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Best New Releases 2012

Stream or download the best songs of 2012 from a variety of popular and talented bands, both new and veteran, whose singles from 2012 album releases made it into the weekly Top 10 Songs playlists as determined by the number of times songs featured in a given week were played and downloaded by IRC listeners. Some song links may have expired and with some 500 songs on this page, the vast majority are active links. Also listen to the Top 10 Songs playlists for 2011 and 2010. To view Top 10 Songs for 2013, go to the main Top 10 Songs page, which is updated regularly with new weekly playlists.


Dec. 11th – Dec. 31st

Due to the holidays, and the fact that it is the end of the year, December is traditionally a thin month for new album releases. This past December was no different. Starting at the beginning of the second full week of the month until the last day of the year, there were not enough new albums dropped that would allow for a Top 10 Songs of the week playlist.  One of the main reasons for this is that most people are so busy with the holidays, and other end of the year activities, that record companies can’t get much attention, and so they just delay (not always, but often) a release until after the holidays and the new year. Another reason is that music editors, publishers and bloggers are often focused on putting together end of the year and ‘year in review’ lists, articles and posts.

In fact, there were more DIY releases in the last few weeks of December than from signed artists on both small and large labels. But even at that the DIY releases were just a few dozens over that three-week time period, and at least half were not in the genres we cover or just didn’t conjure up enough interest to bother to waste people’s time with – which is why we rarely write about, or posts songs from, music we don’t like. Therefore, in addition to the DIY releases for December (see in Recent Releases by DIY Bands, Vol. I and Vol. II post playlists), we are also including 7 Overseas Bands You’ve Gotta Hear; but not including in this Top 10 the Doomsday It’s The End of the World’ Playlist (but we’re still here) and the New Years playlist or songs that already appeared in a Top 10 playlist published in December.

With that lengthy explanation out of the way (hopefully you got to check out some of those playlists because they have many excellent tracks that may not be in this Top 10 Songs special edition),  there were some great DIY releases during the last three weeks of December, as many of you know (based on the stats).  The No. 1 song during the last weeks of December was “Pandemonium,” the title track from the DIY band The Uncanny Valley,  followed at No. 2 by “When The Sun Sets” from another unsigned band, The Mouth of Ghosts.

“Pandemonium” – The Uncanny Valley from Pandenonium

“When The Sun Sets” – The Mouth Of Ghosts from When The Sun Sets

“Sunology”– The Amsterdams from Sunology single

“Volcanoes” – Bearskin from A Light That Finally Shines

“Yeasayer” – Mojo Waves from Enjoy, Don’t Destroy EP

“Architecture IV” – Vague Fears from Stay Negative

“Little Runaway” – Ryan Stephens from Arrow

“Swallow Soil” – The Uncanny Valley from demo

“Douse” – Quixotism from Faustian Plea

“Sudafed” – Thieves from Thieves 2 EP


Dec. 4th – Dec. 10th

First, if you’re looking for Top 10 Songs playlists from the last few weeks of December, they essentially do not exist because there were not enough releases during the holiday season (which is typical) for there to be Top 10 playlists for those weeks. So, this is basically the last Top 10 of 2012.

December is the month when the rate of new releases starts to slow because of the holidays and because record labels know that music sites and blogs are primarily focused on putting together their ‘Best of the Year’ posts and playlists. As the month goes on, the quantity of new album releases thins out to just a trickle. That said, the No. 1 song for the week of Dec. 4th, according to the number of streams and downloads, was “Shelia” from the new album by Memory Tapes.

“Sheila” – Memory Tapes from Grace/Confusion on Carpark Records

“Dead Film Star (Tepr Recopy)” – Team Ghost from Dead Film Star EP on Wsphere

“Born” – Split Screens from Split Screens EP (self-released)

“George Square Thatcher Death Party (Justin K Broadrick Reshape)” – Mogwai from A Wrenched Virile Lore on Sub Pop

“Waiting” – High Tyde from Teal EP

“Sea to Sky” – Dream Boat from Eclipsing on Cloud Recordings

“Absence of the Noise” – Formes, single

“Road To Palios” – Ryan Francesconi & Mirabai Peart from Road To Palios on Bella Union / Cooperative Music

“Vuja De” – Mimimic from Blender

“Sunology” – The Amsterdams from Sunology

Nov. 27th – Dec. 3rd

The No. 1 song for the last week of November by the band Sleeping Bag combines jangling guitar, whistling choruses, and a catchy rhythm on the single, “Walk Home.” The No. 2 song for the last week of November goes to the lead single from the Album of the Week by Winnipeg band The Departures. The new track, “Trojans” from Atlas Genius took the No. 3 spot for the week. The band’s new EP, Through The Glass, is worth checking out if you like this single. DIY band The Eastern Sea took the No. 4 song of the week with “This Is Christmas,” followed at No. 5 by DIY single from My Radio and at No. 6 by the band Challenger’s “I Am Switches.” Giant Giant Sand‘s latest single, “Detained,” took the No. 7, followed by the second Top 10 song from the Album of the Week by the Departures at No. 8, Teen Mom at No. 9, and Joan of Arc‘s single, “King Song” at No. 10th.

“Walk Home” – Sleeping Bag from Women Of Your Life on Joyful Noise Recordings

“Pillars” – Departures from Still and Moving Lines

“Trojans” – Atlas Genius from Through the Glass EP on Warner Bros.

“This Is Christmas” – The Eastern Sea from First Christmas (DIY release)

“Life Is A Bitch Slap” – My Radio from Starts In The East, Falls In The West (DIY release)

“I Am Switches” – Challenger from The World Is Too Much For Me (DIY release)

“Detained” – Giant Giant Sand from Tucson [Deluxe Edition] on Fire Records

“Winter Friend” – Departures from Still and Moving Lines

“You and Me” – Teen Mom from Mean Tom EP on Analog Edition Records

“King Song” Joan of Arc from Joan Of Arc Limited Edition LP on Joyful Noise Recordings


Nov. 20th – Nov. 26th

Gospel Claws took the No. 1 song for the week of November 20th with the mellow track, “Pale Horse Dry Cleaning,” followed at No. 2 by Goldenboy.  Gospel Claws’ second single, “Hambone,” the lead single from the Put Your Sunshine Away LP, was No. 3 song of the week.Thad Kopec, a former Artist of the Week, took the No. 4 spot for his single “The World Was Young,” followed at No. 5 by Goldenboy‘s (with vocals from Elliott Smith) “Summertime,” and the No. 6 song Sambassadeur‘s “Memories.” The No. 7 most popular song of the week was “What I’d Love To Hear You Say” from the new album by Faunts, followed at No. 8 by the newest single from Elbow, with the DIY band Midway in Wake taking the No. 9 spot with Kopec’s track “White Wolf” from his Album of the Week, Heart of Man. The band Naomi Punk‘s single, “Burned Body” tied for the No. 10 spot.

“Pale Horse Dry Cleaning” – Gospel Claws from Put Your Sunshine Away

“Starlight Town” – Goldenboy from The New Familiar

“Hambone” – Gospel Claws from Put Your Sunshine Away

“The World Was Young” – Thad Kopec from Heart of Man

“Summertime” (featuring Elliott Smith) – Goldenboy from Blue Swan Orchestra

“Memories” – Sambassadeur from Memories/Hours Away 7″ on Labrador Records

“What I’d Love To Hear You Say” – Faunts from Left Here Alone

“Buffalo Ghosts” – Elbow from Dead in the Boot on Fiction/Cooperative Music

“Urban Vermin” – Midway in Wake from We Will Remain Sedate

“White Wolf” – Thad Kopec from Heart of Man

Tied for No. 10:  “Burned Body” – Naomi Punk from The Feeling


Nov. 13th – Nov. 19th

Crystal Castles easily captured the No. 1 spot for the top single for the week of Nov. 13th with the lead track, “Affection,” off their new album, simply titled, III.
The prolific talents of Sufjan Stevens shine through again on Silver & Gold, which we featured as the Album of the Week upon its release, with the track, “X-Mas Spirit Catcher” scored as the No. 2 song of the week. Not surprisingly, the second single, “Plague,” owned the No. 3 slot on the list for the Top 10 Songs of November 2012, followed at No. 4 by the new single from the fantastic band El Perro Del Mar‘s new LP, Pale Fire. The No. 5 most popular song of the week went to Guided By Voices.

New York indie rock duo School of Seven Bells, received nearly 52,000 plays and nearly 50 thumbs up comments on Soundcloud, and place at No. 6 for the week, followed at No. 7 from the San Francisco band Social Studies for their single, “Away for the Weekend,” from the album, Developer. Soundgarden‘s single, “Been Away For Too Long,” captured the No. 8 slot, followed by No. 9‘s “The Zone” from musician Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, featuring Drake, and No. 10 from “For The Season” by Clinic.

“Affection” – Crystal Castles from III on Casablanca Records

“X-Mas Spirit Catcher” – Sufjan Stevens from Silver & Gold

“Plague” – Crystal Castles from III

“Hold Off The Dawn”El Perro Del Mar from Pale Fire on The Control Group

“She Lives In An Airport”Guided by Voices from The Bears for Lunch on Guided by Voices Inc.

“Secret Days” – School Of Seven Bells from Put Your Sad Down EP on Vagrant Records

“Away For The Weekend” – Social Studies from Developer on Antenna Farm Records

“Been Away Too Long” – Soundgarden from King Animal on Universal Republic

“The Zone (ft. Drake)” – The Weeknd from Trilogy on Republic Records/XO

“For The Season” – Clinic from Free Reign on Domino Record Co.

Nov. 6th – Nov. 12th

The Dirty Projectors “About to Die,” was the top single for the first week of November’s Best New Releases (Week of Nov. 6th). Melody’s Echo Chamber pair of singles from her new EP were popular with IRC listeners, producing the No. 2 as well as the No. 4 song of the week, followed at No. 3 by Desert Noises and No. 5 by Teen Daze. The No. 6 most listened to and downloaded song of the week, “Obvious Signs” from Grape Soda‘s debut LP, Form A Sign, followed at No. 7 “Weigh You Down” from lo-fi garage rockers Crushed Out‘s new album, Want to Give.
Ranking as the No. 8 single of the week was “Queen of the City” from Utah farmer/musician Joshua James‘ LP, The Top of Willamette Mountain. James was joined by two prominent multi-instrumentalists, Evan Coulombe and Richard Swift, best known for their work with The Shins. The No. 9 and No. 10 songs of the week, “Everything’s Alright” and “Roaring,” respectively, were originally featured in IRC’s band profile of  Team Genius, from Brooklyn.

