Band of the Week: Ohio’s The Motel Beds

There’s something weirdly wonderful and charming about the otherwise slacker rock sound of Dayton, Ohio band The Motel Beds. It’s been a while since we’ve heard such a promising band from the Buckeye State. It’s not for lack of press that The Motel Beds haven’t broken out to a larger scene yet; the band has received thumbs up from blogs such as The Huffington Post and You Ain’t No Picasso.

“Jangled indie-pop-punk in the arena of a less-chaotic Bananas, a more refined version of Th IRC initially received a submission from the band before they released their new album, Dumb Gold, back in November. Since then, we’ve listened to both of their albums a number of times, both of which have received good reviews, and yet still not enough love from the so-called music ‘blogosphere,’ considering the band’s obvious talent for creating catchy, melodic and crisp tracks.

There are many tracks on Dumb Gold that we like, but we picked “Smoke Your Homework” and “Dream of Sleep,” as two of the best songs on the album, and cafe patrons agree.

“Smoke Your Homework”The Motel Beds from Dumb Gold

Watch the video for “Dream of Sleep” from Dumb Gold


It’s really hard to pin down The Motel Beds sound – it ranges in the realms of indie and alternative rock with hints of 90’s grunge, punk, and pop, while other times you can clearly hear the influences of artists like Richie Valens and Buddy Holly. Ghettoblaster magazine wrote: “There is a fist-pumping rock undercurrent… think The Strokes, but without daddy’s money.” The blog, Maximum Rock N Roll, described the band’s sound as “jangled indie-pop-punk in the arena of a less-chaotic Bananas, a more refined version of The Thermals, early Teenage Cool Kids and Christmas Island.”


Band Drops Two LPs in 2011

Following a nearly five-year break, The Motel Beds came roaring back, and have been quite prolific ever since. In 2011 alone, they released two LPs, Sunfried Dreams, in February, followed by Tango Boys in December of 2011.

Most of the band’s material is available on their Bandcamp page -for a ‘name your price’ offer – dating back to their 2004 debut EP, which itself is an impressive release for what was then a new band – today they remain true to their indie roots as a DIY band.

“Western Son”The Motel Beds from Sunfried Dreams – Feb 6, 2011

“Bat Naps”The Motel Beds from Sunfried Dreams

“Tropics of the Sand” (featuring Kelly Deal) – The Motel Beds from Tango Boys – Dec. 13, 2011

The Motel Beds Official Website

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