/Family‘s new album was the No. 1 song for the first week of May 2013, followed at a distant second by Guided By Voices’ “Noble Insect,” the title track of the post-punk legends’ newest album. Right behind GBV was the blazing rocker, “Burn,” from Iggy Pop and The Stooges, who even your grandpa might have rocked out to when they first hit the scene in 1969 with their classic self-titled debut, The Stooges. After releasing even a more classic album, Raw Power, in 1973, the band did not release another album until 2007’s The Weirdness, one of the longest hiatuses of rock history – 34 years! And yet, during those 34 years, they remained icons in rock history. Their newest album, Ready to Die (ironically, and/or sarcastically – and a morbid one at that – titled), released this week was only the band’s fifth album in 44 years.

In the No. 4 spot was the lead single, “Smother,” from Daughter‘s new album, If You Leave (also the title of the classic single by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, aka OMD), and rounding out the first half of the Top 10 for the week was the single, “Sun Medallion” from King Tuff’s re-release. The lower half of the Top 10 Songs featured songs from Wolf PeopleHanni El Khatib, Ola Podrida and Hands.

“Until The Morning” – Akron/Family from Sub Verses [includes digital book] on Dead Oceans

“Noble Insect” – Guided By Voices from English Little League on GBV, Inc.

“Burn” – Iggy and the Stooges from Ready To Die on Fat Possum Records

“Smother” – Daughter from If You Leave on Glassnote Records

“Sun Medallion” – King Tuff from Was Dead (reissue) on Burger Records

“All Returns”Wolf People from Fain {+digital booklet} on Jagjaguwar

“Family”Hanni El Khatib from Head In The Dirt on Innovative Leisure

“Staying In” – Ola Podrida from Ghosts Go Blind on Western Vinyl

“Trouble”Hands from Synethesia on Kill Rock Stars

“Happiness” – Adventure from Weird Work on Carpark Records


April 2013 Top Ten Songs

Due to Coachella and some family-related travel, we didn’t get to put out a regular Best New Music Releases weekly playlist in April and therefore had to pretty much condense the four weeks down into two posts, the playlist for the week of April 2nd, and the playlists of top singles from new album releases for the rest of the month. So, this is the first time in three years that there is only one Top Ten Songs playlist to cover the entire month. Based on the popularity of posts about small label, DIY and under the radar posts (in which there are so many talented artists that pretty much have had little to no coverage on a major indie blog), we’re concentrating less on the more ‘popular’ and well-known indie artists because that is what people have come to expect from IRC. That’s why this is also the first time that we have made a separate Top 10 DIY Songs playlist (see below).

Plus, if you missed any posts for the month of April, you can check them out all right here – there is really great music, not just from signed and popular indie bands like Generationals, Young Galaxy, Phoenix, The Black Angels, Young Man and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but also from obscure, under-the-radar DIY artists and bands like The Away Days as part of the Band of the Week, the more regularly posted Artist of the Week series, featuring, David Thomas Jones, and DIY Bands to Watch, including the April edition that featured bands like Uncanny Valley,

If you’re a rather new reader/listener of IRC, and you want to hear even more great music from talented bands and artists that you’ve probably never heard before, definitely browse through the  Best New Releases fo 2013, but also DIY Bands to Watch, the Artist of the Week series, the installments of Bands That Rock, the ‘catching-up’ playlists, with the code name Almost Missed, plus In Dee Mail, the previous months Top Ten playlists, and past years’ Top Ten Songs playlists (accessible from the top of this page). Even the older posts going back years have most of the songs still up and active. There are hundreds of gems to discover.

In fact, we regularly go back and listen to them in the cafe because it’s sort of like our own iTunes library  on the web. For the first time, because of the number of songs from both signed and unsigned bands that received so many streams and downloads, we’ve put together two Top Ten Songs playlists for April – those from signed bands, and those from DIY bands.