“About To Die”Dirty Projectors from About To Die EP

“Endless Shore” – Melody’s Echo Chamber from Melody’s Echo Chamber

“I Won’t See You” – Desert Noises from I Won’t See You EP

“I Follow You” – Melody’s Echo Chamber from Melody’s Echo Chamber

“Spirit” – Teen Daze from Inner Mansions

“Obvious Signs” – Grape Soda from Form A Sign on Kindercore Records

“Weigh You Down” – Crushed Out from Want to Give

“Queen of the City” – Joshua James from The Top of Willamette Mountain

“Everything’s Alright”Team Genius (via MOKB) from Loud Songs

“Roaring” – Team Genius from New York Songs

Oct. 30th – Nov. 5th

In fact, you can stream hours and hours of great songs just by clicking on the first song and letting the built-in Yahoo player play one song after another, uninterrupted and with no commercials.

Also, stream and download hundreds of free MP3s for past years via the Top 10 Songs of 2011 and Top 10 Songs of 2010 pages.


Oct. 23rd – Oct. 29th

The new single from Paul Banks, “The Base,” beat out Bat For Lashes‘ latest single, “A Wall” for the No. 1 spot of the week, with Bat For Washes coming in fairly close at No. 2. A relatively unknown band to watch, People Get Ready, were not far from Bat For Lashes to take the No. 3 spot of the week. Steffaloo‘s new single “Can’t You See” registered as the fourth most popular song of the week, followed at No. 5 by of Montreal‘s “Sails, Hermaphroditic.” As it was with Paul Banks beating out Bat For Lashes, it’s also a surprise that two other bands with less significant name recognition ran past of Montreal to take the No. 2 and No. 3 spots. The second half of the Top 10 Songs for the week feature singles from, in order of rank, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Other Lives, Rah Rah, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead, and The Amazing.

“The Base”Paul Banks from Banks

“A Wall”Bat For Lashes from The Haunted Man

“Windy Cindy”People Get Ready from People Get Ready

“Can’t You See?”Steffaloo from Would You Stay

“Sails, Hermaphroditic”of Montreal from Daughter of a Cloud

“Windshield Smasher”Black Moth Super Rainbow from Cobra Juicy

“Take Us Alive”Other Lives from Mind The Gap

“Art and a Wife”Rah Rah from The Poet’s Dead

“Up To Infinity”…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead from Lost Songs

“Flashlight”The Amazing from Gentle Stream


Oct. 16th – Oct. 22nd

Death Cab For Cutie‘s frontman Ben Gibbard scored the No. 1 song of the week with the single, “A Hard One To Know” from his debut solo album, Former Lives from the weekly Best New Music Releases (for the week of Oct. 16th), as well as the No. 2 single of the week, “Teardrop Windows,” from the Album of the Week post. Obviously IRC listeners helped make it a Ben Gibbard week in the Top 10 Songs playlist. The Maldives’ latest single, “Blood on the Highway,” came in at No. 3. The relatively unknown UK band, Little Comets, scored the No. 4 spot with their single, “Bayonee,” followed at No. 5 by the new single from Earlimart to round out the top five. The second half of the Top 10 include yet another song from Earlimart (No. 6), plus Shiny Toy Guns, Young Dreams, The Philistines, and Peace.

Note: The advance single from Golden Bloom, which we featured in a separate post, would have been the No. 3 of the week, but since it’s from an album that won’t be released until January, it doesn’t qualify for this week’s Top 10 Songs.

“A Hard One To Know”Ben Gibbard from Former Lives

“Teardrop Windows”Ben Gibbard from Former Lives

“Blood on the Highway”The Maldives from Muscle for the Wing

“Bayonee”Little CometsLife Is Elsewhere

“10 Years”Earlimart from System Preferences

“Internet Summer”Earlimart from System Preferences

“Fading Listening”Shiny Toy Guns from III

“Fog of War”Young Dreams from Fog of War

“Woo-hoo-hoo”The Philistines from Therewolves!

“Your Hand in Mine”Peace from The World is Too Much With Us

Oct. 9th – Oct. 15th

IRC listeners have always had good taste in the songs they pick for the Top 10 Songs weekly playlists. This week was a good example of that, with the latest single from Lord Huron‘s new album placing at No. 1. The new song from A.C. Newman, with help from his New Pornographers’ bandmate, Neko Case, shot up to the No. 2 position of the week, followed at No. 3 by Hardly Art band Black Marble. A.C. Newman’s second single, “I’m Not Talking,” placed at No. 4, followed at No. 5 by Mark Mallman‘s “Double Silhouette.”

San Francisco band Ty Segall‘s new single, “The Hill,” came in at No. 6, followed at No. 7 by DIY band Turn Off Your Television, while Dana Falconberry‘s “Crooked River” only came in at No. 8. The Top 10 closes out with the new single from a band to watch, PAWS, at No. 9, who’s new album, Cokefloat! is loaded with energetic indie pop, followed at No. 10 by the latest single from Tamarin‘s new album, Shake The Ghost. View and listen to more tracks from the original posts that made up this playlist – Best New Music Releases, Week of Oct. 9th and More Best New Album Releases, Week of Oct. 9th.

“Time to Run”Lord Huron from Lonesome Dreams

“Encyclopedia of Modern Takedowns”A.C. Newman from Shut Down the Streets

“Static”Black Marble from A Different Arrangement

“Im Not Talking”A.C Newman from Shut Down The Streets

“Double Silhouette”Mark Mallman from Double Silhouette

“The Hill”Ty Segall from Twins

“Blanket of Shame”Turn Off Your Television from Humble Waves

“Crooked River”Dana Falconberry from Leelanau

“Headache”METZ from METZ

“Miss American Bookworm”PAWS from Cokefloat!

“Seems a Laugh”Tamarin from Shake The Ghost

Oct. 2th – Oct. 8th

The new track, “Cry for Judas,” from The Mountain Goats‘ new album, Transcendental Youth, was the No. 1 song of the week followed at No. 2 by the new single from the Freelance Whales latest album, which was our Album of the Week. The No. 3 song of the week was the new track from Matt & Kim, followed at No. 4 by Mark Eitzel. At No. 5, the new song from Why?, “Jonathan’s Hope,” topped off the first half of the Top 10 Songs. The second half of the Top 10 feature new singles from Beth Orton, Goodnight Texas, Tilly and the Wall, Sun Airway and Ken Stringfellow. Check out the original posts that created this Top 10 list (in addition to the post linked above), Best New Music Releases for the Week of Oct. 2th and the supplemental, More Best & DIY Releases of the week.

“Cry for Judas”The Mountain Goats from Transcendental Youth

“Dig Into Waves”Freelance Whales from Diluvia

“Now”Matt and Kim from Lightning

“I Love You But You’re Dead”Mark Eitzel from Don’t Be a Stranger

“Jonathan’s Hope”Why? from Mumps, etc.

“Magpie”Beth Orton from Sugaring Season

“Jesse Got Trapped In A Coal Mine”Goodnight, Texas from A Long Life of Living

“Love Riot”Tilly and the Wall from Heavy Mood

“Close”Sun Airway from Soft Fall

“Doesn’t It Remind You of Something (feat. Charity Rose Thielen)”Ken Stringfellow from Danzig In The Moonlight

Sept. 25th – Oct. 1st

Singer/songwriter Sera Cahoone charted to beat out Mumford and Sons for the No. 1 song of the week with her fresh single, “Deer Creek Canyon,” edging out Mumford’s “I Will Wait” at No. 2. Efterklang‘s “Apples” skidded in at No. 3 by a few ‘votes’ over Frightened Rabbit‘s title track off their new EP, State Hospital, at No. 4, and at No. 5, a band most music lovers have probably not heard of before, Machine Birds‘ single, “If.” The second half of the Top 10 Songs for the week go to new singles from Django Django, Jason Collett, The Soft Pack, Murder By Death, Eight Belles and Crime and The City Solution.

“Deer Creek Canyon”Sera Cahoone from Deer Creek Canyon

“I Will Wait”Mumford & Sons from Babel

“Apples”Efterklang from Piramida

“State Hospital”Frightened Rabbit from State Hospital EP

“If”Machine Birds from Save Yourself EP

“Default”Django Django from Django Django

“Where Things Go Wrong”Jason Collett from Reckon

“Tallboy”The Soft Pack from Strapped

“Lost River”Murder By Death from Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon

“Nolchi”Eight Belles from Girls Underground (self-released)

“I Have The Gun”Crime and The City Solution from An Introduction To….Crime & The City Solution A History Of Crime – Berlin 1987-1991

Sept. 18th – Sept. 24th

This was a great week for new singles and album releases, with some of the biggest names in indie and alternative rock fighting for the top positions on the charts according to IRC listeners votes. Not surprisingly, Band of Horses took the No. 1 spot of the week with their new single “Knock Knock” off their fourth album Mirage Rock. After roaring back with a hugely successful reunion a few years ago, 90’s alternative rock legends Dinosaur Jr. have dropped yet another one of their best albums, I Bet On Sky. As with Band of Horses, one of the best American indie rock bands to break out in recent years, Brooklyn band Grizzly Bear, also dropped a new album this week, but their newest single “Yet Again” only reached the No. 3 spot of the week; still a good place to be, but not as good as being No. 1.

There could be, and likely are, a number of mitigating reasons for this, but in the end, we go through the web statistics and count which songs from the week’s singles received the most number of plays and downloads to determine the Top 10 Songs. In fact, all three of the bands in the top three, will likely be on many Top Albums of the Year lists for their 2012 album releases, as well as Top Songs of 2012 lists as well. Ranking as the No. 4 single of the week was the lead track, “Hippie Girl” off the new album from Mike Coykendal, featuring backup vocals from Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel, followed at No. 5 by Menomena’s “Pique” from their latest album, Moms. The second half of this week’s Top 10 feature, in order, fresh tracks from Allah-Las, Alt-J, The Whigs, Corin Tucker Band, and Lymbyc Systym.

