Best New Music Releases, Week of Oct. 23rd – Bat For Lashes, of Montreal, Diamond Rings, Paul Banks, Black Moth Super Rainbow

And-You-Will-Know-Us-lost-songsThis week’s playlist of the top singles from the best album releases of the week kicks off with the smoking new single, “Up To Infinity” by the alternative rock band …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Although “Up To Infinity” simmers down at midstream, it’s only a matter of a minute before it explodes yet again with a take-no-prisoners blowout that eventually cools down to a slow boil at the end.

Next, Pittsburgh experimental rock band Black Moth Super Rainbow unleash a trippy synth grinding romp on “Windshield Smasher,” accompanied by noisy, crashing cymbals, ghostly vocals, and a sinister bass rhythm.  If you love hard rock, and dark, brooding electronica, this opening double-shot of controlled chaos ought to fit the bill just right. It also made sense to start this playlist mix with these two singles because they (and others to follow) are Halloween-appropriate.  In fact, if they were on a bill together, we’d title the show,  The Trail of Dead Black Moths. Perhaps that’s stretching the Halloween theme thing a bit too far. Perhaps not. Either way, both tracks are fitting for a hard rock Halloween mixtape.

“Up To Infinity” – …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead from Lost Songs on Richter Scale/Superball Music

“Windshield Smasher” – Black Moth Super Rainbow from Cobra Juicy on Rad Cult


Titus Andronicus Drops Third LP, ‘Local Business’

The New Jersey indie rock punk band, Titus Andronicus, raise the ante on their earnest and unique brand of conceptual punk rock with the release of the new album, Local Business, which is our album of the week. The AOTW post is still in the works, so stayed tuned; it will include highlighted tracks, videos and a free mixtape featuring demos, cover songs, and live recordings from Titus over the years. In the meantime, here’s a video (via Pitchfork) for one of the singles, “In A Big City,” which is somewhat tame compared to the usual noisy bluster of Patrick Stickles and the band.

“In A Big City”Titus Andronicus from Local Business


Bat For Lashes’ New Halloweenish single, “A Wall” Sets Tone For New LP

It’s kind of like finger nails on a chalk board every time we find out another indie rock band has signed to a major label (and of course we always wonder if the artist thought about their loyal fans who were with them before they became popular). This time around it’s Bat For Lashes signing with Capitol. We used to have the attitude that we wouldn’t profile artists that we, and many of you, like once they’ve traded in their DIY or a small label status for a contract with one of the four mega-conglomerate global entertainment corporations.

However, if a newly minted ‘corporate’ artist, like Bat for Lashes, The Decemberists or The Black Keys, to name just a few, are still putting out great music once they’ve “sold their souls to the evil corporates,” we’re not going to be so self-righeous (or at least give the appearance) as to refuse to acknowledge good music or share it with our listeners. Singles from Bat For Lashes’ just released third LP, The Haunted Man, have been making the rounds for months, including the upbeat goth-pop rouser, “A Wall.” Following that is the heart-aching, somber new single, “Can’t You See?” from female singer and songwrtier, Steffaloo.

“A Wall”Bat For Lashes from The Haunted Man

“Can’t You See?” – Steffaloo from Would You Stay on Mush


Former Brooklyn Art Collective Release Debut Album as People Get Ready

Now, let’s pick it up a little with the week’s sunniest, most infectious single, “Windy Cindy” by the Brooklyn quartet, People Get Ready. The band evolved from an arts collective (featuring members, Steven Reker, James Rickman, Jen Goma and Luke Fasano, who used to play with Yeasayer) formed years earlier. People Get Ready DIY released their self-titled debut album this week. Plus, The Amazing have a new single, “Flashlight,” from their Partisan Records’ release, Gentle Stream, available now (all this week’s albums are available for purchase quickly and easily from the album links at the end of this post).

“Windy Cindy”People Get Ready from People Get Ready

“Flashlight”The Amazing from Gentle Stream on Partisan Records


Paul Banks Synth Soaked Goth and of Montreal’s New 17-Track Compilation

Paul Banks‘ new single, “The Base,” is intriguingly goth-like, expansive, and progressive song, soaked in synths and rounded out by a steady, heavy beat, punctuated by moments of levity where Banks’ vocal range heightens, sounding briefly like Peter Gabriel, and backed by orchestral flourishes that, for a few seconds, seem to channel Sufjan Stevens‘ unique indie pop style. Overall, the song has a driving, yet somehow understated, magnetism about it that gets better with each spin.