“Put A Light On” – Generationals from Heza on Polyvinyl Records

“Entertainment” – Phoenix from Bankrupt! (CD or MP3 version) on Glassnote

“Don’t Play With Guns” – The Black Angels from Indigo Meadow (CD) on Blue Horizon

“Wakin on a Pretty Day” – Kurt Vile from Wakin on a Pretty Daze on Matador

“Sacrilege”– Yeah Yeah Yeahs from Mosquito on Interscope

“New Summer” – Young Galaxy from Ultramarine

“I’ve Got a Wild Feeling” Milk Music from Cruise Your Illusion on Fat Possum

“Unfair” – Young Man from Beyond was All Around Me on Frenchkiss

“Let Me Back In” – Rilo Kiley from Rkives on Little Record Company

“Retrograde” – James Blake from Overgrown on Republic Records


Top 10 DIY Songs , April 2013

In addition to the Top 10 Songs during April for signed bands, there were also plenty of popular songs with listeners from DIY bands such as those from Volume 4 of Bands That Rock and Volume V of 5 DIY Bands to Watch. A Band of the Week, The Away Days took the No. 1 spot, followed at No. 2 by Artist of the Week David Thomas Jones from Austin, and who is also the frontman of Watch Out For Rockets.

“Dressing Room” –  The Away Days from How Did It All Start

“Our Lives” – David Thomas Jones from Comfort Creatures

“Ghosts” – Plastic Animals from Automaton EP

“Dial M For Motherfu*ker” – Copies from All The Clichés You Can Eat

“Goin’ Home” – Sunday Kids from Twang Wolf Sessions

“Born to Roam” – Monkeybird from Born to Roam

“Alone” – Great Zeus’ Beard from Symposium

“Come” – Carson from Carson

“One Together” – Copies from All The Clichés You Can Eat

“Yellowcraig” – Plastic Animals from Automaton EP


March 26th – April 1st

The Strokes dropped their fifth album, Comedown Machine, to mixed reviews from critics and fans, but IRC listeners nonetheless made their single, “All The Time,” the No. 1 song for the last week of March, beating out the No. 2 single, “Demon to Lean On,” from Wavves‘ new album, Afraid of Heights. The surprise hit of the week was the under the radar indie band Little Green Cars‘ single, “The John Wayne,” which took the No. 3 spot, and has made the band one of the new buzz bands of 2013. Even the second Strokes’ single, “Partners in Crime,” registered a distant No. 4, in terms of the number of streams and downloads, to LGC’s “The John Wayne,” further demonstrating that a relatively unknown indie band on a smaller indie label, armed with a killer single track, can compete with one of the biggest pop rock bands of the past decade for the top of the charts. Taking that truism a step further, at No. 5, an obscure Pittsburgh DIY rock quartet, White Like Fire, came within one ‘vote’ of The Strokes, thanks to single, “Dead People” which was recently featured in the latest installment of 5 DIY Bands To Watch in 2013. The second half of the Top 10 Songs features singles from Wire, Artist of the Week, Nathan Xander, Milk Carton Kids, Depeche Mode and Crime & City Solution.

1. “All the Time”The Strokes from Comedown Machine (CD)

2. “Demon to Lean On”Wavves from Afraid of Heights on Mom+Pop/Warner Bros.

3. “The John Wayne”Little Green Cars from Absolute Zero on Glassnote Records

4. “Partners in Crime”The Strokes from Comedown Machine

5. “Dead People”White Like Fire from Lies

6. “Love Bends”Wire from Change Becomes Us on Pinkflag

7. “Last Day Of The Month”Nathan Xander from Nathan Xander

8. “The Ash & Clay”The Milk Carton Kids from The Ash & Clay on Anti- Records

9. “Heaven”Depeche Mode from Delta Machine (deluxe) on Columbia Records

10. “My Love Takes Me There”Crime & The City Solution from American Twilight on Mute


March 19th – March 25th

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club secured the No. 1 song for the week of March 19th to March 26th with the single, “Let The Day Begin,” followed at No. 2 by Low‘s “Just Make It Stop,” which only slightly beat out the No. 3 song of the week, “It Starts and Ends With You,” from Suede‘s first album in over a decade. London‘s scruffy young psych rockers, Palma Violets, filled the No. 4 slot for the week thanks to their track, “Best of Friends,” followed at No. 5 by DIY Band to Watch, Ballerina Black‘s single, “Birth of a Felony.” The second half of the Top 10 Songs for the week, in order of No. 6 to No. 10, went to the second single, “Returning” from BRMC‘s new album; DIY Band to Watch Cursed Arrows‘ “Little Girl Blue” at No. 7, followed by The Ocean Blue, Marnie Stern and William Tyler.

