Submit Music


We encourage talented and aspiring indie artists and bands to submit original music to IRC, one of the leading indie platforms online since 2007 with more than 15 million visitors from around the world as of May 2017.

During the past decade, we’ve supported hundreds, thousands of artists and bands, providing them significant exposure, and more, as a result of being featured on IRC blog and our vast social networks.

We receive tons of submissions each month – more than we can ever review; we do our best. Over the years, musicians have asked us for a faster way to submit and go ahead of the backlog.

So, we rolled out the Express Review donation option ($29). If you have a new release coming up soon, or that just dropped, the Express Review is definitely your best option.

If your submission does not meet our tastes and guidelines, you will receive a full refund. To maintain impartiality, we do not post music if we do not feel it fits our audience’s tastes. You’ll receive a receipt from PayPal for your donation to IRC. We personally contact every Express Review donor.