Songs About Cars, Vol. II – Arcade Fire, T. Rex, The Ramones, Radiohead, Atlas Sound, Bright Eyes, Depeche Mode

Last week, we revved up the engines and put the pedal to the metal to set out on a road trip to gather up great songs about cars. Thanks to the help from our readers along the way – Songs About Cars (Vol. I), is perhaps the most extensive and diverse collection of songs about cars to be found on the web.

And if one mix didn’t achieve that goal, it’s a good thing that there were plenty of left-over, relevant songs to in fact put together another well tuned, all engines go mix of car songs for this week’s S-25 Mix.

Many of the songs in this second mix of Songs About Cars came from our own combined playlists, and of course the recommendations of visitors to the cafe. The songs are not in any particular order of importance, release date, artist, or any other categorization, other than they all have something to do with cars, and of course are songs we really like.

Also, as with all of the Sunday mixtapes on IRC, the featured songs are from various genres, and time periods, of music as long as they fit whatever happens to be the theme on any given Sunday.

As you can easily imagine, there are thousands of songs that span six decades of music in which cars are the central theme. Therefore, choosing which ‘car songs’ would be included in the mix, and which would not be, was accomplished through an evolution that relied heavily on a process of elimination, wherein a number of people rated the songs in iTunes from one to five stars (only songs with at least three stars are kept).

Because there are so many fantastic songs about cars, we broke up the mix into two volumes, with the first installment published last Sunday.

“Getaway Car”Grouplove from Grouplove EP (2009)

“Asleep At The Wheel”Working For A Nuclear Free City from Businessmen & Ghosts (2008)

“Wheels”Pete Yorn from Pete Yorn (2010)

“Car”Atlas Strategic from Rapture, Ye Minions! (200

“Autocade”Prolapse from Autocade (2003)

“Go Lil’ Camaro Go”The Ramones from Halfway to Santiy (1987)

“Trees Get Wheeled Away” Bright Eyes from Noise Floor (2006)

“Drive My Car” (The Beatles) – The Donnas

“One Piece At A Time”Johnny Cash from One Piece at a Time (1976)

“Asleep At The Wheel”New Amsterdamns from Worse for the Wear (2003)

“Calling All Cars”Dashdown from Rock N Roll Vacation (2010)

“Cars And Calories”Saves The Day from Stay What You Are (2001)

“If I Could Drive Forever”Smog from Knock Knock (1999)

“Thunder Road”Bruce Springsteen from Born To Run (1976)

“Hollywood Nights”Bob Seger from Stranger in Town (1978)

“Survival Car”Fountains Of Wayne from Fountains of Wayne (1996)

“409”The Beach Boys from from Made in the U.S.A. (1962)

“Jeepster” T-Rex from Electric WarriorRemastered & Expanded U.S. version (1971)

“My Car”Atlas Sound from The Free Things That I’ll Miss EP (2008) – free download

“Radar Love” Golden Earring from Continuing Story of Radar Love (1974)

“After The Car Crash”Aeroplane Pageant from Even The Kids Don’t Believe Me (2008)

“Company Car” (Switchfoot) – The Gregs from Historical Doubt (2005)

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  1. Wow, this playlist is great – I played Volumes 1 and 2 on my 3 hour drive to my Mom’s and enjoyed it so much. Thanks.

  2. I really love your website and your taste and diversity of music you offer that I can’t find anywhere else on the web in such an easy format (plus I can download MP3s and share them with friends!)

  3. Radar love. Want a driving song? Mind you, album version only. Otherwise, just put the radio on an oldies station, listen there. Short versions of all, Radar Love, Riders on the storm, etc. Is life so short we have to listen to cut versions of classics?

  4. I was disappointed that Modest Mouse-Baby blue sedan wasnt on either list, but i guess the song really isnt about cars.

    1. Well CB – we really don’t want to have songs like that in the mix – a bit too negative and don’t have ‘car’ or ‘drive’ or ‘automobile’ etc. in the title. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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