“Knock Knock”Band of Horses from Mirage Rock

“Watch The Corners”Dinosaur Jr. from I Bet on Sky

“Yet Again”Grizzly Bear from Shields

“The Hippie Girl (with Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel)”Mike Coykendall from Chasing Away the Dots

“Pique”Menomena from Moms

“Busman’s Holiday”Allah-Las from Allah-Las

“Fitzpleasure”Alt-J from An Awesome Wave

“Waiting”The Whigs from Enjoy The Company

“Groundhog Day”Corin Tucker Band from Kill My Blues

“Falling Together”Lymbyc Systym from Symbolyst

Sept. 11th – Sept. 17th

The second week of September No. 1 single went to The Raveonettes‘ new song, “She Owns The Streets,” by a huge margin, nearly 1 to 3 over the other top singles of the week. The song was also the No. 1 song of the month on IRC among the Top 10 Songs of September 2012 playlist. The new single, “Angels,” from the popular band The xx, came in at No. 2, followed by the duet hit single, “Who” from David Bryne and St. Vincent at No. 3. The Helio Sequence and the Avett Brothers secured the No. 4 and No. 5 songs, respectively. The second half of the Top 10 feature singles from new releases by
View the original playlist post with more songs for the Best New Music Releases for the week of September 11, Vol. One and Vol. Two.

“She Owns the Streets” – The Raveonettes from Observator on Vice Records

“Angels” – The xx from Coexist

“Who”David Byrne & St. Vincent from Love This Giant

“October”The Helio Sequence from Negotiations

“Live And Die” The Avett Brothers from The Carpenter

“Digging Shelters”Neil Halstead from Palindrome Hunches

“Prove to Me”Seapony from Falling

“I Am Not Waiting Anymore”Field Report from Field Report

“Country”Hello Echo from Coffee Cups EP (self-released)

“Para”Calexico from Algiers

Sept. 4th – Sept. 10th

Indie pop band Stars took the No. 1 spot for the first full week of September with their latest single, “Backlines.” It’s a bit surprising that neither the new single from Animal Collective nor from Cat Power were picked by listeners as the top song of the week. For those of you not familiar with how we determine the Top 10 Songs for any given week, it’s a time consuming task to comb through our web statistics to see which singles from that week’s Best New Music Releases, as well as other posts, of the week, had the most plays and downloads. Still, Cat Power‘s new single, “Ruin,” from her first album of new material in four years, only trailed “Backlines” by five ‘votes.’  Leaping into the No. 3 position was Two Door Cinema Club‘s lead single, “Sleep Alone” from the band’s much anticipated sophomore album, Beacon, which went straight to the top of the charts in their homeland of Ireland; No. 2 in the UK, and No. 17 on the U.S. charts. The fourth most popular song of the week was “Descent” by Bob Mould, and rounding out the top five of the week was the single, “Broken Eyes,” from Two Gallants. The second half of the Top 10 for the week of September 3rd , were, in order, new singles from The Fresh and Onlys, Animal Collective, Jens Lekman, Azure Ray and Deerhoof.

“Backlines” – Stars from The North on ATO

“Ruin” – Cat Power from Sun (CD version) or get the Exclusive MP3 Version on Matador

“Sleep Alone” – Two Door Cinema Club from Beacon on Glassnote

“The Descent” – Bob Mould from Silver Age on Merge Records

“Broken Eyes” – Two Gallants from The Bloom And The Blight on ATO

“Presence Of Mind” – The Fresh and Onlys from Long Slow Dance on Mexican Summer

“Moonjock” – Animal Collective from Centipede Hz (MP3 version)

“I Know What Love Isn’t” – Jens Lekman from I Know What Love Isn’t (with digital booklet) on Secretly Canadian

“Scattered Like Leaves” – Azure Ray from As Above So Below on Saddle Creek

“Fête d’Adieu” – Deerhoof from Breakup Song on Polyvinyl Records


August 28th – Sept. 3th

This week’s Top Ten Songs playlist mix is based on three separate posts – Best New Music Releases, Week of Aug. 28th, plus the latest Fresh Tracks mix and DIY Artist of the Week: Dalton.

But it was the spectacular new single from Divine Fits, “Would That Not Be Nice,” that beat out all of the competition for the No. 1 most streamed and downloaded song of the week. The new power pop single from The Raveonettes, “She Owns The Streets,” captured the No. 2 spot, followed by Cat Power‘s “Cherokee” at No. 3, and Wild Nothing‘s new track, “Paradise,” took the No. 4 slot. To round out the top five was Poor Moon‘s “Holiday.” Now that’s an impressive first half for any Top Ten Songs mix. The second half featured fresh album tracks from Matthew Dear, Teen, DIY artist Dalton, Richard Hawley and Dan Deacon, respectively. We were surprised to see Deacon’s off-the-wall techno dance trip out single, “Lots,” (No. 10) wasn’t higher up in the charts, but in the last four positions, there were often only one or two ‘votes.’

There are many other ‘keeper’ tracks from the three post playlist links above, so you might want to click through to each one individually. We try to make as many songs ‘keepers’ as possible – can’t satisfy all the people all the time, but if we can satisfy most of the people most of the time, that’s golden. Think of us as your new music filter because you don’t have time to go through hundreds of songs a month to pick out the best.

“Would That Not Be Nice”Divine Fits from A Thing Called Divine Fits on Merge Records

“She Owns The Streets”The Raveonettes from Observator – Sept. 11th

“Cherokee”Cat Power from Sun

“Paradise”Wild Nothing from Nocturne on Captured Tracks

“Holiday”Poor Moon from Poor Moon on Sub Pop

“Headcage”Matthew Dear from Beams on Ghostly International

“Electric”TEEN from In Limbo on Carpark Records

“Breaker”Dalton from Dalton EP

“Leave Your Body Behind You”Richard Hawley from Standing At The Sky’s Edge on Mute

“Pieces of You”Mad Planet from Ghost Notes on Planetary Fro Records


August 21st – August 27th

The last week of August, which often signifies the wind-down of summer for students and vacationers, for IRC included two main posts that were competing for the top singles of the week – a new Fresh Tracks playlist and the weekly Best New Music Releases. In the past, we would only count singles for the Top Ten Songs if there were part of the best new releases playlists. However, with efforts underway to include more Fresh Tracks and other such MP3 playlist posts, it only makes sense to also include those as well.

The last No. 1 single of the week, by only four ‘votes,’ was Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti‘s lead single, “Only In My Dreams,” followed closely at No. 2 by Yeasayer‘s new single, “Henrietta” from the new album, Fragrant World. Bloc Party’s new lead track, “So He Begins to Lie,” from their new album, Four, trailed Yeasayer by more than a dozen votes to grab the No. 3 spot. Three huge bands battled it out all week for the No. 1 spot, and APHG won. The No. 4 track for the week of August 21st, “No Sense,” is from a band we’ve never heard of before, Bailterspace. A buzz band of the past couple of years, Teengirl Fantasy, rounded out the top half of the playlist with their new single, “End.” The lower half of the Top 10 features new singles from Six Organs of Admittance, Grizzly Bear, Happy New Year,

“Only In My Dreams”Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti from Mature Themes on 4AD

“Henrietta” Yeasayer from Fragrant World on Secretly Canadian

“So He Begins to Lie”Bloc Party from Four

“No Sense”Bailterspace from Machine on Fire Records

“End”Teengirl Fantasy from Tracer on True Panther Sounds/R&S

“Waswasa”Six Organs of Admittance from Ascent on Drag City

“Yet Again”Grizzly Bear from Shields (pre-order) – out Sept. 18th

“Twins”Happy New Year from Happy New Year on Brooklyn’s Crikey! Records

“Another Stitch”Gregory Pepper and His Problems from Escape From Crystal Skull Mountain on Fake Four, Inc.

“Pyrakantha”Balmorhea from Stranger – Oct. 2nd


August 14th – August 20th

Our main focus for this week was the three-day outdoor music festival, Outside Lands, which celebrated it’s fifth anniversary with one of the best lineups in its five years. Headliners on two main stages in San Francisco‘s Golden Gate Park included Neil Young, Metallica, Stevie Wonder, Jack White, Beck, The Kills, Franz Ferdinand, Andrew Bird, Passion Pit, Silversun Pickups, and many others. See our pre-fest post, plus our coverage of Day Two and Day Three.

The indie rock band, Black Pistol Fire, released their new album this week from which the lead single, “Crows’ Feet” topped all others to take the No. 1 song of the week. Due to a thin week of releases, this is the first time we are a couple of songs short of a full Top Ten list, but they’re still great songs.

“Crows Feet”Black Pistol Fire from Big Beat ’59

“Opium”Dead Can Dance from Anatasia

“Wild Light”Wild Cub from Youth

“I Can’t Stand to Be Refused”Height with Friends from Rock and Roll on Friends/Cold Rhymes Records

“Bombs and Bruises”Black Pistol Fire from Big Beat ’59

“If I Left Tomorrow” – Simon Joyner from Ghosts on Ba Da Bing

“Alone”Asteroid Shop from Distance Luxury

“#1 in Heaven”MNDR from Feed Me Diamonds on Ultra Music



August 7th – August 13th

The first August No. 1 of 2012 goes to the new title track off the new album by Redd Kross, Researching The Blues. The band Niki and the Dove came in with the No. 2 song of the week – voted by all of you by your streams and downloads – with the single, “DJ, Ease My Mind.” The indie folk rock band Bear Mountain secured the No. 3 position of the week, followed at No. 4 by an artist to watch, Erik Blood. The catchy, memorable track, “Mallrats (La La La)” from the indie band The Orwells rounded out the Top Five with the No. 5 song of the week. The lower half of this week’s Top Ten Songs playlist features, in order, Permanent Collection, Kid Smpl, Ormonde, Birds and Batteries and Koko Beware.

“Researching the Blues”Redd Kross from Researching the Blues

“DJ, Ease My Mind”Niki and the Dove from Instinct

“Two Step” –  Bear Mountain from xo (self-released)

“Today’s Lover” Erik Blood from Touch Screens (self-released)

“Mallrats (La La La)”The Orwells from Remember When on Autumn Tone

“Escape Pod”Kid Smpl from Escape Pod EP on Hush Hush Records

“Cherry Blossom”Ormonde from Machine on Hometapes

“Let The Door Swing”Birds and Batteries from Stray Light on Eightmaps

“Beach Babe”Koko Beware from Something About the Summer (self-released)

July 31st – August 6th

The first No. 1 song of August 2012 went to Blonde Summer‘s new single, “Slow Days Fast Company.” The track is an uptempo indie pop anthem with jangling guitar riffs, echoey, reverb vocals, a catchy rhythm and a hook and infusion of airy synth layers that accompany the song’s climaxes- one of the finest ‘summery’ singles of the season. The relatively new band, Wildlife Control, released their self-titled, debut album, from which the lead single, “Analog or Digital,” took the No. 2 song of the week. Another fairly new band, Buttonhead, has the No. 3 track of the week with the single, “Champion Bread.” At No. 4 for the week is the new single, “Growing Pains,” from the band Junk Culture. Rising singer/songwriter Allen Stone’s lead single, “Sleep” from his self-titled, debut album, rounded out the Top Five at the No. 5 position. The lower half of the Top 10 features songs from NIKU, Shovels and Rope, The Black Swans, Sacred Caves and Jason Haywood, respectively.