1. “Let The Day Begin” – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from Specter At The Feast on Vagrant Records

2. “Just Make It Stop”Low from The Invisible Way on Sub Pop

3. “It Starts And Ends With You” Suede from Bloodsports on Ingrooves/Fontana

4. “Best of Friends”Palma Violets from 180 on Rough Trade

5. “Birth Of A Felony”Ballerina Black from Injureless Blå

6. “Returning”Black Rebel Motorcycle Club from Specter At The Feast

7. “Little Girl Blue”Cursed Arrows from Sonic Union

8. “Sad Night, Where Is Morning?”The Ocean Blue from Ultramarine on Korda Records

9. “Year of the Glad” Marnie Stern from The Chronicles of Marnia on Kill Rock Stars

10. “Cadillac Desert”William Tyler from Impossible Truth on Merge Records


March 12th – March 18th

After a lengthy hiatus, rock legend David Bowie released his first album in nearly a decade on March 12th. The lead single, “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” from Bowie’s album, The Next Day, easily captured the No. 1 spot for the week, followed at No. 2 by Pickwick‘s new single, “Window Sill.” Registering at the No. 3 position was the single, “Hit The Waves,” from Swedish indie pop band, The Mary Onettes. The lead single, “Cut Me Some Slack,” from David Grohl‘s soundtrack for the terrific rock documentary, Sound City – Reel to Real, took the No. 4 spot for the week. The song features Paul McCartney, as well as Grohl’s former Nirvana band mates, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear.

Sound City is a new documentary about the legendary recording studio of the same name located in southern California San Fernando Valley. The studio is where some of rock’s best albums ever were recorded, including Nirvana’s Nevermind; Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumors; Neil Young‘s After The Goldrush; Blind Melon‘s self-title debut; Weezer‘s Pinkerton; Tom Petty’s Wild Flowers; Red Hot Chilli Pepper‘s One Red Hot Minute; Johnny Cash‘s Unchained and many others (see the full list of Sound City recordings). Rounding out the first half of the Top 10 is the lead single, “I, Narcoleptic,” from the new-to-us band We Scare Nightmares. The second half of the Top 10 includes songs No. 6 to No. 10, in order, from artists such as Sam Alper, Tape Deck Mountain, Shy Mirrors (Artist of the Week), Wonderflu, and finally, another single from the Shy Mirrors profile – “Face Paint” – closes out this week’s Top 10.

1. “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”David Bowie from The Next Day (deluxe CD edition)

2. “Window Sill” – Pickwick from Can’t Talk Medicine

3. “Hit the Waves”The Mary Onettes from Hit the Waves on Labrador Records

4. “Cut Me Some Slack”Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, Pat Smear from Sound City – Real to Reel (CD version) on Roswell/RCA

5. “I, Narcoleptic”We Scare Nightmares from Chase or Attack

6. “Moves So Fast”Sam Alper from single

7. “Kellies”Tape Deck Mountain from Slow Salvation on Lefse Records

8. “Rips”Shy Mirrors from Negative Collector

9. “Fine Now”Wonderflu from No End in Sight

10. “Face Paint”Shy Mirrors from Sailed Blanks


March 5th – March 11th

It wasn’t a surprise at all that indie psych-rock powerhouse Youth Lagoon captured the No. 1 song of the week (via the Best New Music Releases, Week of April 10th) for the lead track, “Dropla,” off of Trevor Powers‘ much anticipated, and well received, sophomore album, Wondorous Bughouse, which was also our album of the week. The latest single, “Good Friends,” from Cloud Cult‘s latest album came in at a distant No. 2, and was almost tied with the No. 3 single of the week, “See Me On My Way,” by the new-to-us, and promising, band Superhuman Happiness. A band that IRC was one of the first to profile a couple of years ago, Hey Marseilles, scored the No. 4 spot with the single “Bright Stars Burning,” followed at No. 5 by the thoroughly remarkable track, “Nightfall,” by the band Hollis Brown.