“The Base” – Paul Banks from Banks on Matador


Veteran indie rockers of Montreal prove once again why they’ve remained an important band in a genre they helped popularize during the past 15 years. The band’s new release, Daughter of a Cloud, is a 17-track compilation of B-sides and outtakes from the period of 2008 to 2011. It includes the single, “Sails, Hermaphroditic,” a perfectly compelling, upbeat track thanks to its genius, electrifying blend of pop, rock, dance and soul, a phat groove, and the Prince-like vocals of the band’s founder, multi-instrumentalist, serial collaborator, songwriter and singer, Kevin Barnes.

Earlier this year, of Montreal released LP No. 11, Paralytic Stalks (see our post), which received mixed reviews across the board, with publications like Pitchfork, Spin and Rolling Stone basically slamming it, contrasted to thumbs up from CMJ, The New York Times, and Paste and Prefix magazines. However, Daughter of a Cloud, can’t really be compared to Paralytic Stalks because the former is a compilation of music created over a period of nearly four years. It’s definitely a must-have for hard-core of Montreal fans. Following of Montreal is the fantastic new single, “Art and a Wife” from Canadian indie band, Rah Rah. In 2009, the band broke through after being named the “Best Alternative New Artist” and “Best New Canadian Artist” on iTunes’ ‘Best of’ lists, and it sounds like they’re just getting better as time goes on.

“Sails, Hermaphroditic”of Montreal from Daughter of a Cloud on Polyvinyl Records

“Art and a Wife”Rah Rah from The Poet’s Dead on Hidden Pony Records


Indie Bands Other Lives and Your Youth Drop New Albums

Other Lives and Your Youth are two relatively new indie bands that do not have a great deal of exposure but, little by little, they are getting their songs out on blogs, music sites and via touring, YouTube and social media – all essential components for most bands to build a following and make a living in the fiercely competitive business of indie and alternative rock.

“Take Us Alive”Other Lives from Mind The Gap EP on TBD Records

“Thick Gold (Bodied)”Your Youth from Battery EP on Old Flame Records

Reptile Youth go straight for the danceability factor on their latest single, “Speeddance,” fusing together a mean beat, goth inspired synths and a 80’s new wave groove along with authoritative lead vocals. There are moments in the song where we swear we can hear David Bryne and The Talking Head‘s classic track, “Burning Down The House.” Another dance track, “I’m Just Me,” from the sophomore album, Free Dimensional, by Diamond Rings – with its infectious, crazed drive – fits perfectly following “Speeddance.”

“Speeddance”Reptile Youth from Reptile Youth on hfn music

“I’m Just Me” – Diamond Rings from Free Dimensional on Astralwerks

…Etc.:  Andy Burrows, ExDetectives, Matt Bauer, The Amazing and More

The following are other singles from this week’s new album drops by Andy Burrows, ExDetectives, Matt Bauer, Talk Normal, and GRMLN.

“Company” – Andy Burrows from Company on [PIAS] America

“Second Chance”ExDetectives from Farthest Star on Post Planetary

“Tonight We Get To Sing Our Songs” Matt Bauer from No Shape Can Hold Me Now EP on Crossbill Records

“Cover”Talk Normal from Sunshine on Joyful Noise

“Coral”GRMLN from Explore EP on Carpark Records

Purchase MP3, CD, Vinyl Editions of this Week’s Releases via Amazon

You can easily and quickly purchase any of this week’s new releases by clicking on, where applicable, links for the MP3, CD or vinyl edition of the album(s) of your choice. All MP3 albums from Amazon work perfectly fine with all kinds of MP3 players, including iTunes. Plus, you get fast, affordable shipping for CD and vinyl copies, and in some cases, a corresponding MP3 download code as well. If you ever lose your music for whatever reason, you can re-download it for free. There is also free cloud storage from Amazon’s popular, award-winning cloud services available for most purchases.

Cisco AdlerAloha | CD Vinyl MP3

The AmazingGentle Stream | CD Vinyl MP3

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadLost Songs | CD Deluxe CD MP3

Autumn OwlsBetween Buildings, Toward the Sea | CD Vinyl MP3

Paul BanksBanks | CD Vinyl MP3

The Barnaby BrightThe Longest Day | CD MP3

BasementColourmeinkindness | CD Vinyl

Bat for LashesThe Haunted Man | CD Vinyl MP3

Matt BauerNo Shape Can Hold Me Now [EP] | MP3

Behold the ArctopusHorrorscension | CD MP3

Tony BennettViva Duets | CD MP3

Rafiq BhatiaYes It Will | CD Vinyl MP3

Black Moth Super RainbowCobra Juicy | CD Vinyl MP3

Nathan BowlesA Bottle, a Buckeye | CD Vinyl MP3

Andy BurrowsCompany | Vinyl MP3

C.F.A.Managed By the Devil, Brought to You By the Grace of God | CD MP3

The Cairo GangThe Corner Man | Vinyl MP3

CemeteriesThe Wilderness | CD Vinyl MP3

Kasey Chambers and Shane NicholsonWreck & Ruin | CD Deluxe CD Vinyl MP3 Deluxe MP3