“Slow Days, Fast Company”Blonde Summer from Slow Daze EP

“Analog or Digital” – Wildlife Control from Wildlife Control

“Champion Bread”Buttonhead from 3D Opera Whale

“Growing Pains”Junk Culture from Wild Quiet

“Sleep”Allen Stone from Allen Stone on ATO Records

“Broken Seashells”NIKU from In the Tidelands

“Birmingham”Shovels & Rope from O’ Be Joyful on Dualtone Records

“Basket of Light”The Black Swans from Occasion For Song on Misra Records

“On The Outside”Sacred Caves from Sanctuarium EP on hausKat Records

“The Longest Walk”Jason Haywood from A Thousand Miles Since Yesterday


July 24th – July 30th

It was good to see that the majority of listeners – through your streams and downloads and such – picked Fang Island‘s new single, “Sisterly,” as the top single from a new album of the week. Fang Island outpaced Passion Pit‘s new single, “Love is Greed” (No. 2) by only two votes. Plus, in order, The Gaslight Anthem, Lawrence of Arabia and Eternal Summers topped of the first half of the Top Ten this week. See the original post for more goodies. That does it for the Top 10 playlists for July; scroll down to listen to as many Top 10 playlist weeks as you want or just leave the player running – makes it sort of like Spotify, but without commercials.

“Sisterly”Fang Island from Major on Sargent House

“Love Is Greed” – Passion Pit from Gossamer

“45”The Gaslight Anthem from Handwritten (Exclusive Deluxe Edition) on Mercury Records

“Traveling Shoes”Lawrence Arabia from The Sparrow on Bella Union

“Millions” Eternal Summers from Correct Behavior on Kanine Records

“Obedear”Purity Ring from Shrines on 4AD

“Seek It Out”Fang Island from Major on Sargent House

“OK”Micachu and the Shapes from Never on Rough Trade

“Look Homeward, Heathen”Grassfight from Icon EP2 (self-released)

“Winds Light”Young Moon from Navigated Like the Swans on Western Vinyl


July 17th – July 23rd

A bit of a surprise, but not a huge surprise, the band Matisyahu landed the No. 1 spot with the new single, “Sunshine.” The History of Panic shot into the No. 2 position with the single, “The Chase” from the album, Fight! Fight! Fight!, followed at No. 3 by the relatively new band, Conveyor. The indie rock band Jeff The Brotherhood, secured the No. 4 single of the week with their song, “Sixpack,” from JTB’s latest album, Hypnotic Nights. The No. 5 song of the week was another track titled, “Sunshine,” by Cosmo Jarvis. The posts that determined this Top 10 list are Vol. I and Vol. II of Best New Music Releases for the week of July 10th (new albums are released on Tuesdays, so that’s the day the Top 10 week starts).

“Sunshine” Matisyahu from Spark Seeker on Fallen Sparks Records

“The Chase”The History of Panic from Fight! Fight! Fight! on Le Grand Magistery

“Mukraker”Conveyor from Conveyor

“Sixpack”Jeff The Brotherhood from Hypnotic Nights on Infinity Cat Recordings/Warner

“Sunshine”Cosmo Jarvis from Think Bigger on 25th Frame/ The End Records

“Lost In A Lullaby”The Drowning Men from All The Unknown on Borstal Beat Records

“Perfect Vision”Icky Blossoms from Perfect Vision on Saddle Creek

“Mississippi Saturday Night”Old Crow Medicine Show from Carry Me Back on ATO Records

“Bennington”John Maus from A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material on Ribbon Music

“Never the Same Way Twice”Shout Out Out Out Out from Spanish Moss and Total Loss on Normals Welcome Records


July 10th – July 16th

The newest single, “Gun Has No Trigger,” from the latest album by The Dirty Projectors just outpaced Videoing‘s lead single, “Nightwatch” for the top single of the week. At No. 3 was Twin Shadow with the lead single, “Five Seconds,” from his sophomore album, Confess. Mission of Burma and Husky took the No. 4 and No. 5 slots for the week, according to the number of times listeners played and downloaded tracks from the week’s Best New Music Releases. See the full post here. The bottom five of the Top 10 feature, in order, The Young Evils, Communist Daughter, Deleted Scenes, Holograms and Digitalism.

“Gun Has No Trigger”Dirty Projectors from Swing Lo Magellan on Domino

“Night Watch” – Videoing from Reader LP on Slack Electric

“Five Seconds”Twin Shadow from Confess on 4AD

“Second Television”Mission of Burma from Unsound on Fire

“History’s Door”Husky from Forever So on Sub Pop

“When Sally Walked In The Rain”The Young Evils from Foreign Spells (self-released)

“Ghosts”Communist Daughter from The Lions & Lambs EP on Grain Belt Records

“Bedbedbedbedbed”Deleted Scenes from Young People’s Church of Air on Park The Van

“ABC City”Holograms from Holograms on Captured Tracks

“A New Drug”Digitalism from DJ-Kicks on !K7 Records


July 3rd – July 9th

Not surprisingly, because of the Fourth of July holiday, this week was the thinnest week of the year for new releases. Labels will rarely drop an album during the Fourth of July week (people’s attention is elsewhere), but thankfully, a few did. But just to show how scarce the pickings were, there were only six singles for this week’s Best New Music Releases. Thankfully, there was also 7 Bands You Gotta Hear, Vol. III post, from which many of the songs in this week’s Top 10 originated.

That aside, Sunglasses’ new single, “Swim,” scored the No. 1 single of the week, according to how many times IRC listeners streamed and downloaded. Following Sunglasses, in order, Gold Motel, Easter Island, Mothlight, Ester, Tiger Waves and Cherokee Red. Sunglasses and Mothlight placed two singles in the Top 10.

“Swim”Sunglasses from Namesake/Swim EP on Lefse Records

“Always One Step Ahead”Gold Motel from Gold Motel on Good As Gold/Thirty Tigers

“Frightened”Easter Island from Frightened (self-released)

“American Spirit”Mothlight from American Spirit EP

“Namesake”Sunglasses from Namesake/Swim EP on Lefse Records

“Measure of a Man”Johnny Hickman from Tilting on Campstove Records

“Fox Weather”Mothlight from American Spirit EP

“To Let Go”Esther from TBA

“Summer”Tiger Waves from Don’t Be Yourself

“Vaya”Cherokee Red from Anomolie EP

June 26th – July 2nd

The last week of June and the first couple of days of July intertwine in this week’s Best New Music Releases (Vol. I and Vol. II) with a band hardly anyone has heard of – Seventeen Evergreen – grabbing the No. 1 spot based on what listeners streamed and downloaded the most from the week’s top singles from new albums. Seventeen Evergreen is a San Francisco electronic/psychedelic rock duo that has garnered a following throughout Europe, and based on the fact that they have the No. 1 song of the week, it looks like they are starting to attract a bigger following now in the U.S. as well. The latest single from The Henry Clay People took the No. 2 spot, followed at No. 3 by Beachwood Sparks return, and Infantree and Ty Seagall at No. 4 and No. 5, respectively, to round out the Top 5. We’re not clear on why more songs from Vol. II didn’t make it onto the Top 10 – the only guess we have is that more people were listening to Vol. I.

“Burn the Fruit” – Seventeen Evergreen from Steady On, Scientist!

“Hide” – The Henry Clay People from 25 for the Rest of Our Lives on TBD records

“Sparks Fly Again” – Beachwood Sparks from The Tarnished Gold

“Here Goes Nothing” – Infantree from Hero’s Dose on Vapor Records

“I Bought My Eyes” – Ty Segall Band from Slaughterhouse

“Do Right” – Milk Maid from Mostly No on FatCat Records

“Rapture” – Everest from Ownerless on ATO/Vapor Records

“Vapor” – Jon Lindsay from Summer Wilderness Program

“You Can Trust a Robot” – Exray’s from Trust a Robot

“Hallowed” – Arc in Round from Arc in Round

June 19th – June 25th

The No. 1 single for the week of June 19th is “We Should Be Swimming” by Zulu Winter‘s debut album, Language. Zulu Winter – who’ve been compared to bands like Coldplay, Morning Parade and Temper Trap – is an indie rock quintet from London that formed in 2011, and an IRC Band to Watch. Language contains a number of other standout tracks, such as “Silver Tongue” and “Key To My Heart.”

The No. 2 song of the week, according to IRC listeners’ picks of the best new releases, was “Ocean Ghost,” by Orca Team, who only lost out to “We Should Be Swimming” by a few votes. Orca Team is yet another relatively unknown band, even among people who closely follow indie rock. Interesting that the top two songs are thematically simliar. Fiona Apple’s newest single, “Every Single Night” had the third most listens/downloads of the week, followed by Glen Hansard

“We Should Be Swimming “ – Zulu Winter from Language on Arts & Crafts

“Ocean Ghost” – Orca Team from Restraint on HHBTM

“Every Single Night” – Fiona Apple from The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do on Epic Records

“Love Don’t Leave Me Waiting” – Glen Hansard from Rhythm and Repose on Anti-

“Get Gone” – White Arrows from Fireworks of The Sea EP on Votiv Music

“Millionenspiel” – Can from The Lost Tapes on Mute
Track vis

“The Hardest Part” – Hard Drugs from Party Foreverer on The Storyboard Label

“Secret Knowledge of Back Roads” Silver Jews from Early Times on Drag City

“She’s Going to Want You” – Sam Densmore from Ku-Thar’-Tik on Buddy Cat Music

“Lo Hi” – Peaking Lights from Lucifer on Weird World / Mexican Summer

Listen to all the new indie singles for the week of June 19th – 25th


June 12th – June 18th

According to listeners, Metric‘s new single, “Youth Without Youth,” easily secured the No. 1 spot for the week, between Vol. One and Vol. Two of the best new singles of the week. The latest song, “Night and Day” from Hot Chip‘s new album, In Our Heads, was the No. 2 song of the week. The No. 3 song of the week went to the rarely-known band, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, surprisingly beating out new singles from The Tallest Man on Earth and Guided by Voices, who took No. 4 and No. 5, respectively, to tap out the Top 5, trailed by These United States, Stepdad, Sea of Bees, Capitol 6 and Fallon Crush at the lower half of the Top 10.

“Youth Without Youth” – Metric from Synthetica on Metric Music International

“Night and Day” – Hot Chip from In Our Heads on Domino (via BestIndieTracks)

“Tapes & Money” – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs from Trouble on Casablanca Records

“1904” – The Tallest Man on Earth from There’s No Leaving Now on Dead Oceans

“Class Clown Spots a UFO” – Guided By Voices from Class Clown Spots a UFO on Guided By Voices, Inc.