The second half of the Top 10 Songs playlist for this week includes, in order of No. 6 to No. 10, singles by Bill Baird, Helado Negro, Cy Dune, John Murry, and Water Liars, who will actually be sharing the stage with a recent Artist of the Week, NYC DIY singer/songwriter, Nathan Xander, in an upcoming concert. Xander, who has previously opened for bands like Delta Spirit, Prussia, and Tuneyards, won over many IRC listeners with his well crafted folk rock songs. We first featured Water Liars (formerly Phantom Limb) in February of 2012.

1. “Dropla”Youth Lagoon from Wondrous Bughouse on Fat Possum

2. “Good Friend”Cloud Cult from Love on Earthology Records

3. “See Me On My Way”Superhuman Happiness from Hands on The Royal Potato Family

4. “Bright Stars Burning”Hey Marseilles from Lines We Trace on Onto Entertainment/Thirty Tigers

5. “Nightfall”Hollis Brown from Ride on the Train on Alive Records

6. “Spring Break of the Soul”Bill Baird from Spring Break of The Soul on Pau Wau Records

7. “Dance Ghost”Helado Negro from Invisible Life on Asthmatic Kitty

8. “Where the Wild Things”Cy Dune from No Recognize on Family Tree Records // Cassette Burger Records

9. “The Ballad of The Pajama Kid”John Murry from The Graceless Age on Evangeline Recording Co.

10. “Linens”Water Liars from Wyoming on Big Legal Mess


Feb. 26th – March 4th

Atoms For Peace, the musical side project of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, scored the first No. 1 song for March 2013 with the track “Default,” followed at a close No. 2 by Shout Out Louds‘ single “Blue Ice.” Johnny Marr, long-time guitarist for the post punk legends, The Smiths, scored the No. 3 single of the week on IRC with the track “Upstarts,” from Marr’s impressive debut solo album. In the No. 4 spot was the great track, “Illusions,” from the Shout Out LoudsOptica, giving the band two top five tracks for the week, followed by The Mavericks‘ latest single at No. 5 to round out the top half of the Top 10 Songs for the week of February 26th to March 4th. The bottom half of the Top 10 Songs playlist features, in order of No. 6 to No. 10, singles from Ivan & Alyosha, Deathfix, Gold Fields, another Johnny Marr single, and Doldrums.

In case you were wondering why the Top 10 Songs playlists start on Tuesday’s, that’s because in the United States and Canada, Tuesday is traditionally the day of the week when new albums are officially released. While singles from albums are often released, or leaked, weeks in advance of the official release day for the album from which they originate, our Top 10 Songs playlists are based on the week of the official album release, and most importantly, according to how many times the lead single(s) from those albums are streamed and downloaded by IRC listeners, which we figure out by analyzing web statistics and other reports.

1. “Default”Atoms For Peace from AMOK on XL Recordings (CD)

2. “Blue Ice”Shout Out Louds from Optica (MP3 album)

3. “Upstarts”Johnny Marr from The Messenger (CD)

4. “Illusions”Shout Out Louds from Optica (MP3 album)

5. “Come Unto Me”The Mavericks from In Time

6. “On My Way”Ivan & Alyosha from All the Times We Had on Dualtone Records

7. “Transmissions”Deathfix from Deathfix on Dischord

8. “Dark Again”Gold Fields from Black Sun on Astralwerks

9. “The Right Thing Right”Johnny Marr from The Messenger (CD)

10. “Anomaly”Doldrums from Lesser Evil on Arbutus Records


Feb. 19th – Feb. 25th

The No. 1 song for the last full week of February was Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds‘ single “Jubilee Street,” which not surprisingly only beat out by a couple of ‘votes’ the No. 2 song of the week, “Careless” by Beach Fossils, and followed closely at No. 3 by “Everybody Knows” by The Stone Foxes, a fantastic unsigned band (as many obviously agreed) featured in the popular Top New DIY and Small Label Releases post. The latest single, “While I’m Alive,” from STRFKR’s new album scored the No. 4 spot, followed by the excellent single, “Lakeside Trust,” from one our favorite bands to watch in 2013, Brave Baby. at No. 5 (from the Hearts & Plugs sampler) to round out the top half of the Top 10 Songs for the week of Feb. 19th – Feb. 25th.  The second half of the Top 10 includes tracks, in order of ranking, from Apparat, APRIL (DIY), Mitzi, Iceage and Stilleto Red (DIY).

