Best New Music Releases – David Bowie, Dave Grohl, Nirvana Members & Paul McCartney, Tape Deck Mountain

soundcityreeltoreelIt’s a rather thin week for new releases (mostly because of SXSW), especially compared to the blockbuster number of great singles and the albums last week. In case you happened to miss them, check out new music and artists from recent posts, including Artist of the Week: Shy Mirrors, SXSW Playlists and Bands ; SXSW Samplers.

Without question, one of the most anticipated releases of the week is rock icon David Bowie‘s new album, The Next Day, his first LP in a decade, and the featured single “The Stars (Are Out Tonight) ” – which includes a YouTube mini-short film integrated with the song (a trend we’re seeing more of now then ever before). Another special treat this week involving rock legends is Sound City – Real to Reel soundtrack from David Grohl‘s new indie movie about a recording studio in Los Angeles where Nirvana and many other bands had recorded in ‘back in the day.’ The soundtrack includes the single, “Cut Me Some Slack” that features Paul McCartney playing with the surviving members of Nirvana, in addition to Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear (always thought that was a hilarious name, but the dude probably doesn’t need to hear it again).

“The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”David Bowie from The Next Day (deluxe CD edition) on Columbia Records

“Cut Me Some Slack”Paul McCartney, Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, Pat Smear from Sound City – Real to Reel (CD version) on Roswell/RCA



Singles from Tape Deck Mountain, The Mary Onettes, Devendra Banhart

Other best new singles of the week from albums dropped this week include tracks from bands like Tape Deck Mountain, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, The Mary Onettes, Devendra Banhart and Biffy Clyro (laugh every time we hear that name, which is probably not the response the artist was hoping for when ‘he’ decided to go with it).

“Kellies”Tape Deck Mountain from Slow Salvation on Lefse Records

“Hit the Waves”The Mary Onettes from Hit the Waves on Labrador Records

“Two Weeks”Scott & Charlene’s Wedding from Two Weeks EP on Critical Heights

“Mi Negrita”Devendra Banhart from Mala on Nonesuch

DIY and Small Label Releases from Pickwick, Sam Alper, We Scare Nightmares, and Wonderflu

So that just about does it for the thinnest weak of new releases so far this year if you don’t count the first week of January (which is typically a week of thin releases because of the holidays and such). Therefore, we decided to include some DIY, and small label, releases dropped this week (that would have otherwise been saved for the upcoming installment of Recent DIY & Small Label Releases You’ve Gotta Hear) from Pickwick, Sam Alper, We Scare Nighmares and Wonderflu to make up for some of the lack of new material by more popular, well-known bands from medium and large labels.

“Window Sill” – Pickwick from Can’t Talk Medicine

“Moves So Fast”Sam Alper from single

“I, Narcoleptic”We Scare Nightmares from Chase or Attack

“Fine Now”Wonderflu from No End in Sight

The Virgins Strike Gently

Other Singles from New Albums Dropped This Week

The new Golden Grrls track, “Past Tense,” didn’t really do anything for us, but we decided to include it anyhow for fans of the band, and anyone else who might enjoy it. However, because it’s a SC embed, it won’t count towards the weekly Top 10 countdown since we cannot measure how many times SC embeds are actually streamed on IRC. Other singles that represent this week’s new album releases that are hard to imagine will be on anyone’s Top Songs of 2013 lists by the time December rolls around (and watch how fast that’ll happen), include The Virgins‘ “Flashback, Memories and Dreams.”

“Flashbacks, Memories, and Dreams”The Virgins from Strike Gently on Cult Records

“Past Tense” – Golden Grrls from from Golden Grrrls on Slumberland Records


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