“Born Young” – These United States from These United States on United Interests

“Must Land Running” – Stepdad from Wildlife Pop on Black Bell Records

“Broke” – Sea of Bees from Orangefarben on Team Love

“Cold Ride” – Capitol 6 from Pretty Lost on Light Organ Records via

“Honey Honey” – Fallon Cush from April (self-released)

June 5th – June 11th

Vancouver garage rock duo, Japandroids, scored twice in this week’s Top Ten with two singles from their new album, Celebration Rock, the first of which topped the countdown (as determined by listeners) at No. 1 – “The House That Heaven Built.” The popular Canadian rockers also took the No. 4 with their second featured single, “Evil’s Sway.” It was a bit of a surprise to see Japandroids outpace The Hives‘ newest single, “Go Right Ahead,” (at No. 2) considering The Hives have been a hugely popular band for many years compared to Japandroids, who only hit the buzz blogs and mainstream music press in the past few years. Plus, Lex Hives, the band’s first album in five years. Singer and songwriter Elliott Brood secured the No. 3 spot with his new single, the aptly titled, “Northern Air,” and to top out the Top 5 was the Crocodiles newest single. The lower half of this week’s Top Ten includes Pomegrantes, Teen Daze, Michael The Blind, Pujol and Curumin, respectively.

“The House That Heaven Built” – Japandroids from Celebration Rock on Polyvinyl

“Go Right Ahead”The Hives from Lex Hives

“Northern Air” – Elliott Brood from Days into Years

“Sunday (Psychedelic Conversation #9)” – Crocodiles from Endless Flowers on Frenchkiss

“Evil’s Sway”Japandroids from Celebration Rock on Polyvinyl

“Pass Away”Pomegranates from Heaven

“Brooklyn Sunburn”Teen Daze from All Of Us on Lefse Records

“Sympathies”Michael The Blind from Are’s & Els on Alder Street Records

“Providence” – Pujol from United States of Being on Saddle Creek

“Selvage”Curumin from Arrocha on Six Degrees Records


May 29th – June 4th

The No. 1 song for the first week of June was a bit of a surprise – Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros beat out The Walkmen for the top new single of the week. That is not to be taken as a comment that we don’t think Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros are not worthy of a No. 1 – they certainly are, and “Man On Fire” is one of the best songs of 2012. Moreover, Regina Spektor’s new single, “All The Rowboats,” which came in at No. 2, also helped pushed The Walkmen’s new single, “Heaven” to the No. 3 spot for the week.

Considering it was the top featured album and single, and The Walkmen have been such a popular indie rock band for years, the only thing that makes sense for why “Heaven” ranked only at No. 3 was that not as many people liked it as much as they did the No. 1 and No. 2 tracks. More likely, though, is the fact that the album single had already been out on the web for a couple of months before the album’s official drop date of May 29th. Iceland‘s titantic talent, Sigur Ros, released the band’s sixth studio album, Vitari, this week as well, and the lead single, “Varuo,” came in at No. 4. To top of the Top 5 is the single, “Drown,” from the new-to-us band, Broken Water, who we will definitely be keeping an ear out for. The new single from King Tuff, “Keep On Movin,'” moved right up to No. 6. Positions 7 through 10 went to, respectively, Lemonade, The Doc Marshalls, and The Toxic Avenger.

“Man On Fire”Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros from Here on Vagrant Records

“All The Rowboats”Regina Spektor from What We Saw From The Cheap Seats

“Heaven”The Walkmen from Heaven on Fat Possum

“Varuo”Sigur Rós from Valtari on XL Recordings

“Drown”Broken Water from Tempest on Hardly Art

“Keep On Movin'”King Tuff from King Tuff

“Softkiss” – Lemonade from Diver on True Panther/Matador

“Here They Come”The Doc Marshalls from Look Out, Compadre (self-released)

“Never Stop”The Toxic Avenger from ANGST on Little Owl Recordings

May 22nd – May 28th

This is a great week for lesser known bands with new albums as the Top 10 results clearly show; there are plenty of great songs in this playlist. A band that we named a band to watch a couple of years ago, Hallelujah The Hills, rocketed to the No. 1 spot this week with their lastest single, “Get Me in a Room,” whatever that means. The band’s newest album, No One Knows What Happens Next, received a five-star rating on Amazon. At No. 2 is the newest single, “Passage,” from the band Exitmusic, followed by an IRC 2010 Band to Watch, The Danks at No. 3; Shrouded Strangers at No. 4 and JBM to round out the top five.

“Get Me in a Room” – Hallelujah the Hills from No One Knows What Happens Next on Discrete Pageantry Records

“Passage” – Exitmusic from Passage on Secretly Canadian

“Automocar” – The Danks from Are You Afraid of the Danks on Hidden Pony Records

“(Don’t Look At The) Pink Lightning” Shrouded Strangers from Lost Forever on Trade Root / Izniz

“Only Now” – JBM from Stray Ashes on Western Vinyl

“Fate” – Young Man from Vol. 1

“Rock ‘N Roll Is The Answer” – Joey Ramone from …Ya Know? on BMG

“Do” – Young Man from Vol. 1

“Introduction” – Witch from Introduction and In The Past on Now Again Records

“Bad Man” – Cory Branan from MUTT on Bloodshot Records

May 15th – May 21st

The third week of May delivered a number of anticipated new releases, especially from Beach House and Best Coast, whose singles, not surprisingly, took the No. 1 and No. 2 spots of the week, respectively, according to IRC listeners. Brooklyn’s synth pop trio Plushgun ranked at No. 3 for the week of May 15th, followed by Duquette Johnston and The Rebel Kings and Parlovr, at No. 4 and No. 5. The lower half of the Top 10 Songs for the week include, in order, new singles from fresh album drops by Apollo Ghosts, Carousel, Black Tambourine, Concubines and Violens.

“Myth” – Beach House from Bloom

“The Only Place” – Best Coast from The Only Place

“Wasted Away” – Plushgun from Me.Me

“Roll Baby Roll” – Duquette Johnston and The Rebel Kings, new single for the season finale of Private Practice

“You Only Want It Cause You’re Lonely” – Parlovr from Kook Soul

“What Are Your Influences” – Apollo Ghosts from Landmark

“Where Do We Go From Here” – Carousel from 27 Rue de Mi’chelle

“What’s Your Game” – Black Tambourine from OneTwoThreeFour EP on Slumberland Records

“Darkness” – Concubines from Darkness 7″

“Der Microarc” – Violens from True on Slumberland Records


May 8th – May 14th

Here We Go Magic has built a loyal following over the past few years with their unique style of infectious indie pop. Their new single, “How Do I Know?,” is rhythmically upbeat and infectious pop – in fact, a friend has already added it to a summer 2012 playlist she’s making, which will likely be posted on IRC, to kick-off the first summer playlist since the past couple of years successful Summer Mixtape Series.

The No. 2 spot was almost a tie between Here We Go Magic’s second single, “At Right Time” and Silveruns Pickups’ newest single from their new release, Neck of the Woods. A second single from Here We Go Magic took the No. 3 spot, followed by Dana Boy and The Cribs to round out the Top 5.

“How Do I Know” – Here We Go Magic from A Different Ship

“Bloody Mary” – Silversun Pickups from Neck of the Woods on Dangerbird Records
Track from

“Make Up Your Mind” – Here We Go Magic from A Different Ship

“Call To Be” – Dana Buoy from Summer Bodies on Lefse Records

“Chi Town” – The Cribs from In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull (Bonus Edition) on Witchita Recordings

“Kids” – Saints of Valory from Kids

“Doin’ It Right” – Cheers Elephant from Like Wind Blows Fire

“John Johnny” – Heavy Cream from Super Treatment on Infinity Cat

“Call My Name” – Drift Wood Miracle from Cuidadé

“Gloria” – Virals from  Coming Up with the Sun


May 1st – May 7th

The first week of May was another great week for great singles from new album releases. Interestingly, of the Vol. I and Vol. II post playlists for the week, Ane Brun came out with the No. 2 spot of the week. That wouldn’t have been our choice for top track of the week, but hey, the Top 10 is determined by listeners. At No. 2, a more likely No. 1 song for the week, Reptar offer the standout track, “Sebastian.” To round out the Top 5 of the week are new singles from Mystery Jets, The Mowgils and Ramona Falls, respectively.

“Do You Remember (feat. First Aid Kit)– Ane Brun from It All Starts With One on America

“Sebastian” – Reptar from Body Faucet on Vagrant Records

“Someone Purer” – Mystery Jets from Radlands
Track via

“I’ve Been Around”The Mowglis from Sound the Drum

“Spore” – Ramona Falls from Prophet on Barsuk Records

“Broke” – Sea of Bees from Orangefarben on Team Love

“Brains” – Lower Dens from Nootropics on Ribbon Music

“Orifice Origami” – Reptar from Body Faucet on Vagrant Records

“Lay Your Cards Out” (with Mike Noyce from Bon Iver) – Polica from Give You The Ghost

“(David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six” – The Brian Jonestown Massacre from Aufheben


April 24th – April 30th

This was Jack White‘s week in the eyes of Best New Releases, and opinions of IRC listeners. As such, the No. 1 song of the week went to White’s “Freedom of 21,” off his debut solo album, Blunderbuss. Because of the popularity of the release, and the fact that we featured a number of available singles (including two embedded songs), Jack got to stack the top of the charts this week – at least according to the number of streams and downloads of his singles from the Blunderbuss profile published on IRC. And to that point, “Sixteen Saltines,” easily took the No. 2 song of the week.

But there is a inherit flaw in this week’s Top Ten – that is, the embedded songs – we cannot track how many times they were played on IRC, and why embeds are avoided most of the time, since the Top Ten pages are so popular with listeners around the world.  Unfortunately, labels are using more Soundcloud embeds than .mp3 links of songs in the past year, which screws things up for us. We wish they would all provide .mp3 links like many other record labels do – most notably Subpop (thank you), Matador (thank you), and Saddle Creek (thank you), among others.

That said, the embedded songs from Blunderbuss that were featured in the post, “Love Interruption” and “Trash Tongue Talker,” can’t be included in the Top 10 because we have no statistics available. Moving on, at No. 3 for the week was “Country Mile” from Diamond Rugs, a band consisting of John McCauley (Deer Tick), Robbie Crowell (Deer Tick), Ian Saint Pé (The Black Lips), Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate) and Bryan Dufresne (Six Finger Satellite).  Interestingly, Diamond Rugs just barely beat out the first new lead single from The Raveonettes, “Into The Night.”  To round out the Top 5 was “Once And For All,” by Clock Opera.