“Jubilee Street” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from Push The Sky Away

“Careless”Beach Fossils from Clash The Truth

“Everybody Knows” – The Stone Foxes from Small Fires

“While I’m Alive”STRFKR from Miracle Mile on Polyvinyl

“Lakeside Trust” – Brave Baby from Hearts & Plugs Sampler, Volume 2 – Feb. 1st

“A Violent Sky”Apparat from Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre) on Mute

“The Rise And Fall Of A Beautiful Bird” – APRIL from The Rise and Fall Of A Beautiful Bird 7″

“All I Heard” – Mitzi from Truly Alive on Future Classic

“Coalition” Iceage from You’re Nothing on Matador

“Her Love Is A Lie” – Stiletto Red from Her Love Is A Lie


Feb. 12th – Feb. 18th

This week’s No. 1 song, not surprisingly, was “My Number” from Foals‘ third album, Holy Fire.  The No. 2 song of the week went to a band not many people have heard of, Veronica Falls‘ single, “Teenage,” from their new album, Waiting for Something to Happen , followed at No. 3 by the second single presented in Best New Music Releases for the week of February 12th from Holy Fire, the track, “Inhaler.” Another favorite indie band over the years, The Little Ones, took the No. 4 spot of the week with their latest single, “Forro,” from the album The Dawn Sang Along on Branches Recording Collective.

The increasingly popular in the States band, northern England’s, The Virginmary‘s released their debut album this week, even though they formed in 2006. The single from the album, “Dressed to Kill” ended up at No. 5 to round out the top half of this week’s Top 10. Artist Millionyoung‘s latest single, “Lovin'” took the No. 6 spot, followed by songs No. 7 through No. 10, in order: The March Divide‘s “Jose Cuervo’s;” Aina Haina’s “I Wouldn’t Le Me In If I Were You;” Pissed Jean‘s “Cathouse;” and PVT‘s “Shiver.” Other posts this week that didn’t have tracks that made the Top 10, but would if this was a Top 20 playlist, include Recent DIY Releases (discover some great new bands) and Band of the Week: Scotland’s PAWS (excellent band and tracks).

“My Number” – Foals from Holy Fire on Warner Bros.

“Teenage” – Veronica Falls from Waiting for Something to Happen on Slumberland Records

“Inhaler” – Foals from Holy Fire on Warner Bros

“Forro” – The Little Ones from The Dawn Sang Along on Branches Recording Collective

“Jose Cuervo” – The March Divide from Music for Film on Dead Letter Records

“I Wouldn’t Let Me In If I Were You” – Aina Haina from Aina Haina EP on Badman Recording Co.

“Cathouse” – Pissed Jeans from Honeys on Sub Pop

“Shiver” – PVT from Homosapien on Felte

eels-wonderful_glorious-150x150Feb. 5th – Feb. 11

The first full week of releases for the month of February kicks off with songs from the Best New Releases for the week of Feb. 5th, starting with the No. 1 track, “New Alphabet” from the Eels‘ newest album, Wonderful, Glorious, followed closely behind by Guards‘ latest single, “Silver Lining,” at No. 2, and the No. 3 track of the week, “The Woodpile,” by Frightened Rabbit‘s excellent album, Pedestrian Verse. The dope grooves of Thao and The Get Down Stay Down shine through in the No. 4 song of the week, “Holy Roller,” followed by the single from The Spinto Band, “Shake It Off,” to round out the top five of this week’s Top 10. The second half of the top ten list kicks off with the Band of the Week, The Motel Beds‘ track “Smoke Your Homework.” The response to The Motel Beds profile from listeners was enthusiastic, including over 130 ‘Likes’ via Facebook. If you haven’t heard them yet, we strongly encourage you to do so. The No. 7 to No. 10 tracks, in order, were Jim James‘ “A New Life;” Night Beds‘ “Wanted You in August;” Airstrip‘s “Pleasure Center,” and Matt Pond‘s “Love To Get Used,” to wrap up the Top 10 Songs for the week.