Gary Clark Jr.Blak and Blu | CD MP3 Deluxe MP3

The DatsunsDeath Rattle Boogie | CD Vinyl MP3

Diamond RingsFree Dimensional | CD Vinyl

The D.O.T.And That [EP] | MP3

The EeriesHome Alone | MP3

FontanelleVitamin F | CD Vinyl MP3

Fossil CollectiveOn and On [EP] | MP3

Further Seems ForeverPenny Black | CD Vinyl MP3

Philip GlassRework: Philip Glass Remixed | CD Vinyl

Goodtime BoysWhat’s Left to Let Go | CD Vinyl MP3

GrmlnExplore [EP] | Vinyl MP3

Steve HackettGenesis Revisited II | CD MP3

Hank & CupcakesAin’t No Love [EP] | MP3

Harouki ZombiObjet Petit A [EP] | MP3

Hero Jr.Backup Plan | MP3

Hunter ValentineCollide & Conquer | CD MP3

Jerzey Street BandBreaking Radio Silence | MP3

Johnny 5th Wheel & The CowardsMusic to Shake’n’Shuffle to | MP3

Aidan KnightSmall Reveal | MP3

Kendrick LamarGood Kid: M.A.A.D. City | CD Deluxe CD Vinyl MP3 Deluxe MP3

Kopecky Family BandKids Raising Kids | CD MP3

Land ObservationsRoman Roads IV-XI | CD Vinyl MP3

Ryan LeslieLes Is More | CD MP3

Main AttrakionzBossalinis & Fooliyones | CD Vinyl MP3

Michael MayerMantasy | CD Vinyl MP3

Minta & The Brook TroutOlympia | CD MP3

Naked TruthOuroboros | CD MP3

Of MontrealDaughter of Cloud | CD Vinyl MP3

Other LivesMind the Gap [EP] | CD MP3

P.O.S.We Don’t Even Live Here | CD Vinyl MP3 Deluxe MP3

People Get ReadyPeople Get Ready | CD MP3

Pig DestroyerBook Burner | CD Deluxe CD Vinyl MP3

SassparillaMagpie | MP3

Neal SchonThe Calling | CD MP3

Shiny Toy GunsIII | CD Vinyl MP3 Deluxe MP3

SinkaneMars | MP3

Solid GoldEat Your Young | CD MP3

State RadioRabbit Inn Rebellion | CD MP3 Deluxe MP3

The State StereoCrossing Canyons [EP] | MP3

SteffalooWould You Stay | MP3

The SwordApocryphone | CD Deluxe CD Vinyl MP3

Talk NormalSunshine | CD Vinyl MP3

Titus AndronicusLocal Business | CD Vinyl MP3

TweakerCall the Time Eternity | CD MP3

U.S. GirlsGem | CD Vinyl MP3

David VirelleContinuum | CD Vinyl MP3

We Are the PhysicsYour Friend, The Atom | MP3

We Were SkeletonsBlame & Aging | CD Vinyl MP3

Yellow OstrichGhost [EP] | MP3

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  1. Up to Infinity is a great rock track! i will agree the ending kinda kills the energy from the rest of the song.
    Its great to see new stuff from Titus Andronicus. I checked out the rest of the album and it seems a lot more put together then the prior two.
    Great track from Bat For Lashes. Its unfortunate to see bands move from the knowledge of a few, to the world. You can only hope for the same creativity from the beginning and not a complete soul seller.
    Windy Cindy definitely a good weather track for a drive…. wait having ideas for the weekend….
    Flashlight by The Amazing sounds like it came out of the seventies, and its not that bad.
    The Base – vocals kinda felt more David Bowie to me
    Great song from Of Montreal, looks like they’re kinda dabbling in some seventies groove to as of late.
    Your Youth kinda reminded me of The Pixies. It also has a grunge feel too. Good stuff though.
    Speeddance sounded very close to The Rapture.
    Loved the track by The ExDetectives. Look forward to checking out the album.
    Tonight We Get To Sing Our Songs kinda erie, in a good way. Has that haunting feel to it.

    Great playlist yet again. Keep up the good work!

  2. Trail of Dead has a Gun Club sound or tone in their song. Influence? I recently found a new group that has Jim Duckworth on lead guitar from the Gun Club, called Buffalo Jack & The Parlor Snakes

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