The lower half of the Top 10 kicks off with The Raveonettes second feature single, “Night Comes Out,” at No. 6, followed by fresh tracks from new albums by popular indie artists like Bad Veins, Ty Seagull with White Fence, Toro Y Moi and Suckers. Pretty solid Top 10, and yet again, evidence that IRC listeners have great taste in music.

“Freedom at 21″ – Jack White from Blunderbuss (+digital booklet)

“Sixteen Saltines” – Jack White from Blunderbuss (with digital booklet)

“Country Mile” – Diamond Rugs – from Diamond Rugs on Partisan Records
track via

“Into The Night” The Raveonettes from Into the Night EP on Raveonettes LTD

“Once And For All” – Clock Opera from Ways To Forget

“Night Comes Out” – The Raveonettes from Into the Night EP on Raveonettes LTD

“Dancing On TV” – Bad Veins from The Mess We’ve Made on Modern Outsider Records

“I Am Not A Game” –  Ty Segall & White Fence from Hair (or vinyl) via Drag City Records

“Dead Pontoon” – Toro Y Moi from June 2009 on Carpark Records

“Turn on the Sunshine” – Suckers from Candy Salad on Frenchkiss Records

April 17th – April 23rd

Because of our Record Store Day coverage (which contains dozens of awesome free MP3s), it was a bit tricker to extrapolate from the web state data which were the top singles of the week from the Best New Releases for the week of April 17th, but we got it figured out eventually.

This week’s No. 1 track, according to listeners’ streams and downloads, goes to Absolute Monarchs‘ new single, “Attack.” Interestingly, the new single “Winters” from Maps & Atlases followed far behind at No. 2.  Dry The River‘s first single, “New Ceremony” scored the No. 3 track followed by Horse Feathers‘ “Fit Against The Country” at No. 4. To round out the top five was JD McPherson‘s “North County Gal.”

“Attack” – Absolute Monarchs from 1 via Good To Die Records

“Winters” – Maps & Atlases from Beware and Be Grateful

“New Ceremony” – Dry The River from Shallow Bed

“Fit Against the Country” – Horse Feathers from Cynic’s New Year via Kill Rock Stars

“North Side Gal” – JD McPherson from Signs and Signifiers (+ digital booklet) via Rounder Records

“Maybe I’m The One (For Me)” – Make Out from Maybe I’m The One (For Me) double single

“Nightmares” – Grave Babies from Gothdammit EP via Hardly Art

“Coast” – Dry The River from Shallow Bed
Track via

“Anybody Out There” – Mean Jeans from On Mars (CD version)

” Your Graduating Hours” – King Of Prussia from Transmissions From The Grand Strand (self-released)

April 10th – April 16th

They were a huge hit at South By Southwest a couple of weeks earlier, so it’s not a huge surprise that the new single, “Hold On,” from Alabama Shakes debut album was the No. 1 track for the second release week of April. Dinosaur Feathers took the No. 2 spot with the track “Surprise!” – which is full of hooklicious guitar riffs, pop-oriented beats, and grand choruses.

California stoner rock band Sleepy Sun took the No. 3 slot with the new single, “Stivey Pond,” followed by Young Hines, a new relatively unknown artist who opened for The Raconteurs last year, landed the No. 4 position with “Rainy Day.” To round out the top five, Dinosaur Feathers scored their second Top 10 with the track, “Betcha” – so there definitely is strong interest in the relatively unknown band that we think will become more well-known as time goes on.

Starting out the bottom half of the Top 10 is the No. 6 track of the week, “For Years and Years” by It’s A Musical, followed at No. 7 by The Sugarettes‘ awesome “Love In Stereo.”  Hoots and Hellmouth, who we added to our radar, caught the No. 8 single of the week, followed by the band Trampled by Turtles’ new single, “Alone,” and No. 9. To close out the Top 10 Songs of the week is the single “Sunshine Blood” by Jennie Gellespie. Also view a Part Two Top 10 list for this week – it’s all explained here.

“Hold On” – Alabama Shakes from Boys and Girls via ATO Records
(track via KEXP)

“Surprise!” – Dinosaur Feathers from Whistle Tips

“Stivey Pond” – Sleepy Sun from Spine Hits on The End Records

“Rainy Day” – Young Hines from Give Me My Change

“Betcha” – Dinosaur Feathers from Whistle Tips

“Love in Stereo” – The Sugarettes from Destroyer of Worlds

“For Years And Years” – It’s A Musical from For Years And Years on Morr Music

“Why Would You Not Want to Go There?” – Hoots and Hellmouth from Salt on sonaBLAST! Records

“Alone” – Trampled by Turtles from Stars and Satellites on Thirty Tigers/RED

“Sunshine Blood” – Jenny Gillespie from Belita EP


April 3rd – April 9th

April 2012 was a pretty good month for new releases, maybe not as much as previous month’s, but still plenty to take notice of. Interestingly enough, the first No. 1 track of the month goes to the relatively new and unknown band, The Lumineers, who’s new single, “Ho Hey” beat out No. 2 single, “Little Talks,” from Of Monsters and Men by one vote. The No. 3 track of the week, according to listeners’ streams/downloads, was “New Wild Everywhere,” the title track of the latest album from the folk rockers Great Lake Swimmers. Another title track, “Destroyer of Worlds,” from The Sugarettes new LP, came in at No. 4. To round out the Top 5 is the new single, “Night,” from the relatively unknown band Ravens & Chimes.

The lower half of the Top Ten Songs for the week of April 3rd to April 9th starts of with the No. 6 song, and second entry, by Of Monsters and Men, with the track “Lakehouse.” Next, another IRC DIY Band to Watch in 2012, Max and the Moon, took the No. 7 spot with their single, “Light House,” which is kind of interesting that it followed right behind “Lakehouse” – a bit of coincidental theme going on there. As with Monsters and Men, new indie band, The Lumineers, also made the Top 10 twice, at No. 7, with the track, “Slow It Down.” Somewhat surprisingly, Bear in Heaven‘s new single only ranked in at No. 8.

Rocky Votolato’s new single, “Little Spring” came in at No. 9 and to close out this Top 10 is the fresh single, “Solid Gold,” from the band AU. These songs came from Best New Releases Vol. One and Two.

“Ho Hey” – The Lumineers from The Lumineers on Dualtone Records

“Little Talks” – Of Monsters and Men from My Head Is an Animal via Record Records

“New Wild Everywhere” – Great Lake Swimmers from New Wild Everywhere on Nettwerk Records

“Destroyer of Worlds”The Sugarettes from Destroyer of Worlds

“Night” – Ravens & Chimes from Holiday Life on Better Looking Records

“Lakehouse” – Of Monsters and Men from My Head Is an Animal

“Light House” – Max and The Moon from The Way I See

“Slow It Down” – The Lumineers from The Lumineers

“Reflection of You” – Bear in Heaven from I Love You It’s Cool

“Little Spring” – Rocky Votolato from Television of Saints (self-released)

“Solid Gold” – AU from Both Lights on Hometapes

March 28th – April 2nd

To close out the month of March, and beginning of April’s, Top 10 Songs playlists, the No. 1 track of the week of March 27th to April 2nd went to the supergroup Poor Moon‘s new single, “People In Her Mind.” The band features members of Fleet Foxes, Crystal Skulls and The Christmas Cards. Some would say Poor Moon is not really a supergroup in terms of what people think of as supergroups like Monsters of Folk and the more recently formed Diamond Rugs.

From Athens, Ohio, the electro shoegaze band, Brothertiger, the moniker of musician John Jagos, sent in his new album, Golden Years, and we were in total agreement with listeners that the lead single, “Lovers,” was worthy of being the No. 2 track of the week. The popular band, La Sera, founded by Katy Goodman, the bassist for the Vivian Girls, had the No. 3 most listened to song, “Please Be My Their Eye,” of the week, followed at No. 4 by the Brooklyn band Oberhofer’s single “Away Frm U,” which we actually featured as a demo back in 2009, when we featured the then relatively unknown one-man band of Brad Oberhofer. The band also took the No. 5 spot with their song, “oOoO” (there has been various versions of the spelling of this track).

The Toronto band, Zeus, one of our favorite new discoveries of 2012, scored the No. 6 spot for the single, “Anything You Want Dear.” One of the best debut albums of 2012 so far is Coco Beware from the band Caveman from which the single, “Old Friend” was the No. 7 song of the week. There were so many great singles for this week that artists that would normally chart higher in a Top 10 Songs playlist were further down the list, including Alcoholic Faith Mission (No. 8 for “Into Pieces”), Young Prisms (No. 9 for “Floating in Blue”) and finally The Retribution Gospel Choir at No. 10 with their single, “The Stone (Revolution).”

“People in Her Mind” – Poor Moon from Illusion on Sub Pop

“Lovers” – Brothertiger from Golden Years on Mush Records

“Please Be My Third Eye” La Sera from Sees The Light

“Away Frm U” – Oberhofer from Time Capsule II

“oOoO” – Oberhofer from Time Capsule II

“Anything You Want Dear” – Zeus from Busting Visions

“Old Friend” – Caveman from CoCo Beware

“Into Pieces” – Alcoholic Faith Mission from Ask Me This

“Floating In Blue” – Young Prisms from In Between

“The Stone (Revolution!)” – Retribution Gospel Choir from The Revolution EP

portofmorrowalbumMarch 21st – March 27th

This was definitely the week of The Shins, and it shows in the results for the Top 10 Songs of the week. We featured three songs from the new album, Port of Morrow, and they easily swept the Top 10. But we were a little surprised that the lead single, “Simple Song,” wasn’t the No. 1 track or the No. 2 song. Rather, IRC listeners chose “It’s Only Life,” as the top track of the week, followed at No. 2 by “September,” and finally, at No. 3, “Simple Song.”

We haven’t seen a featured band sweep the top three in a long time, which goes to show that The Shins are bigger than ever. The No. 4 song of the week, “All of Me,” from the duo Tanlines is an enjoyable dance pop track, so it’s not a surprise it came in the Top 5. The track that completed the Top 5 was the newest single, “Golden Eyelids,” from the new album from Lost in the Trees. The bottom half of the Top 10 include great songs (in order) from Yukon Blonde, Morningbell, The Wedding Present, Daniel Rossen, and Cousins. Listen to all the songs from the Best New Releases for the week of March 20th.