New Alphabet” – Eels from Wonderful, Glorious

“Silver Lining” – Guards from In Guards We Trust

“The Woodpile” – Frightened Rabbit from Pedestrian Verse

“Holy Roller” – Thao and the Get Down Stay Down from We The Common

“Shake It Off” – The Spinto Band from Cool Cocoon

“Smoke Your Homework” – The Motel Beds from Dumb Gold

“A New Life” – Jim James from Regions of Light and Sound of God

“Wanted You in August”Night Beds from Country Sleep

“Pleasure Center” – Airstrip from Willing on Holidays

“Love To Get Used” – Matt Pond from The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand


Jan. 29th – Feb. 4th

Among competitor from other bands for the No. 1 Song of the week, it was indie artist Lost Animal that captured the No. 1 songs spot for the week of Jan. 29th, followed at No. 2 by the newest single, “Closer,” from Tegan & Sara, with Local Natives‘ “Breakers” at No. 3. Filling out the top half of this week’s Top 10, according to your streams and downloads, were the No. 4 and No. 5 songs of the week by Yellow Red Sparks and Golden Bloom. The lower half of the top ten feature singles The Ruby Suns, Indians, The History of Apple Pie, La Big Vic and Mice Parade.

“Say No to Thugs”Lost Animal from Ex Tropical on Hardly Art

“Closer”Tegan and Sara from Heartthrob

“Breakers”Local Natives from Hummingbird on Frenchkiss

“Monster Misdemeanors”Yellow Red Sparks from Yellow Red Sparks

“Flying Mountain”Golden Bloom from No Day Like Today

“Kingfisher Call Me”The Ruby Suns from Christopher on Sub Pop

“I Am Haunted”Indians from Somewhere Else on 4AD

“See You”The History of Apple Pie from Out of View on Marshall Teller Records

“Avenue B”La Big Vic from Cold War on Underwater Peoples

“This River Has A Tidevz”Mice Parade from Candela on Fat Cat Records


Jan. 22nd – Jan. 28th

This week’s No. 1 song was a surprise, but also not a surprise. The track, “Weight of Love,” by the relatively unknown band, Gliss, is one of our favorite songs of the new year from a band that we’d never heard of before, so that’s why it was a surprise, but not a surprise that IRC listeners – through their streams and downloads – made it the No. 1 track of the week. Another reason it was a surprise was that, besides not being a well-known band, we intentionally placed it further down the Best New Releases for the Week of Jan. 22nd post just to see how it would fare, because if it had been one of the first group of five songs among the singles for the week, it would be a bit harder when examining the web stats to tell if were popular as a result of it’s position on the page or a glowing endorsement. If you haven’t heard the album “Weight of Love,” we strongly encourage buying a copy. Ty Segall turns it up with Mikal Cronin on the track “I Wear Black” from the duo’s new collaborative release, Reverse Shark Attack, on the No. 2 song of the week, followed at No. 3 by Nightlands. Great songs from The Joy Formidable and DRGN King took the No. 4 and No. 5 songs to round out the first half of the Top 10 of the week.

“Weight of Love”Gliss from Langsom on Modern Outsider Records

“I Wear Black”Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin from Reverse Shark Attack on In The Red

“So Far So Long”Nightlands from Oak Island on Secretly Canadian

“This Ladder Is Ours”The Joy Formidable from Wolf’s Law on Atlantic

“Wild Night”DRGN King from Paragraph Nights on Bar None

“Youth Without Youth”Metric from Synthetica on Metric Music International

“Try” (feat. Toro Y Moi) –Nosaj Thing from Home on Timetable Records via Innovative Leisure

