MP3 Policy

When submitting to IRC, our long-running requirement is that artists and bands include at least one Dropbox mp3 link that the artist or band hosts in their own Dropbox account.

The reasons for this are:
– The artist or band is the rightful and exclusive copyright owner of their own music
– We cannot possibly host the majority of artists and bands we feature on IRC
– An MP3 link is the most universal and standard format for all devices and interfaces worldwide – and to this day, for both the web and the Internet
– Only original MP3 links make it on to Hype Machine – an very popular online MP3 aggregator
– We are unable to review an artist’s submission of an mp3 song link if it is a broken

It’s also very important to copy the mp3 link you are submitting to IRC into another browser where you are not signed into Dropbox and then test it to make sure that it works for everyone. The correct link for submitting to IRC is the Share link of the MP3 file. That’s the one you test in different browsers to make sure your song plays correctly as a .mp3 link.

IMPORTANT: Do not delete, rename, or move your MP3 file because it will automatically break the mp3 link you submitted for everyone who you sent it to, and therefore, the artist/band loses potentially hundreds or thousands of plays and downloads of their music, and as a result, the loss of potentially hundreds or thousands (or more) of new ‘fans/followers’ of the artists/bands’ music. We’ve seen that happen too often to too many bands

Another important note: If you get messages from Dropbox that they are slowing down the number of plays and downloads for your song – that is an awesome problem to have as long as it is handled right. At that point, we would urge a band to drop the $10 or whatever for a premium account in order to have no restrictions on the number of plays and downloads at a time when the song is obviously taking off and potentially going big time.