“It’s Only Life” – The Shins from Port of Morrow

“September” – The Shins from Port of Morrow

“Simple Song” – The Shins from Port of Morrow

“All of Me” – Tanlines from Mixed Emotions (Amazon Exclusive Version) via True Panther Sounds

“Golden Eyelids” – Lost In The Trees from A Church That Fits Our Needs on Anti Records – (track via Austin Town Hall)

“Stairway” – Yukon Blonde from Tiger Talk on Dine Alone Records

“You Think I Don’t Know (But I Know)” – Morningbell from Basso Profundo (self-released)

“You Jane” – The Wedding Present from Valentina on Scopitones

“Silent Song” – Daniel Rossen from Silent Hour/Golden Mile EP on Warp

“Jules” – Cousins from The Palm at the End of the Mind on Saved by Vinyl

March 14th – March 20th

This week was the 25th anniversary of the world-famous South by Southwest music festival, marathon and convention in Austin. Therefore, much of the music world was pretty much focused on SXSW. Nevertheless, there were a number of notable new releases for SXSW week. In fact, some of the same artists that were at SXSW released new albums the same week. The latest single from The Ting Tings, “Soul Killing,” topped the list at No. 1, followed closely behind at No. 2 by the CD release single from Delta Spirit, “California.”

The No. 3 track of the week, “Sappho,” was the lead single by the enthralling band Tribes’ anticipated debut, Baby.  The band, Tiger! Tiger!, sent in their new album, Cut Them Where They Bleed, from which the lead single, “Perfume of Despair,” took the No. 4 slot. To round out of the Top 5 was the single “Sometimes,” by the band Lucero.

The bottom half of the Top 10 featured, in order, singles from Drowner, FreshkillsSpoek Mathambo, Tacocat, and Say Anything.

“Soul Killing” – The Ting Tings from Sounds From Nowheresville (track via

“California” – Delta Spirit from Delta Spirit on Rounder Records (track via TheWheelsStillinSpin)

“Sappho” – Tribes from Baby via Fairfax Recordings (song via

“Perfume of Despair” – Tiger! Tiger! from Cut Them Where They Bleed via Chicken Ranch Records

“Sometimes” – Lucero from Women & Work via ATO Records

“Never Go Away” – Drowner from Drowner

“Positive Vibes” – Freshkills from Raise Up the Sheets via Bat Rabies Alert/The End Records

“Put Some Red on It” Spoek Mathambo from Father Creeper via Sub Pop

“Spring Break-Up” – Tacocat from Take Me To Your Dealer via Hardly Art

“Burn a Miracle” – Say Anything from Anarchy, My Dear via Vision Records

View and listen to all the songs from the Best New Releases playlist post for the second week of March.

March 7th – March 13th

Andrew Bird easily took the No. 1 spot for first full week of March (in album release terms; since most albums are released on Tuesdays) with his fantastic new single, “Eyeoneye,” from the widely acclaimed new album Break it Yourself. In Part Two of this week’s Best New Releases, the band Ceremony‘s new single, “Hysteria,” captured the No. 2 spot.

At No. 3 for the week is the new track from a band we like a lot, Good Old War, off their new release Come Back As Rain. The Bowerbirds‘ return with a new album that produced the No. 4 song of the week – “Tuck The Darkness In.”  To round out the Top 5 songs, White Rabbits‘ “Temporary” came in at No. 5. The lower half of the Top 10 included songs, in order, by Miniature Tigers, The Magnetic Fields, Said The Whale, Bensh and Yellow Ostrich.

“Eyeoneye” – Andrew Bird from Break It Yourself via Mom + Pop

“Hysteria” – Ceremony from Zoo via Matador Records

“Calling Me Names” – Good Old War from Come Back As Rain via Sargent House

“Tuck the Darkness In” – Bowerbirds from The Clearing (+Digital Booklet) via Dead Oceans

“Temporary” – White Rabbits from Milk Famous via TBD Records

“Female Doctor” – Miniature Tigers from Mia Pharaoh via Modern Art

“Andrew In Drag” – The Magnetic Fields from Love at the Bottom of the Sea via Merge Records

“Heavy Ceiling” – Said the Whale from Little Mountain via Hidden Pony

“How Come Nao” – Bensh from Clues on Odd One In Records

“Marathon Runner” – Yellow Ostrich from Strange Land via Barsuk

Feb. 28th – March 4th

IRC listeners and visitors agreed with our pick of a lead single  for the first week of March.  The song, “The Way That You Are,” from PT Walkley‘s latest album, Thriller – even though we strongly disagree with the choice of any another artist in the world giving their album title ‘Thriller.’ Love or hate MJ’s music, that’s just a line you don’t cross. It really makes us wish we could have been there when the discussion over giving Walkley’s album that title was made. That aside, the track is terrific, and no wonder that it was the No. 1 song of the week.

The lead single, “The Kids Were Wrong,” of the debut album from Toronto‘s dream pop duo, Memoryhouse, took the No. 2 spot followed at No. 3 by the lead single, “Northern Air” off Elliott Brood‘s album, Days Into Years. Checking in at No. 4 is a terrific single from Geographer‘s well received album, Myth, trailed by “Lightshow” at No. 5 by Plants and Animals.

“The Way That You Are” – PT Walkleyfrom Thriller

“The Kids Were Wrong” – Memoryhouse from The Slideshow Effect

“Northern Air” – Elliott Brood from Days into Years

“Life From Crime” – Geographer from Myth

“Lightshow” – Plants and Animals from The End of That

“Love’s Taking Strange Ways” – The Mary Onettes from Love Forever

“Go Away” – PT Walkley from Thriller

“Glow” – Amy Ray from Lung of Love

“Every Little Thing” – Soft Swells from Soft Swells

“On the Radio” – Mind Spiders from Meltdown

Feb. 21st – Feb. 27th

No surprise that the infectious song, “We Are Young,” by the band Fun, with Janelle Monae on vocals – from the February LP, Some Nights – ended up as the No. 1 song of the week. It’s a song that started out months ago as an advanced single, and quickly spread on indie blogs and music sites, and then blew up after it was featured in a car commercial, going on to top the Billboard Top 100 charts. There is a doubtful, non-sourced, claim on the band’s Wikipedia profile, that includes the assertion that the single was “the first rock/alternative song to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart since Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” in 2008.”

For starters, Fun is more of an indie rock band (but perhaps not as much now with the success of “We Are Young”) than a “rock/alternative” band (that syntax is odd). The same Wikipedia page for Fun doesn’t even list them as an alternative rock band, but instead an indie pop and indie rock band. Secondly, Fun cannot possibly be compared to Coldplay, a band which has been one of the most internationally famous and commercially successful bands of the past 15 years.

To label Coldplay as an alternative rock band is simply a flawed assumption. Many people think of The White Stripes, The Strokes, Cage The Elephant, Band of Skulls, and so on, as alternative rock bands, but Coldplay? Not really; we’d say they are more Britpop, and perhaps too commercial to be seriously called alternative rock. In addition to the fact that this quote from Wikipedia has no reference makes it all the more dubious.

Read about, and listen to/download, all of the Top Ten Songs, and the artists that released them, for the last week of February. Or stream the stripped-down version below.

“We Are Young” – fun. (featuring Janelle Monáe) from Some Nights

“Museum of Flight” – Damien Jurado from Maraqopa

“Oblivion” – Grimes from Visions

“Nowhere” – Wild Nothing from Nowhere 7″

“Remembrance of Things to Come” – Princeton from Remembrance of Things to Come

“Hood” – Perfume Genius from Put Your Back N 2 It (Exclusive Amazon Version)

Vowels = Space and Time” – Grimes from Visions

“Florida” – Princeton from Remembrance of Things to Come

“Shout It In” – Dirty Ghosts from  Metal Moon

“Gone Tomorrow” – Lambchop from Mr. M

Feb. 14th – Feb. 20th

The new releases for the love week of Feb 14th that garnered the most interest from IRC regulars and visitors were not a big surprise – the No.1 song of the week easily went to newest single, “You As You Were,” from Shearwater‘s highly acclaimed new animal, Animal Joy. It was the most streamed, and downloaded, song in the days following the publishing of the post Best New Releases – Week of Feb. 14th (In the U.S., Tuesdays are the music industry’s official day to release new albums).

Band of Skull‘s new single, “Sweet & Sour” was fairly far behind Shearwater to take the No. 2 spot, which indicates IRC listeners – at least for this Top 10 Songs list – picked one of folk rock’s biggest bands over one of alternative rock’s top bands in recent years. Ranking at No. 3 is the latest single from an IRC Band to Watch (thanks mostly to their new sophomore album, Failure, from which the single was taken) Unicycle Loves You. Shearwater charts twice this week with a No. 4 song and the second official single from Animal Joy, “Breaking The Yearlings.”

To close out the Top 5, another band to watch, Oy Vey, scored with the infectious lead single, “When I Was Young,” off of their new album, Recession Girls, which has garnered considerable critical praise from media sites and blogs across the web. Even though their debut album was released in 2008, it still seems that the band have not broken out to the degree we think their music dictates they should.

Therefore, it just seems and feels appropriate to bend the rules a little (that is that, the rule that bands to watch are usually named before or after their first album) and keep Ov Vey on the band watch list. In fact, we might just feature them in an upcoming installment.

The title of the Oy Vey single, as well as the recent Top 40 and web viral track, “We Are The Young,” by the now-less-indie band, fun.   both contain the word young. But, it goes even further, especially in the band names department, including many bands we dig like Young The Giant (even though they’ve been together since ’04, they hit the bigger stage, if you will, during 2010-11), Youth Lagoon, Young Magic, Young Man, Young Knives, The Young Veins, Youth Group.

Just as Shearwater did, Band of Skulls scored in the Top 5 twice, the other time, the second  single, “The Devil Takes Care of His Own,” made the No. 5.

According to the web statistics, the seventh most popular song for the Valentines week of 2012 went to the lead track, “Origins” from Tennis’ widely acclaimed album Young and Old. The well-respected All Music Guide wrote: “Tennis are making some of the best pop music around in 2012” and Prefix Magazine praised “it’s a record that’s hard to turn off once you put it on.” At No. 8 was the new single, “Song of a City,” by the duo Isidore, from Life Somewhere Else, an album that was eight years in the making. If you want an album to “take a chance” with this week, this would be a good pick. And to wrap up the Top 10, a band we like a lot, Young Magic, took No. 9 with their new single, and at No. 10, The Phenomenal Handclap Band.

