2013 New Year’s Playlist – The Walkmen, Beach House, The Kinks, Camera Obscura, The Stills, Regina Spektor, FM Belfast


In a little over 30 hours from now, Americans on the East Coast will usher in 2014. Since it will be 2014 in a few hours in some places in the world, IRC sends best wishes for a Happy New Year to all good people around the world, and of course on this part of the globe, Americans everywhere. The following is a two-part playlist featuring songs about the New Year, new beginnings, resolutions and others that are loosely related to welcoming a new year, followed by a Spotify playlist that replicates most of those tracks, as well as many additional New Years’ songs.

“In the New Year” – The Walkmen

“Happy New Year” Camera Obscura

“New Year’s Eve, The Loneliest Night of The Year”Trembling Bells with Bonnie Prince Billy

“My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)”Regina Spektor

“April New Year” – The Melody Unit

“In The Beginning”The Stills

“New Years Eve” The Walkmen

MP3 Version: “New Year”Beach House

“Happy New Year, Dear” – The Hush Now

“New Year’s Eve” – Tom Waits

“A Conversation About Death on New Years Eve” – Scattered Trees

“New Year” – FM Belfast

“Better Things”The Kinks

Open the playlist below via Spotify on your computer or simply play both mixes on this page

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