In Dee Mail Special Edition, Vol. VIII: The Middle East, The Love X Nowhere, Emanuel and the Fear, Solfege Radio and More

themiddleeastbandThe In Dee Mail Special Edition series is meant to highlight artists and bands that sent their music directly to us (thus, the silly title ‘in dee mail’ – but it’s now a staple of this site) who – for one reason or another – we did not have a chance to feature in 2009, usually because their submissions came to us late in the year, or in some cases, in the past few weeks. If you haven’t already seen the other posts and mixes of this special series, we encourage you to because there is some fabulous music in those posts.

The Middle East are an Australian band that have really turned on the turbo engines in the past year or so, landing scheduled shows at this year’s SXSW and Coachella, and are an IRC Band to Watch in 2010 thanks to the release of their EP, The Recordings of the Middle East last fall. Thankfully, they sent us two fantastic songs from the EP to share with all of you.

“Blood” The Middle East from The Recordings of the Middle East (2009)

“The Darkest Side”The Middle East from The Recordings of the Middle East (2009)

The Middle East official website

The Love X Nowhere – High Score Blackout

The Love X (as in “times”) Nowhere’s latest LP, High Score Blackout, was released last summer on Redgummy Records. The album oozes with Cocteau-heavy guitars dripping with the sway of chorus and delay; analog synth as at home with The Cars as Meddle-era Pink Floyd; a rhythm section adept in thick, explosive grooves and awe-inspiring dynamics.

“The Diz”The Love X Nowhere from High Score Blackout (2009)

The Love X Nowhere

Emanuel and the Fear – Self-Titled EP

Brooklyn‘s 11-piece band Emanuel and the Fear, released a self-titled debut EP late in 2009 to enthusiastic reviews in publications like the Village Voice, Deli Magazine, Absolute Punk and NME. Headed by NYC resident Emanuel Ayvas, EATF creates and delivers magnificently crafted, and complex, yet accessible songs. Their self-titled debut EP was released last January on Paper Garden Records and included contributions from musicians who have previously played and toured with Sufjan Stevens, The National, Akron/Family and Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears.

“The Rain Becomes the Clouds”Emanuel and the Fear from s/t EP (2009)

“Comfortable Prison”Emanuel and the Fear from s/t EP (2009)

Emanuel and the Fear on MySpace

Solfege Radio – Eleven!

New Jersey‘s melodic pop punk band Solfege Radio released their debut album late in 2009 on Danimal Records to fairly good press and reception from fans. The band of teen musicians demonstrate a true talent at a young age for crafting tight rock songs with a shimmering undertow. We’d be curious to know what you think about this single.

“Eleven!”Solfege Radio from s/t debut (2009)

Solfege Radio on MySpace

Jacob Faurholt – Why Write

In December, we featured Danish musician Jacob Faurholt in the In Dee Mail Special Edition, Vol. I, post. Now, Faurholt has another song to share, “Jesus on a Stamp,” which sounds like the Editors mixed with Interpol, accompanied by bright keys and booming drums, hand-clapping and flowing choruses.

“Jesus on a Stamp”Jacob Faurholt from Why Write EP (2009)

Jacob Faurholt on MySpace

Franklin for Short – Swell

Franklin for Short hails from Ventura, California, a quiet little beach town 75 miles north of L.A. Living off a diet of burritos, coastal fog and reverb, the band has been incubating their latest release Swell for a year and a half. The result is a 14-song epic that winds its way through a landscape half ethereal and half earthbound.

“Brother Bird”Franklin for Short from Swell (2009)

Franklin for Short on MySpace

Other songs from In Dee Mail:

“Everything” Adam Ashbach from Puzzle Pieces (2009)

Adam Ashbach on MySpace

“Tired of Missing You” Andrea Gauster from Reverie EP (2009)

Andrea Gauster on MySpace

“Beasts Around You”Idolae from Through The Straight Lines (2009)

Idolae on MySpace

“Soft”Capybara from Try Brother (2009)

Capybara on MySpace

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