Note: Whenever you want to buy an album, you know that you can come to IRC, and whether in a post or on this page, you can click the album title and make a purchase directly from Amazon, where the prices are almost always lower than iTunes, they are not protected and you can import them into iTunes and any other MP3 player you have, including smart phones and tablets. People say they like the fact that we include a link to buy the album because it’s convenient and easy way to buy all the albums they want each week in one place.

“You As You Were” – Shearwater from Animal Joy

“Sweet Sour” – Band of Skulls from Sweet Sour

“Wow Wave Cinema” – Unicycle Loves You from Failure

“Breaking The Yearlings” – Shearwater from Animal Joy

“When I Was Young” – Oy Vey from Recession Girls

“The Devil Takes Care of His Own” – Band of Skulls from Sweet Sour

“Origins” – Tennis from Young and Old

“Song of the City” – Isidore from Life Somewhere Else

“Night In The Ocean” – Young Magic from Melt

“The Right One” – Phenomenal Handclap Band from Form and Control

Feb. 7th – Feb. 13th

Look who took the cake for the second week of February. Indeed it was Philly alternative/indie rock band, Dr. Dog, which listeners voted (through streams and downloads) so enthusiastically that the two tracks we featured from their new album, Be The Void, took both the No. 1 and No. 2 spots in the Top 10 Songs of the Week. The No. 3 track from the indie band Capybara grabbed the No.3  spot with the lead single, “Late Night Bikes” from their new album.

The song that took the No. 4 spot was a head-scratcher. It was a track buried at the end of Part Two (here’s Part One) of the week’s Best New Releases, by the alt. country band Drunkard Prayer. It’s not a particularly good song, and compared with all of the other tracks for the week, we just could not figure out what listeners heard in the song that we didn’t. Anyone who wants to help us understand, please use the Comments section (no, seriously).

To round out the Top 5, the new single, “Mean to Me,” from Go Fly A Kite, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ben Kweller‘s new album, almost tied with Drunkard Prayer by one stream/download. But what’s almost as head-scratching as Drunkard Prayer is the No. 6 to No. 10 tracks of the week. Just by looking at the list, you might see why we are puzzled those songs didn’t rank up higher – but still, of the dozens of tracks to choose from that week, they still all made it into the Top 10, including tracks from Blondes, of Montreal, Liz Green, Pretty Good Dance Moves and tying for No. 10 were A Place to Bury Strangers and Sharon Van Etten. You can click on the album title to download the albums from Amazon – we get a tiny bit, not even 5%, for each album sold, but over time, if enough buy, it can add up to a few extra dollars so we can buy more bandwidth because – throughout the entire website – we are hosting hundreds, probably thousands by now, free and legal MP3s.

“That Old Back Hole” – Dr. Dog from Be The Void

“Warrior Man” – Dr. Dog from Be The Void

“Late Night Bikes” – Capybara from Dave Drusky

“Always Sad” – Drunken Prayer from Into the Missionfield

“Mean To Me” – Ben Kweller from Go Fly A Kite

“Wine” – Blondes from Blondes – via MyOldKentuckyBlog

“Wintered Debts” – of Montreal from Paralytic Stalks

“Hey Joe” – Liz Green from O, Devotion!

“I Wonder Why (feat. Sabina Sciubba)” – Pretty Good Dance Moves from Limo

Tie: “Serpents” – Sharon Van Etten from Tramp

Tie: “So Far Away” – A Place To Bury Strangers from Onwards to the Wall EP

Feb. 1st – Feb 6th

imperialteenfeelthesoundThe top singles from the new album releases officially dropped during the first week of February made up a good mix of tracks from a variety of artists. Not totally surprisingly, Imperial Teen‘s much-played track, “Runaway,” was by far the No. 1 track over a distant No. 2 – the newest single, “Darkness,” from Leonard Cohen‘s new album, Old Ideas.

Interestingly, the track, “Festejo” from a band we’d never heard of before, Novalima, ranked in at No. 3 for the week. Not only is it interesting compared to all of the other tracks, but it’s positioned near the bottom of the playlist, not intentionally – usually the first have of the playlist in the Best New Releases posts are positioned according to our favorites, which are usually the favorites of others.

The lead track from the long awaited self-titled, debut album from Hospitality took the No. 4 slot, followed by the groovy track, “Funny Girl” by psych pop band Pacific UV at No. 5 to round out the top five tracks. The other half of the top ten were singles from the following artists – Imperial Teen (2nd single), The Library is On Fire, The Jealous Sound, Hospitality (2nd single), and The Big Sleep.

“Runaway” – Imperial Teen from Feel the Sound

“Darkness” – Leonard Cohen from Old Ideas [+Digital Booklet]

Festejo” – Novalima from Karimba

“Betty Wang” – Hospitality from Hospitality

“Funny Girl” – Pacific UV from Weekends

“Overtaken” – Imperial Teen from Feel the Sound

“They Don’t Know You (Like I Know You)” – The Library Is On Fire from Works On Paper (self-released)

“Your Eyes Were Shining” – The Jealous Sound from A Gentle Reminder

“Friends of Friends” – Hospitality from Hospitality

“Ace” – The Big Sleep from Nature Experiments

Jan. 23rd – Jan. 30th

Now that highly anticipated new releases of 2012 are really starting to roll out as February draws nearer to a close, the stacks of new, fantastic singles, EPs and albums are piling up.  But this particular week was a huge one, especially for fans of electro psych pop. See the original Best New Releases for full profiles, photos, and more songs from new albums released this week, as well as some flashback tracks, which we don’t include in the Top 10 because they are not new songs.  As affirmation to our top picks of the week, regular listeners and new visitors made the new single, “No Future/No Past,” from Cloud NothingsAttack on Memory, as the No. 1 song of the week.

Further affirmation came with the new single from Brooklyn‘s rising Porcelain Raft (Mauro Remiddi). Listeners pushed “Put Me To Sleep” from PR’s debut album to the No. 2 spot. The debut, Strange Weekend, is one of our favorite albums of 2012, so far, and Porcelain Raft a Band to Watch. To round out the top five, Nada Surf took  No. 3, and  The Big Pink came in at No. 4, with another track, “Stay Useless” from Attack on Memory, rounding out the Top 5.  The bottom half of the Top Ten where another track from Cloud Nothings, Big Deal, Laura Gibson, Dana Falconberry, Cheyenne Marie Mize, and Chairlift. Lots of good music; enjoy.

“No Future/No Past “ – Cloud Nothings from Attack on Memory

“Put Me to Sleep” – Porcelain Raft from Strange Weekend

“When I Was Young” – Nada Surf from The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy

“Stay Gold” – The Big Pink from Future This

“Stay Useless” – Cloud Nothings from Attack on Memory

“Chair” – Big Deal from Lights Out

“La Grande” – Laura Gibson from La Grande

“Petoskey Stone” – Dana Falconberry from Though I Didn’t Call It Came EP

“Wishing Well “ – Cheyenne Marie Mize from We Don’t Need EP

“Amanaemonesia” – Chairlift from Something

Jan. 16th – Jan. 22nd

By the third week of January, the new music releases start to really flow out, in addition to announcements of other album release dates in the coming months, and on top of that, tour dates and festival news. This week there were new releases from Guided by Voices, Howlers, Paul Brill, Frankie Rose, Old Monk, Buried Beds, Ani DiFranco and more. Despite the stiff competition, the new single, “The Unsinkable Fats Domino,” off of the first album to feature the original line-up of Guided By Voices in 18 years, Let’s Go Eat the Factory, easily grasped the position as the No. 1 song of the week. New songs from the bands to watch Howler and Louden Swain came in No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, followed by Paul Brill and The Duke Spirit to round out the top half of the top ten singles from new albums out this week.

Note: You can buy MP3 downloads of any album from Amazon by clicking on any album title link.

The Unsinkable Fats DominoGuided By Voices from Let’s Go Eat the Factory

“Back of Your Neck”Howler from America Give Up (Bonus Track version)

“Eskimo” Louden Swain from Eskimo

“Sunny Side”Paul Brill from Breezy

“Don’t Wait” (Live)The Duke Spirit from Bruiser

“Sacred Birds”Old Monk from Birds of Belize

“Doughnut For A Snowman”Guided By Voices from Let’s Go Eat the Factory

“Cigarette”Louden Swain from Eskimo

“Know Me”Frankie Rose from Intersellar

“The Royal Oui”Paul Brill from Breezy

Jan. 9th – Jan. 15th

This first Top 10 Songs playlist of 2012 is a bit different than the ordinary top tens of 2011. Because of the holidays, bands and labels did not release very many new albums in the first couple of weeks, and so we ended up having to search our email box for band submissions that were not showing up on any other music sites. And what we found were some DIY gems that started the year with a good kick. The band that rose to the top in our minds, and subsequently with listeners, was a random submission that we received from The Sanctuaries, whose raw lo-fi rock single, “She Got Bit,” from the band’s new album, Anette, shot to the top of the IRC charts to become our first No. 1 track of 2012.

Many of the songs for this Top 10, as is the case for most other Top 10 lists, originate predominantly from the Best New Releases posts, in which we look at which tracks were played and downloaded the most for the week in question to determine the order of the Top 10. In some cases, not so much with this particular Top 10, the songs that come out on top have sometimes been out for weeks as early advance singles. Still, we feel comfortable with that fact, because there are thousands of people who get their favorite new ‘indie’ music from this page, and have been doing so since its inception in 2010 (also check out the 500 MP3s of Top 10 songs for 2011).

Other tracks that make it onto the Top 10 originate from a variety of other posts published during the corresponding week, as long as they are new songs – older songs that appear in a playlist or post for that week are not considered for the Top 10 since the focus is only on new music.  Read more and listen to other tracks published this past week in the Best New Releases for early January 2012, and also access the best singles from 2011here.

“She Got Bit” – The Sanctuaries from Annette – Jan. 7th

“Our Love Is On the Line”Gary Go from Now Was Once The Future

“This Light” – Grand and Noble from Grand and Noble – Jan. 10th

“Tell Me How”Songs For The Sleepwalkers from Our Rehearsed Spontaneous Reactions

“The Reveal”Paper Lights from Paper Lights

“Mommy’s Dreaming” – Graham Repulski from My Color Is Red 7″

“Nobody Knows”The Set from Loretta

“Here is My Heart” The Set from Loretta

“Hi Time”Tito Ramsey from Hi Lo EP – Jan. 10th

“Guernica” Mythologies from Mud Bay – Jan. 12th, 2012

  1. “Singer and songwriter Elliott Brood secured the No. 3 spot with his new single, the aptly titled, ‘Northern Air’ ”

    Elliott Brood is the name of the three-piece band, in which no member is named Elliott haha. Like Franz Ferdinand.


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