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We encourage talented and aspiring indie artists and bands to submit original music to Indie Rock Cafe, one of the longest running truly independent blogs highlighting indie and DIY artists and bands, and popular playlists, to an audience of more than 18 million listeners worldwide since 2007.

During the past decade, thousands of artists and bands have been featured on IRC, providing many with their biggest audience their music has ever been exposed to, and leading way to more press and opportunities.

We receive hundreds of submissions monthly with a 2-3 month organic backlog. Due to the huge backlog, many musicians and bands have asked us for a faster way to submit and get reviewed.

Therefore we introduced the Express Review option with exposure to over 120K listeners, followers and subscribers. With Express Review, your submission goes to the front of our backlog. If you have a new release coming up soon, or that just dropped one, the Express Review is definitely a great option (especially considering IRC’s worldwide audience and influence).

We feel that is a fair way to help us pay the bills for the site and a way for artists and bands to support one of the last, most influential, long-running, original and truly independent indie/DIY music blogs on the web since 2007.

For more than a decade now, we have provided artists and bands with various professional music media services, including press releases; bios; press kits; official websites; publicity; social media promotion; search engine optimization; branding; licensing and label representation and branding. If you are interested in our services, please indicate which ones in the submission form below. If we feel we can truly help you advance in key areas, we will contact you. Please make sure to submit your best tracks.

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