Artist of the Week – San Diego’s Psych Surf Rockers Barbarian


The new San Diego band Barbarian, comprised of five young, rebellious wave riders and surf rock enthusiasts, dropped a 7-inch single last week with the track, “Daze of Youth,” a thrilling collision of psych, surf haze and rock. For the song’s official music video, the band creates moving collages of film negatives of themselves performing, altered with psychedelic influenced special effects reminiscent of late 1960’s music videos and live shows.

“Daze of Youth”Barbarian from Barbarian 7″ – Nov. 7th

The B-side of the seven-inch, self-titled single, “Medium Spirits,” is an uptempo indie rock track that drives through shimmering guitar jams, catchy synth riffs and thrilling drum and bass production.

“Medium Spirits”Barbarian from Barbarian 7″ single


The blog, TheRecordStache, wrote: “Barbarian hits your ears with warm surf pop fuzz, ’80 post punk and goth pop, and a hint of ’60s garage rock. The combination of styles create a truly unique sound that I have never heard anything quite like before.” Earlier this year, the band released their first single, “Chromatose Yellow,” which began to inch the band from relative popularity in San Diego out to a wider audience.  Watch the “Chromatose Yellow” video.

“Chromatose Yellow”Barbarian from single 7″

All twenty-somethings, Barbarian band members include: Andrew Mills (lead vocals, guitar); Seton Edgerton (backup vocals, guitar); Dan Nichols (backup vocals, keys); Andrew Harner (drums), and Phillip Dupasquier (bass). The one-year old southern California quintet has risen quickly, having already opened for popular bands like Yellow Ostrich, Here We Go Magic, and Akron/Family. While they identify their style as post-punk and pop in their profile submission to IRC, many bloggers and mainstream music writers have often described Barbarian as a psych and surf haze rock band.

Check out Barbarian’s Facebook page for more info. You’re sure to hear more about the band on IRC in the near future as they prep for a full length debut album slated for sometime in 2013.

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  1. Great band! I am always finding great music here and I love that I can stream or download it for free. A lot of bands you guys feature that are good I don’t see on other music sites or bloggers. Keep it up.

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