Recent Releases We Almost Missed, Vol. XX – Lantern, Washed Out, The Plastic Trips, Unicycle Loves You, Les Jupes, Cold Cave


For this latest installment of the Recent Releases We Almost Missed series, Vol. 20!, we’ve been building for some time now a collection of notable releases in 2012 that we didn’t initially feature, for one reason or another, in the Best New Releases series (the priority because of its popularity) when the singles and the albums they appear on originally were officially dropped. Read more about the RRWAM series at the end of this post. It’s been a while since a post has been published for the long-running, and quite popular, RRWAM series.

This newest Recent Releases We Almost Missed post is more of a playlist than anything else because we need the time to update the Top 10 Songs of the week page. The RRWAM series, however, is not included on the Top 10 Songs playlists because the songs for the top ten are based on the most current releases for the week in question.

The mix of songs below were released as singles from new albums that were dropped weeks or months ago, covering a wide spectrum of indie music genres. Most of the artists and bands featured in the RRWAM series are not DIY because the aim is to save DIY music (most come via the submission form) that passes our ears for post playlists related to unsigned, do-it-yourself artists. In fact, we’re also working on a series of DIY Artists of 2012 series – and there is some great music that most of you have likely never heard before, and in many cases, will only hear on IRC.

To kick off this playlist, is a new IRC band to watch from Philly called Lantern who are in some ways anti-indie rock, and frankly, that’s fine – despite the name of the site – which we shouldn’t be taken too literally.

“Bop-A-Bop-A-Bop (I’m Yr Porkchop)” – Lantern from Burned Youth*

Double-shot: “I Don’t Know” – Lantern from Burned Youth*
*Re-release of cassette album available on tour only – Feb. 29th

“Call It Off”Washed Out from Femi Fati

“Corridor”The Plastic Traps from Find A Home – Feb. 7th

Twin Trip from Twin TripApril 24th

“Bitch Eye” – Unicycle Loves You from Failure – Feb. 14th

“One Solem OathLes Jupes

“Believe in My Blood” (unreleased) – Cold Cave from single – June 8th

“Your Eyes Were Shining”Jealous Sound from A Gentle Reminder – Jan. 31st

“Bay of Skaill”Magnetic North from Orkney: Symphony of the Magnetic North – May 7th

“Strange Syringe”Trouble Chocolate from Demo EP – March 25th

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  1. I had been looking for Cold Cave’s Believe in my Blood! What a wicked compilation. Their style and is unique and naturistic. The website is great, adding this one to my “frequent following”!

  2. Night genes sounds like Arab Strap a little. Keep up the excellent work. This is a fantastic website, right up there with radiok at UM-MPLS!

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