“Used To Think”Pillowfight from Pillowfight on Bulk Recordings / EMI

“Beta Love”Ra Ra Riot from Beta Love on Barsuk

“Say That”Toro Y Moi from Anything in Return on Carpark

Jan. 15th – Jan. 21st

northernlightssouthernskiesalbumThis week’s Best New Releases of new albums, EPs and singles clearly demonstrates that the holiday season is over, and people are getting back to their routines (whether that’s good, not so good or makes no difference to you) since the number, and name-recognition, of new releases is picking up from most of December (scroll below to view December 2012 Top 10 playlists or click here), which is traditionally a low month for new releases, as are the first couple of weeks of January. The No. 1 song for the second week of January was “Across The Sky” from The Capsules‘ album Northern Lights and Southern Skies, which beat out Yo La Tengo‘s latest single, “Ohm” from the band’s 13th studio album, Fade, that officially dropped this week. The No. 3 song of the week, “Strange Fruit,” is the lead single from England’s Shaun Hencher, the former frontman of Lovvers, and now the founder of his new musical project dubbed Virals. The 70’s influenced indie pop band Free Energy scored the No. 4 spot for “Girls Want Rock,” the title track of their sophomore album. At No. 5 for the week is the latest acoustic classic song from The Head and the Heart titled “Josh McBride.” The lower half of the Top 10 includes songs from Marching Band, Pickwick featuring Sharon Van Etten, Parquet Courts, Christopher Owens, and Mystical Weapons.

“Across The Sky”The Capsules from Northern Lights and Southern Skies on Vespera Records

“Ohm”Yo La Tengo from Fade on Matador

“Strange Fruit” – Virals from Strange Fruit EP on Zoo Music

“Girls Want Rock” – Free Energy from Love Sign on Free Energy Music

“Josh McBride” – The Head And The Heart from Josh McBride/Honey Come Home on Electric Records

“And I’ve Never Seen Anything” – Marching Band from And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That EP

“Lady Luck” (feat. Sharon Van Etten) – Pickwick from Covers EP

“Borrowed Time” – Parquet Courts from Light Up Gold on What’s Your Rupture?

“Here We Go”Christopher Owens from Lysandre on Fat Possum

“Mechanical Mammoth” Mystical Weapons from Mystical Weapons on Chimera Music


Jan. 8th – Jan. 14th

The first Top 10 Songs playlist of 2013 spawned IRC’s first No. 1 Song of the year – Pere Ubu’s single, “Free White” off the band’s new album, Lady From Shangai. Interesting result considering the band have been together for 40 years, but that’s the single (and it’s a damn good song) that IRC listeners streamed and downloaded the most for the week of all the other singles posted. The No. 2 song of the week was Wooden Hand’s “Southern Colorado Song.” So, it’s good news for Fire Records since both artists are on their small label. Yet, it would be all DIY artists and bands that would dominate the first Top 10 Songs playlist of 2013 – at No. 3 is DIY singer/songwriter Alex Vans‘ “Good Enough,” followed at No. 4 by unsigned band The Agreeables.  The No. 5 song, “The Restless and the Wicked” (not to be confused with Cage The Elephant‘s “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked”) is from the relatively unknown singer/songwriter Colin Davis.

Next, the DIY band Ceremonies self-titled album produced the No. 6 song of the week with “Promises.” All of the singles in this first top ten weekly top playlist of 2013 originated from the Best New Releases and Top DIY Releases posts for the week of Jan. 8th to 14th. Each post contains more information, and in some cases, more songs, about the bands that made the top ten, and those that came close, but not close enough.

“Free White” – Pere Ubu from Lady From Shangai on Fire Records

“Southern Colorado Song” – Wooden Wand from Blood Oaths Of The New Blues on Fire Records

“Good Enough” – Alex Vans from DJ Booth (self-released)

“I’d Fly Away” – The Agreeables from Bonus Tracks

“The Restless and The Wicked” – Colin Davis from The Restless and The Wicked EP

The Future Is Not What It Used to Be” – Youthband from single

“Promises” – Ceremonies from Ceremonies

“Distort The Air” We’re No Heroes from We’re No Heroes EP

“Speed Of Life” – Luck & Senses from Speed Of Life

“Getting To My Head” – Dead Recipe from Dead Recipe